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Happy Thanksgiving and Giving Thanks

It is always this time of year when it occurs to me how many people there are in the world who make my life better, make the world better, and extend themselves beyond their daily routine to do something nice for someone else, or to stand up for something they believe in.  Mostly I just feel lucky to be able to do what I do.

Thanksgiving is a holiday not to prepare for Black Friday, or to eat so much we have to then diet for the entire year afterwards,  but a moment to step back and say thank you, as sappy as it is to do so, and as uncomfortable as it might be.  So in giving thanks today I’d like to give back to you readers with a Thanksgiving giveaway.  You can be in America or not. This is our way of thanking you for being such loyal readers over the years.  We may be sometimes slow to send our prizes (send us an email if we forget) but these will be available in time to give as Christmas presents, sell on Ebay or else enjoy for yourself.

There will be three winners.  Each will have a choice of the following – The Lord of the Rings trilogy, extended edition.  The Harry Potter Complete full set, and the Star Wars Complete Saga. On Blu-ray.

And finally, in celebration of the master himself, A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese Through American movies.

As for my list, I’d like to first thank Ryan Adams for his daily contributions to making this site so much better than it was before.  His intelligence, compassion and wit have really made a difference.   On top of that, he’s a great friend.  Also I should thank the writers and contributors to the site – Craig Kennedy – my friend and constant screening-going companion, Stephen Holt, Nancy Kriparos, Brian Whisenant and Patrick Mullen.  You guys rule.  David Poland for having me in Gurus of Gold, Tom O’Neil for having me on Gold Derby, Jeff Wells — my dear dear friend for dragging me along to Telluride, finding me shelter, and doing Oscar Poker with me every week — Kris Tapley, Scott Feinberg, Anne Thompson, Steven Pond, Pete Hammond, Ed Douglas for chit-chatting the Oscars with me too.  So many people.  There are way too many people to thank on Twitter and Facebook and on other blogs and websites.  It would be impossible to start listing them.  But I am always appreciative for the links, the jokes, the inspiration and the debate.

I also need to thank, although she doesn’t read this site, my 13 year-old who has been alive almost as long as I’ve been blogging about the Oscars. When I forget how long it’s been I look at her.  She’s almost fully grown.  And taller than I am.

Anyway, to enter this contest simply write who or what you’re thankful for or grateful for.  I’m going to give Ryan the job of choosing the winners.  He will choose them at random.  Please enjoy Thanksgiving if you’re here in America and if not, enjoy what is an ordinary day, perhaps, everywhere else.