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  • James

    Looks like Nolan will 8/8. Damn.

  • James

    * will be

  • Tufas

    can I be honest? left me cold. the fact that you cant see Hardy behind that mask, or even hear him properly, plus the Transformers-ation of the Bat vehicles, just puts me off.


  • JP

    As I posted elsewhere, 2012 looks crowded of possibilities of great films. As it was listed in another post by brian:

    Tarantino (Django Unchained)
    Nolan (The Dark Knight Rises)
    Jackson (The Hobbit)
    Bigelow (Kill Bin Laden)
    Hooper (I hate you Tom Hooper) (Les Miserables)
    Spielberg ( LIncoln)
    Luhrmann (The Great Gatsby)
    Scott (Prometheus)

    I add:
    Pixar’s Brave
    Ang Lee’s Life of Pi
    David O. Russel’s The Silver Linings Playbook
    Marc Forster’s World War Z
    Joe Wright’s Anna Karenina
    Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master
    Michael Hoffman’s Gambit (written by the Coens)
    Woody Allen’s Nero Fiddled

  • Yashar R

    Feels rather intimidating. That shot of rioters breaking into some poor guy’s house when Selina Kyle is talking about “Storm is coming…” is really disturbing.

  • Rudi Mentär

    it looks incredible!

  • Craig Z

    JP, Dont forget a big one…. Scorcese may have Silence by next year. Look it up. That could end up being his Schindler’s List…… or maybe it will be released 2013….

  • Joey

    For some reason I love the shot of Hathaway walking with that hat. Get it bitch.

  • himynameiscole

    this is going to be epic.

  • act like this isn’t the best movie of 2012 already

    i wouldnt be surprised if this was a serious oscar contender next year

  • AdamA

    Hahaha, a good year for Hines Ward, what with a Super Bowl appearance, a win on Dancing with the Stars, and now being the sole survivor of the GOTHAM FOOTBALL MASSACRE.

  • harry

    Looks more Batman Begins good than Dark Knight good.

  • Pertwillaby

    @JP: Don’t forget SKYFALL by Sam Mendes.

  • therealmike

    2012 will be great. I hope the earth will be there in 2013 so we can watch The Hobbit Part 2. But not everything can be good so there will be some disappointments I guess. But “The Dark Knight Rises” does´t look like one. The entrance of Bane gave me chills and Anne Hathaway looks amazing as Selina Kyle.

  • Chris138

    It’s interesting how each of Nolan’s Batman films look completely different. Judging by the trailer, though, this looks like it’s the most ‘epic’ of the three in terms of scale. I’m very intrigued.

  • Chance

    They teased Marion Cotillard. TEASED. Anne looks surprisingly slinky (and conflicted and evil depending on which scene we’re discussing) and sounds great as Selina. Bane is making me as nervous as the Joker did (and, thinking back, so did Cillian’s Scarecrow) in the way they’re seeming quite unpredictable and downright dangerous.

    Anyone else notice Bruce bungeeing or whatever he was doing off of that building, as opposed to Batman doing it? And was he in prison? So many questions. LOVING it.

    So it’s a Batplane and not a Batcopter? Either way it’s awesome!

  • Tye-Grr

    It seriously looks epic. I love love LOVE the Anne Hathaway/Selina Kyle voice over, and Bane looks very dangerous indeed. The teased shots of JGL and Cotillard have me very intrigued, and the tone seems to be VERY dark. I’m loving it. Hopefully Nolan can finally earn that Best Director nomination (maybe WIN), but either way I’ll be happy with another amazing film.

  • JohnfromPt

    Honestly…i in 5-6-10-20 years , nobody will care if these movies get any type of awards. They become something else entirely (lol)…a part of the popculture. And that is Nolan’s greatest achievement.

    What i got from the trailer , i something i’ve know for a while…wally pfister his one talented mofo. The man simply knows how to light a scene.

  • Alaric

    Liked everything but the collapsing football field. That effect still needs some work. There’s also some hilariously bad extras in a couple shots. Everything else is sexy.

  • matt

    Anne Hathaway…DAMN. How scandalous is it to say that she may have created a performance that can stand up to Michelle Pfeiffer’s work in Batman Returns?

  • JP

    @ Craig Z

    Didn’t put Silence cause I think it’s gonna be released only in 2013.
    There’s also a Malick film scheduled for 2012… but his films are usually delayed… let’s wait.

    @ Pertwillaby

    Skyfall added as well as the 2 Tim Burton films I just remembered: Dark Shadows and Frankenweenie.

  • JP

    Also forgot Ben Affleck’s Argo. Considering he directed two fantastic films and proved to be a much much better director than an actor, I think his films deserve attention.

  • R

    Ebert did his top ten, FYI

  • PaulH

    Hoo baby, that was awesomesauce. Nolan is gonna embarrass the Academy again and make them even MORE irrelevant than they are and that they’re gonna be when they give away the store to The Artist. 😀

  • jw22

    I will say it here first. 2012 will be Anne Hathaway’s year with The Dark Knight Rises & Les Miserables ( two completely different roles ) . She may get Oscar Gold. She really impressed me in the trailer. I am still in awe with how wonderfully icy, sexy, & bitchy she is in this effective trailer.

  • Scott

    I think it’s interesting how Inception leaned on TDK’s success for it’s marketing but for The Dark Knight Rise’s I’m getting more of an Inception vibe then Batman…I mean from the prologue and this trailer (particularly with JGL and Cottilard) I almost thought I seeing ads for Inception 2, lol.

