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Mulligan on Shame:
When I read the script, I found it terrifying. My English agents sent it to me and said, “There’s this amazing part.” For me, as an actor, it was sort of scary. I’d seen Hunger [about Bobby Sands, the IRA leader who starved himself to death in prison to protest the conflict in Northern Ireland], which was done by Steve McQueen, the director of Shame, and I thought it was just incredible. And I’d always wanted to work with Michael Fassbender, who had been cast as the brother. So, I asked to have a meeting with Steve to pitch myself for the job.

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  • Pierre de Plume

    Since her big role in An Education, Mulligan has demonstrated talent I didn’t know she had. She’s very strong in Drive, and her performance in Shame, which I saw today, is not only very good but shows she has range as an actor. Despite Fassbender’s powerhouse work in Shame, Mulligan holds the screen.

    For those of you who are debating whether to see Shame, I recommend it highly.

  • Houstonrufus

    Pierre, I saw Shame for the first time today as well. I thought Mulligan was terrific, even in her singing scene, with which I had problems. She does hold her own with Fassbender.

  • Pierre de Plume

    Houstonrufus, what were the problems you had in the singing scene? ****POTENTIAL SPOILER******Was it the pacing of the song so that it was drawn out longer? I saw that as intentional and it worked for me in the context of the film.

  • brandz

    Isn’t Meryl Streep on the cover of Vogue and on 60 Minutes this Sunday night?

  • Houstonrufus

    Not sure I’ll explain this well enough, but upon reflection, the scene worked for me. But when I was first watching it, tonally, it felt off and yes the pacing felt a number of beats too long. I know it was purposeful. And I could tell what McQueen was trying to do, but it felt off to me. Now ask me tomorrow, and I may say something different. I just walked out of the movie about an hour ago. Overall, I liked the film very much. It will certainly sit in my top ten, even with some problems I had. I did feel the film pushed a little too hard at times with certain elements like score and long shots. But overall, the film is devastating, mostly because of Fassbender. What a brave, astonishing performance. For me, it was a movie that veered a little to excess at times with its style, but overall, it was one of the bravest, darkest, movies I’ve seen all year. Sorry. Wrote too much. Kind of reeling.

  • Her boobies look like Hostess Sno Balls.

  • Bobby C

    Ooh la la…I heart Carey! Rooting for her to get an Oscar nod!

  • Diego

    Meryl Streep is also on the cover of Vogue.

  • Yibbet

    Such a tacky cover…

  • austin111

    Seems Mulligan is getting the usual starlet airbrush/sexpot treatment that others have gotten in the past — i.e., Kate Winslet, ScarJo, etc. Guess it has something to do with next year’s Daisy role as much as Shame, too. She’s also a fabulous actress, just as Winslet is. Plenty more range than a lot of people tend to realize. Most smart young actresses understand that this is what you do to get higher up on the food chain.

  • She was phenomenal in ‘Shame’, and the greatest thing about her that she is one of the few, who put her first Oscar nomination to good use : in two short years, she excelled completely different roles (An Education, Never let me go, Wall Street II, Drive, Shame), and her future seems even brighter with iconic roles like Daisy Buchanan, Eliza Doolittle and a Coen-film. Her Sissy was one of the BEST performances this year and I’m sad to see it not getting the traction it deserves. Hopefully the BAFTA-nod will happen, and the British-voters will secure an Oscar nomination for at least one of the two excellent female supporting performances that seem to be ignored at the moment (Redgrave is the other)…although they might just be all about McTeer or surprise with Emily Watson whose film will be surely a bp-nominee (despite lukewarm reviews so far). We’ll see !

  • AD

    She is a fantastic and versatile actress but i am not feeling the cover at all! Must all pretty women be half naked to be noticed particularly on a magazine for women? Me think not. And yes Meryl Streep is in the Vogue cover for the first time ever!

  • knee_play

    i really like mulligan. thought she was the best performance in “shame”. however, here she just look like another white chick getting half-naked for attention. pity.

  • Rafael

    What have they done to her face? I bet she doesn´t recognize herself on that cover. Enough with this photoshop mess

  • MikeScott

    I have to say Ms. Mulligan is more beautiful than this air-brushed cover would have you believe. It almost doesn’t look like her. But alas, I’m a HUGE fan. Have been since An Education, and I will be buying this issue. Now, where can one purchase this magazine? Not sure I’ve ever seen it at, say, Wal-Mart, though I was never looking for it either.

  • @MikeScott I’d check Barnes & Noble if you don’t live where they have normal magazine shops.

  • Ryman

    First I thought it was Lindsay Lohan until I realized she was beautiful.

  • Andreas

    This photo has been massively airbrushed. It doesn’t even look like Mulligan. As for her performance in Drive, it wasn’t that good. She was better in Shame but still not Oscar material.

  • brian

    Carey Mulligan: a stunningly beautiful human being on so many different levels; and my future wife ; )

    well, a guy can dream can’t he?

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