The Descendants

Nicolas Winding Refn – Drive

Ryan Gosling – Drive

Viola Davis – The Help

Albert Brooks – Drive

Jessica Chastain – The Tree of Life

Alexander Payne, Based On The Novel By Kaui Hart Hemmings, Jim Rash, Nat Faxon – The Descendants

Terrence Malick – The Tree of Life

Mysteries of Lisbon

The Adventures of Tintin


Marco Beltrami – Soul Surfer

“Lay Down Your Head” – Albert Nobbs

Janusz Kaminski – War Horse

Robert Legato – Hugo

Chris Gill – The Guard

Gregory S. Hooper, Laurence Bennett – The Artist

Jacqueline West – Water for Elephants

BEST SOUND (Mixing & Editing)
Dave Patterson, Lon Bender, Robert Fernandez, Victor Ray Ennis – Drive

Paddy Considine – Tyrannosaur

The Help

Television award winners can be found here.

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  • Ryman

    Even though the Satellite Awards aren’t accurate in the least, I still love their respect for Drive. 😀

  • Josh

    Five of those wins surprise me.

  • Good for Ryan Gosling! But does this splinter group off of the Golden Globs really clarify anything?

    Makes things even MORE confusing for Jessica Chastain’s “campaigns”.(We should all have such problems, really…)

  • Joey

    Can Drive get some Oscar heat?

  • HahaLives

    Lisbon! Tree! Tintin! 🙂

    Yeah, I can forgive their misguidedness in awarding Drive and The Descendants.

  • Simon Warrasch

    OH MY F…… GOSH!!!!!

    The Descendents over The Artist!

    Nicholas Winding Refn over Michel Hazanavicus! (OK the direction by Mr. Refn is more than brilliant it is outstanding!)

    Viola Davis over Michelle Williams!

    Ryan Gosling over Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Michael Fassbender and Michael Shannon! (Ok Ryan Gosling performance in Drive deserves much more attention than his performances in The Ides of March or Crazy, Stupid, Love!)

    Albert Brooks over Christopher Plummer! (Albert Brooks is also outstanding in definitely one of the best pictures of the year!)

    Jessica Chastain over Octavia Spencer and Carey Mulligan! (Jessica Chastain deserves more than any other actress this year all awards this season! Because a year ago nobody knows her! And 12 monts later you can admire her brilliant work in 6 oscar potential movies! And with soo many brilliant performances this year she deserves every award this year!)

    Many Suprises this year like always! But the Golden Satellite Award have nothing to say for the upcoming Academy Award Ceromony! Because this group didn’t nominated performances like Daniel Day Lewis in There will be Blood or Adrien Brody in The Pianist! So…

    And also i have my doubts that

    1. The Artist will lose Best Picture!
    2. Michel Hazanavicus will lose Best Director!
    3. Michelle Williams will lose Best Actress!
    4. Christopher Plummer will lose Best Supporting Actor!

  • Jake G.

    Im really confused about all the categories this year and last year I was spot on! Now Jessica Chastain wins for The Tree of Life? wasn’t she just getting tons of nods for The Help? The supporting categories are really tough to predict this year for me! Best Picture is also!

  • jan

    The obvious wins aside, so nice to see some underrated bit brilliant works rewarded here!

  • gbpo

    @simon are you even an expert?

  • Sean

    I hope the oscar winners this year take people’s collective breath(s) away…Or I hope that there’s at least two major upsets/surprises. My predicted upsets are;
    1. Glenn Close wins Best Actress
    2. Jean DuJardin wins Best Actor

  • Proman

    Go Tintin!

  • Proman

    And wow, these guy actually know what great cinematography means.

  • Proman

    Overall, though, this may well be among the more mysterious selections of winners I have ever seen. Way to go Satellite Awards, way to “precursor” the best editing race (though ‘The Guard’ is yet to be updated as the winner on the actual site).

  • The thing about Chastain’s Tree performance: it gets undersold because it doesn’t have a conventional arc. But if you watch it, she achieves a level of transparency with the camera that I don’t think you’ll see from her – or many actresses – again.

  • “And wow, these guy actually know what great cinematography means.”

    Bleaching out the color pallette with unholy amounts of light? 🙂

  • Proman

    If you are going to make a joke, at least make sure it applies. OMG, War Horse doesn’t look like Minority Report. In any case, you’ve just described Clint Eastwood’s attempts to mimic the look of certain Spielberg’s films.

    On a more serious note, I actually meant what I said. War Horse, is a great outdoor movie. Superb camerawork and lighting.

