Collider points us to a new video has popped up showing the behind the scenes of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit.  Jackson admits he’d have filmed the LOTR series in 3-D if he could have.  For updates, their Facebook page.

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  • Rashad

    Jackson is such an easy listen. Great voice and demeanor.

  • James Francis McAnderson

    I tip my hat and any other hats I can find at the moment to this production. Dear god. Jaws dropped.

    We’ve got all the technical awards locked up for next year and the year after now, haven’t we?

  • Nick

    This is an amazing video. He’s one of the few directors that “gets” it when it comes to technology and the use of it to tell a story. I honestly place him above Cameron. When you take away the 3D, Avatar is dreck. I have a feeling that will not be the case with The Hobbie, which is by far my favorite Tolkein book. I wish it were 11/4/2012. GAH!

  • Sasha Stone

    I tip my hat and any other hats I can find at the moment to this production. Dear god. Jaws dropped.

    Seriously, right?

  • Nick

    Sounds like The Hobbit is another game changer. Fantastic video.

  • lynne

    Surprisingly engaging video despite my dislike of 3D. And very well presented by PJ & Co.: didn’t feel like a hard sell of 3D but a genuine attempt at sharing information about the process.

    We finally get a bit more of Bilbo; Martin looks fantastic. But Ian McKellen is badass as always.

  • I really wonder if Oscar will touch these movies or if they feel they paid any and all dues already in 04 even if it was a different project?

  • Adam Lewis

    The scourge of 3D continues!!

  • Nico

    Even though I hate 3D I am a total nut for all things Tolkien, and in the hands of the visionary Peter Jackson I have all faith. He loves these stories more than anybody. Sure Lovely Bones sucked, but the man is responsible for 20 OSCARS (LOTR, King Kong).

  • Paul

    I’m curious if the 2013 Oscars will be a battle between “The Hobbit: Part 1” and “The Dark Knight Rises.” Well, one can hope… Ha

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