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  • Martin

    Another INCREDIBLY OVERRATED Weinstein film – this year’s “The King’s Speech.”

  • Does anyone see this film winning “Best Ensemble” at the SAG Awards? I mean, the cast is really nice, don’t get me wrong. I just can’t see this film winning that award besides the “OMG WE LOVE THIS FILM SO MUCH WE WANT TO GIVE IT EVERYTHING” reaction that films like The King’s Speech receive from the Guilds.

  • My god, Jean Dujardin is one great looking SOB. I’m so envy now 🙁
    I’d marry Berenice Bejo without a doubt *-* !

    Martin: I honestly believe that The Artist is way superior than TKS, but your “Weinstein” point might be right. You can’t do nothing against The Oscar Whisperer, it seems. Shameful…

    Sorry for the double post 🙁

  • Martin

    This could be another chapter altogether, but how many films have won Oscars just because of the Weinstein backing/campaigns? Last year David Fincher got screwed because of it and I can see it happening all over again this year.

  • Weinstein nows his shit, so you’ll definitely see The Artist as a really strong player come Oscar night. If is going to win or not, I have my doubts, as I can really see a couple of “weepy made for oscars” films sneaking in (War Horse or Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close)

    I’d love to see Hugo or Dragon Tattoo being mayor players, and eventually, even winners. I’m sure the first is definitely going to get a lot of noms, if not being the nominations leader of the evening. I have no faith in the academy recognizing Fincher’s latest, unfortunately.

  • Martin

    If the Weinsteins sweep Picture, Director, Actor (the guy from “The Artist”) and Meryl Streep for Best Actress, I will literally never watch the Oscars in my lifetime again.

  • steve50

    No, The Artist is definitely not TKS. I’m glad it has Harvey and company behind it because it deserves the attention it’s getting. The sad thing is that there is only one Weinstein machine. He seems to have a magic formula that others haven’t been able to decode when it comes to promotion for the oscar. Don’t always care for his choices, but have to respect his savvy.

  • I said exactly the same thing when The Social Network got robbed last season (well, I actually said “FUCK SHIT DICK CUNT ASS FOR FUCK’S SAKE! when they announced that, but that’s another story… and cursing is bad, kids!) and here I am, watching this site, looking at every critic’s award through the year, and waiting for the SAG, Globes and Oscars. So, to make things short, and like Jack from Brokeback Mountain said years ago: “I wish I knew how to quit you”

  • Martin

    I agree, but it must be said and acknowledged that several films and performers have won undeserved Oscars because of Weinstein campaigns. I’m old school – I think deserving performances should win, not the flashiest, costliest campaign.

    Gwyneth Paltrow? Roberto Begnini? “The King’s Speech?” I could on and on.

  • Luis Burguete


  • steve50

    Absolutely agree, @Martin – Harvey has ruined more oscar parties for me thatn anyone else. But I can’t seem to understand why the other studios and backers can’t tap into whatever it is that he does, and does so well. If I were a filmmaker, behind or in front of the camera, I’d know that, with him, I’d be well looked after until the curtain came down that night. That’s old Hollywood mogul paternalism, for sure, but it gets results.

  • Gambit1138

    Completely unrelated to the race: was it extremely unnerving for anyone else to suddenly see the making-of sequences in color?

  • Vinny

    I really don’t understand how one can watch this movie and not fall in love with it. I caught it at Telluride, and was entranced by it all the way through. Maybe not quite as intricate as other movies this year, but I think that’s the beauty of it. It is a movie that, despite the 2 brief sound sequences, could have been made back in the silent era. The techniques used in it are basically the same back then, and even down to the 4:3 frame was it detailed. Like Hugo, it’s a homage to cinema, and I find it to be every bit as good as the other movies this year, just in a different way.

    Just so no one murders me, though, I’m a J Edgar man this year, yet I haven’t seen Shame, Dragon Tattoo, Tinker Tailor, We Had a Zoo, or Extremely Loud.

  • PaulH

    Weinstein is Satan when it comes to Oscar competitions; he’s a megalomaniac and will stop at nothing to make sure his movies get their Oscar due. It’s unfortunate that the critics who are falling all over themselves to be the next outfit to give The Artist BP just don’t get how much they’ve been had. Silent movies do not belong in award competitions in 2011. They had their day, and that was long since passed.

  • Max

    Playing to Oscar’s attention, the Weinstein Brothers are masters of the bussiness. They learnt the tastes of Academy members more than two decades ago and they have worked to distribute the kind of film they think it will work better in the award season. I don’t know why many people think they’re evil doers: they don’t force anyone in the DGA, PGA or the Academy to vote for the films they distribute. After all, producer’s and director’s guilds decided they prefered TKS over TSN, not only Academy members. If “The Artist” wins the Oscar this year it will be only because is the film most Academy members like better.

  • Martin

    Having said that, Weinstein works obsessively to get his movies and his nominees in front of as many people as possible, to make them visible. I much preferred when Oscars were about the performances and the merit of a film, rather than who spends more for a campaign. Meryl Streep even said the same thing five years ago; ironically, Weinstein will use their magic to get her another Oscar this year even though people seem to generally dislike her movie.

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