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Win a metal razor poster for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Look what a thing of beauty was delivered to Sasha’s house this morning. If you wish you could be so lucky, maybe you can be. Our wicked friends at Mouth Taped Shut sent some extras. Sasha will award TWO of these limited edition treasures in a lottery drawn from readers’ responses in the comments. To qualify, just write a paragraph or two about the visual impact of film. Check out the details of the essay question and two more photos after the cut.

When I was a little tyke, films to me were Monster Movies or Space Movies. I heard my mother talk about “shows” that were Murder Mysteries and Love Stories. Later I thought in terms of Jack Nicholson Movies or Bette Davis Movies. Before long I realized movies were genres like sci-fi and noir. Then one summer afternoon I was flipping through channels and saw the first film that made me realize what I saw onscreen was the creation of a director. Sorry to be a movie geek cliche, but the movie I stumbled across was Citizen Kane and the first director I ever cared about was Orson Welles.

So that’s the your ticket to win one of these incredible metal posters for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Tell us about the first movie you saw that made you realize movies were more than robot movies or comedies. When was the first time it dawned on you that there was a director in charge of what you saw onscreen? What was the cinematic flourish a director flashed in your eyes that first made you appreciate the visual magic of the movies?