  • Proman

    Also, I’ll repeat what I’ve saying for a while. Much like the sound categories, it would make perfect sense to split the cinematography into lensing and lighting. Both contribute to the look of the film but are both are very distinct and are frequently handled by different people.

  • Beth Stevens

    Hollywood Reporter says that The Guard won film editing (it does seem an odd choice). Maybe the Press Academy just forgot to update that category?

  • The Great Dane

    In all my years followimg the Oscars, I have never witnessed a breakout year like Jessica Chastain’s. It’s truly amazing. She now has critics awards for at least three different films (awarded for a singular performance) and six different films when awarded collectively. Had she only bern in one film this year, she would not be nominated ANYWHERE this year. Even if that single one was The Help, The Tree of Life or Take Shelter. But combined, she has shown endless talent across types and genres. In no logical world would she win an Oscar for The Help – and BEAT her much more likely costar winner Spencer… But if she does, it will be for being the ultimate supporting actress in one year EVER. This has been the wildest year for her and I for one can’t wait to see her carry a film as a lead 🙂

  • Oscarcrazy


  • As usual, the Satellites are pretty irrelevant this year.

  • Sonja

    Yes, they are, but it’s nice to finally see some wins for Viola and Glenn. 8)

  • In other news, the Florida Film Critics Circle have announced their winners BTW.

  • Bobby C

    Soul Surfer for Best Original Score??

  • Mel

    @Bobbby C I know, to find it strange it only got 71% on BFCA, 46% on ROtten Tomatoes and 35% on Top Critics, and 53% on Metacritic?!

    Boy Harry Potter 8 should’ve won for Origional Score, Visual Effects, and i don’t know for best sound. Also alot of people were surprise that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 for Best Picture.

    No offense, but to me the only film that won were independant films

  • @Mel hard to HP8 wasn’t nominated at the Golden Globe Awards too.

  • Rich

    What do they just throw darts at a dart board to choose their wins? I mean some of them were great (The love for Drive, Tree of Life on Screenplay, Hugo for VFX) And some that were random (Soul Surfer for best score, The Guard for best editing). What a random selection.

  • @Rich Then how come Tree of Life wasn’t for best movie at the People Choice Awards?

    And how come according to, Harry Potter 8 got the most votes on Which Golden Globe Award snub was the most egregious?

  • @ MARK502

    Are you kidding? Do you think the People’s Choice Awards are a good barometer of quality? If you are being serious, that’s the most infuriating comment I’ve read all year.

  • @Paddy M. well when you watched HP 8 what do you think about it?

  • k-a

    could this be the first award where E. Lubezki has lost for best cinematography?

  • Tero Heikkinen

    Is someone using multiple screen names here?

  • Tero Heikkinen

    OCO300, Mel and Mark502. Excellent way to hide your name 😀

  • excuse me?

  • Mel

    yeah who’s OCO 300?

  • Nily


  • Andrea

    A bald Sinead O’Connor with an anti Vatican shirt on performing the ballad from Albert Nobbs on live TV!

    And they open the envelope….”And the Oscar for Best Original Song goes to…..THE STREAK IS OVER GLENN CLOSE!!”

    Pretty please!

  • steve50

    I like the way they are spreading things around this year (including the Florida critics – thanks, PaddyM). Helps keep Drive, Refn, etc, in the mix. Screenplay for Tree of Life? That’s a bit of a stretch because it’s not exactly story-driven in the traditional sense, but good on them for the mention.

  • yes

    Ryan Gosling is the best

  • John

    OCO300, Mel and Mark502. Excellent way to hide your name.

    Yup, excatly what I thought.

  • MikeScott

    Go DRIVE! Sadly I have a feeling it will only get nominated for Supporting Actor at the Academy Awards. I hope I’m wrong though.

  • Love how they try so hard to NOT award any future Oscar winner of 2011.

  • Christopher

    Cool with The guards editing win…but Gleeson marvellous acting is ignored due to lack of campaigning and it being a comedicrole. Well,he is reslly funny but he shows another side also. Favourite performance this year. Oldman looks to get a wellearned oscarnom like moi predicted. National society of film critics named him 2nd place. Otherwise the worast movieyearin my lifetime. The debt went unoticed,I loved it.Warrior was very cliche and really strong and welltold,…the descendants and clooney as Clooney was awful.

    Tinker Tailor sodier spy
    Hugo Cabret
    The Help
    The descendants
    The Artist
    War horse
    Midnight in Paris

    Extremely loud…is getting too negative reviews,also the reason DiCaprio wont hold up.

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