  • Scott

    And don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying anything bad about Inception or Nolan or his Batman films…in fact Nolan is my favorite modern director, I just find the direction of the marketing interesting is all. And actually I kinda prefer it cause I like Nolan’s non-Batman fare the most. Inception, Memento, Prestige, etc

  • Alfredo

    I just jizzed in my pants. Summer 2012 can’t come soon enough!

  • Oh wow. Letting the whole internet see a trailer like that makes me think they might actually release the movie beyond select IMAX theaters. :p

    I’ve decided to never get excited for a movie again. But it’s nice to see 5/8 of Tom Hardy’s head.

  • Ryan Griffin

    For Inception they advertised it as “From the director of The Dark Knight,” but this is just, “From Christopher Nolan.”

    And that looks like Hathaway is wearing the necklace that Wayne’s mother was wearing when she was murdered.

  • Scott

    LOL, Antoinette I wouldn’t be surprised if this film regains the opening weekend record that Potter stole from TDK.

  • Scott

    Well yes Ryan…they don’t need to advertise what films Nolan has made anymore, he’s a household name now I think. But still, the trailer to me had a very Inception sort of vibe (and the prologue is another holy shit sequence like the hallway one) right down to the score it finishes with.

  • And that looks like Hathaway is wearing the necklace that Wayne’s mother was wearing when she was murdered.

    How do you remember that?

  • Jake G.

    This has to be an Oscar contender! The epic scale is up with Inceptions which earned a Best Pic nod! If this tops Inception, which is a better film than The Dark Knight, it may just be a top contender!

  • Jake G.

    And Im most excited about Anne Hathaway! She looks brilliant!

  • PaulH

    Jake G, logic clearly dictates that if TDKR lives up to the hype of the trailer, it MUST be an Oscar contender.

    But it won’t.

  • Chris138

    It’s way too early to be worrying about Oscars with this movie (or any movie coming out next year, really) so let’s just hope it lives up to expectations and is a satisfying conclusion to Nolan’s trilogy. At least that’s what I’m hoping for at the moment.

  • Nate

    Oh my god. I don’t want to be that weird guy that tries to overanalyze the trailer, but I have a bad bad bad feeling about what’s under that silver lid. That is Alfred walking up to the lid at :20 right?

  • Scott

    Exactly Paul…just as logic would dictate that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two would sweep the Oscars…or at least grab a Best Pic nomination to go with the tech noms.

  • Luis

    I just have an orgasm!!!

  • tonyr


    It’s actually Bruce with a cane and wearing his prison(?) robes. So many questions…

    My theory is Bane uses class warfare to capture the rich and powerful of Gotham so he can take over and enforce a fascist order upon the city.

  • roddymartindale

    @Nate: It’s Bruce Wayne.

  • Nate

    If it’s Bruce, then what’s under the lid is possibly part of a person, a head or a hand. I’m not sure what else would cause that kind of mysterious, menacing shot. There is a dread in the way that Bruce coming upon that lid is filmed. (I figured if it was Alfred, it might have only been the broken bat-mask we’ve seen already)

  • Nate

    @tonyr (and roddy) thanks.
    From Tom Hardy’s quotes about Bane, I’m not sure he’s the ‘capturing’ type. More likely slaughtering the rich.
    Also, I’m starting to wonder if some of the scenes are flashes back to when Bruce was studying under Ras/Ducard, only because it would seem weird if Bruce was away ################## (self redacted comic book spoilage) in that scene wearing the weird robe, that he would be hearing those chants and that doesn’t so much look like Gotham.
    That’s, of course, based on the assumption that Bane is trying to follow through on what Ras/Ducard tried to accomplish in Batman Begins

  • steve50

    @Luis and @Alfredo – you guys kill me.

    Looks like fun – can’t wait to see what Hardy does.

  • Dirt

    watch the dark knight trailer then watch this. the dark knight trailer rises trailer is so much more serious and dark. Nolan is amazing at hyping his movies. In my mind, it was not the dark knight rises trailer attached to sherlock holmes, it was sherlock holmes was attached to the dark knight rises trailer. it swept the theater under its feet. unbelievable. i cant wait.

  • Dirt

    p.s controversial factor but is catwoman eluding to 99% in her quote? aka since Nolan had written the script almost 2 years ago, did he forsee what is going on now? prob stupid but worth a shot.

  • Looks amazing. But I think that Marion Cotillard would be perfect as Catwoman. Just saying.

  • Tero Heikkinen

    This is going to be a great finale. Nolan knows what he’s doing.

  • himynameiscole

    i saw the six minute prologue and bane is absolutely frightening. i can’t wait for this.

  • Tero Heikkinen

    I saw the prologue, too. It’s looking good.

    Apparently the teaser for The Hobbit is just a few hours away, and Prometheus trailer in a couple days. Trailer galore.

  • JP

    @ Scott
    I also wouldn’t be surprised if this film takes HP 7.2’s opening record, but I guess The Hobbit will beat all of them.

  • Scott

    Yeah possibly JP…I was a bit surprised though actually to discover that The Hobbit won the Fandango poll for most anticipated movie of 2012.

  • Jeremie

    Oh dear, after watching this trailer a gazillion time, I’m now more excited than ever. I wasn’t sold on Anne Hathaway but I’m definitely convinced now, her “how you ever thought you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us” and the way she walks in her last scene left me speechless (and I’m giggling at how Nolan is going to incorporate the Occupy Wall Street and 99% to the Batman Story. We saw it coming with an anarchist Joker). The first scene with Caine is also wonderful. I think we’re going to see here the full display of such a brilliant cast. I cannot wait.

  • Scott

    At this point I can’t tell if Jeremie is being sarcastic or not…

  • Alexandra

    Wow! This one is going to be hard to be ignored during Awards Season…

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