Winners selected tonight from the nominees announced on Saturday

Best Picture

  • The Descendants, Fox Searchlight

Best Director

  • Nicholas Winding Refn, Drive

Best Actor

  • Michael Fassbender, Shame

Best Actress

  • Tilda Swinton, We Need to Talk About Kevin

Supporting Actor

  • Albert Brooks, Drive

Supporting Actress

  • Shailene Woodley, The Descendants

Best Screenplay

  • Alexander Payne, Nat Foxon & Jim Rash, The Descendants

Best Cinematography

  • Emmanuel Lubezki, The Tree of Life

Best Song

  • “Life’s a Happy Song,” from The Muppets, music & lyrics by Bret McKenzie

Best Score

  • Ludovic Bource, The Artist

Best Foreign Film

  • I Saw the Devil, Magnet Releasing

Best Documentary

  • Project Nim, Lionsgate

Best Animated

  • Rango, Paramount

Worst Film of the Year

  • Your Highness, Universal
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  • Malia

    Wow. It’s been a good day for Nicholas Winding-Refn.

    It’s nice to see Drive popping up lately in critics’ list. Maybe it could still have some Oscar chances?

  • tilda been getting loads of loves by critics.

  • Man. Emmanuel Lubezki is going to get coronated at the Oscars.

  • Goblin King

    I don’t want to get excited for Drive yet but I’m starting to feel a momentum building. That opening scene was AMAZING and better than two hours of Brad Pitt Brad Pitting his way through Moneyball. And who doesn’t want a movie with a hot pink title and silk scorpion jackets to totally kick ass?

  • Juan

    God i do hope Refn gets a nom but that would just be too awesome to happen

  • manrico1967

    Hooray for Michael and Tilda!

    I hope Lubezki wins the Oscar. He deserved to win in 95 (A Little Princess) and 99 (Sleepy Hollow).

  • forg

    Rango is killing it! Glad Muppets won for original song as well 🙂

  • joe

    Lol at all the Descendants love from Houston but no Clooney. Really, Shailene Woodley?

  • Beth Stevens

    Refn, Fassy, Tilda, Lubezki… yay!!

    Not a lot of consensus on best picture so far. I’m enjoying the variety, though I wish Tree of Life and Hugo would pick up a few more wins.

    The Artist – 6
    Tree of Life – 3
    The Descendants – 2
    Hugo – 1

  • Marie
  • Macy

    Drive is gaining momentum…good to see!! Hope the Academy sees the same way too.

  • Ryman

    Go Refn! More deserving than Hazanavicius.

  • Glenn

    Tilda again – loving the love! she must surely be a lock now!

  • steve50

    Refn – wonderful. Fassie and Tilda – stay the course.

  • Looks like its now between Tilda Swinton and Michelle Williams ….. i thought Meryl Streep would sweep everything. Great to see Refn winning too. Also i think Shailene Woodley, Patton Oswalt and Charlize Theron needs more attention …. i am rooting for them.

  • daveylow

    Someone wrote: I hope Lubezki wins the Oscar. He deserved to win in 95 (A Little Princess) and 99 (Sleepy Hollow).
    He should have won for Children of Men!!!

  • Ed Kargir

    The Artist is by far the best film of the year.

  • Esther

    I’m so happy for Michael Fassbender!!! He deserves the award 🙂

  • g

    Wow Drive again! I am so happy, and The Descendants! What an amazing film, I am thrilled for all the wins and noms it is getting! And Lubezki did sleepy hallow!! Wow he should definately win for TOL!

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