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Woman On Top: Streep Triumphs, Spirit Awards Shuts Out Close and Barkin

Meryl Streep apparently won the New York Film Critics with no contest. Some rumblings that Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Williams were close, Viola Davis in the mix as well. Streep’s impressive performance as Margaret Thatcher earned her this award, and indeed, it’s a towering achievement. Streep is great in the old age segments, where her walk and way of regarding other people and situations feels so authentic.

The race still feels like it’s between Streep and The Help’s Viola Davis, as Dave Karger’s own recent Oscar predictions confirms. The Help seems on track to earn a Best Picture nomination, which helps Viola Davis, who would become only the second black woman in 84 years of Oscar history to win such an honor.

Also giving off some heat is Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe. Her performance is so beloved she will absolutely draw votes. The question is, from which contender?

It was awful news to hear that Glenn Close was shut out of the Spirit Awards, along with Ellen Barkin. Good Christ, if ever there was a film intended to do well at the Spirit awards it was Another Happy Day. The nominees in this category are, with one exception, younger actresses. Though it’s some kind of miracle that Adepero Oduye was nominated for Pariah. But surely they could have found room for Close.

Something tells me, though, that Close is still Oscar-bound.

Meanwhile, Streep, if she wins and Iron Lady isn’t nominated for Picture, she’ll join the ranks of only three other women since 1980 who won the NYFCC and then Oscar when their film wasn’t nominated for Best Picture.