There is a great profile of Woody Harrelson by good friend David Carr:

He will likely be on the short list of the Oscars again, this time for playing a cop in“Rampart” who is a vending machine of his own brand of rough justice, assaulting and killing in a city he sees as beyond redemption.

Millennium Films bought “Rampart” at the Toronto International Film Festival. “We’re expending an enormous amount of energy in a hurry to get it out this year,” Mark Gill, the president of Millennium, said. “I think that after last year’s Oscar nomination for ‘The Messenger,’ Woody has a good shot at being in the middle of things, and we plan on using that to make sure people see this really great movie.”

And Leonardo profiled as well for J. Edgar:

Mr. DiCaprio did months of research to be able to inhabit Hoover fully. He flew to Washington with Mr. Black to tour the Justice Department and one of Hoover’s former homes. Mr. DiCaprio also met with Cartha D. DeLoach, one of the only people still alive who worked closely with Hoover, and taped their hours-long conversation. (Hoover would have been proud.) “I wanted him to tell me how he walked, how he talked, what his hands looked like, what his desk looked like, what was above his desk,” Mr. DiCaprio said.

“The research of these roles is half the fun and half the challenge — maybe more,” he added. “It’s what makes it exciting to me.”

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  • drake

    i love me some woody… if he’s good i hope he earns his 3rd career nom- a very underrated actor.

    i’m equally excited for dicaprio, i think the best actor working right now… i’m a little worried about how bio-pic heavy his screen choices are becoming…. and also a little anxious to see how well he works with Eastwood. dicaprio is obviously a perfectionist and from what i’ve read eastwood is a more of a relaxed free-flowing type (certainly compared to fellow perfectionist and frequent Leo-collaborator scorsese).

  • VVS

    no, Leo. No Oscar for you.

  • This makes me wonder if we could fit the whole Best Actor category with guys with blond hair and blue eyes.

    DiCaprio, Harrelson, Gosling, Pitt, hmm…. what color is Fassbender’s hair supposed to be? I’m not really familiar with him.

  • If Woody gets nominated and/or the film does well, I’ll be surprised. That movie put me to sleep.

  • phil

    Been hearing from people who’ve seen it that Leo’s not bad, but the film is a leaden, ponderous bore

  • Nic V

    I’d like to know where anyone has seen this. Because if they have everyone else seems to be very tight lipped about it.

  • phil

    Nic V — there was a packed screening Tuesday night at the DGA. Clint did a Q&A afterwards.

  • I would like to think that Fassbender and Harrelson could both get in, but it seems unlikely. Pitt and Clooney are cemented in, Dujardin, Oldman and DiCaprio are the next plank down and everyone else is left courtside.

  • bebe

    Given the reviews Woody’s been getting, if he do the rounds I don’t see how he can’t break in. I wish another studio with more experience would pick up Rampart though. But you never know.

  • Joao Mattos

    I think that Harrelson career is very cool, and specially his recent years marks a terrific, body of work, with great acting achievements.

    Somehow he remembers me Jack Lemmon (pause: of course Lemmon career was more important, but I will explain myself). Lemmon gave several wonderful comic perfomances, but is hard to say that there isn’t more gifted actors in the area of being funny, while his career is developing. Lemmon gave several wonderful dramatic perfomances, but is hard to say that there isn’t more gifted actors in the dramatic area, while his career is developing. But how many actors at these days could to do both majestical like Lemmon? For instance in the comic area, Marlon Brando is cool mocking himself in the final chapters of his trajectory (“The Freshman”), but who can say that he is great in “Bedtime Story”?

    Nowadays I can name a ton of better dramatic actors than Harrelson, and also comic ones. But to me few can achieve what he did in his recent work, in the two areas. As a perfect synthesis of that we can see in the dramedy “Defendor”, in which he began, as the film, being funny, and ends being a very touching character/perfomence.

    So, that is… Woody Harrelson in a kind of bizarre way, is a modern version of Jack Lemmon.

    And if he wons that Oscar from Christoph Waltz, this wouldn’t have been unfair.

  • meme

    Fassbender is ginger. Or red-head for Americans.

    Joking aside, I really hope that he gets nominated. How many times are they going to snub him? First Hunger, then Fish Tank, if they will ignore him for Shame as well, they can as well make a public announce that they consider themselves a bunch of irrelevant dolts with no taste or ability to recognize what a good acting and real talent is.

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