Since Matt Damon unfortunately came out and spoke about lefty disillusionment with Obama (a sentiment that drives me nuts – don’t build him up so high next time, folks) it’s now George Clooney’s turn to take the opposite stance.  Sorry for a post about politics but since both actors are in the race why not. Anyway, this quote is like a Christmas present so in that way it’s relevant. I’m sure others will disagree with me but trust me, hating on Obama can lead to one conclusion and its name sounds like something out of Lord of the Rings. Swiped from HE.



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  • MikeScott

    Damon came out against Obama? Too bad. I liked him.

  • anonymous

    Good for Clooney.

  • Kevin Klawitter

    I agree with every word of this post and that Clooney quote. Being a film buff who doubles as a Poli Sci major, I find that my outlook on the film industry and politics is eerily similar. I try to be optimistic about the future of both fields, but (no offense to present company intended) I am often incredibly cynical about political and film commentary. Most often it consists of complaining about problems with no attempts to repair them, and the tone is usually self-indulgent.

    Still, I try to remain optimistic. About film because I believe as long as there are a few high-powered aritsts out there, they will be able to cut through the business bullshit with genuine worthwhile works, and about politics because I sicerely think that, at our most basic level, most humans are decent beings who would rather help each other than harm.

  • Logan

    Thank you, Sasha. You are back in my good graces.

  • Anthony A

    I like Clooney and hope he wins an Oscar for his performance in The Descendants but I disagree with him, rather unusually here. Democrats/leftists don’t eat other Democrats but put principles before people. Supporting one man, irregardless of his actions, is exactly what’s wrong with out economic and political system. Republicans would stick by their candidate because their corporatist agenda is successfully passed on a consistent basis with the complicity of the Democrats and President Obama. Meanwhile, basic Democratic Party pillars are in the process of being stripped (i.e. Wisconsin anti-collective bargaining law) along with a deafening silence from our President.

    The funniest part about all of this is the cynical conclusion of Clooney’s film, The Ides of March, is about this very issue. It seems that Clooney is of the mindset of Ryan Gosling’s character – whatever it takes, no matter what he does, get your man elected. What one would assume is a critique of our electoral process is now actually endorsed by the filmmaker.

    Ironic but that’s what happens when you have “no skin in the game” and life is viewed through “blue” and “red” rather than those who control the means of our society and those who don’t.

  • Kappa

    Worth noting: George Clooney did not just recently say this. In fact, he said this during the press rounds for IDES OF MARCH. Watch his “Time” interview and I believe he also said it during his Charlie Rose interview while promoting IDES OF MARCH.

  • Bob Burns

    Personally, I agree with Clooney about supporting Obama. I think Obama has been very effective, but have no problem with him getting pressure from the left.

    Republicans challenge other Republicans from the right all the time.

  • Meh, I wanted Hillary…

  • John

    Well, thankfully, the Republicans are committed to shooting themselves in both feet, so while the election next year may be close, the outcome isn’t much in doubt.

    The NYT recently had an interesting article about college-age kids in 2008 who campaigned passionately for Obama, and are now quoted as saying they still “like” him, but they’re not the least bit motivated to hit the pavement again.

    Clooney is right. The Obama team has much to brag about, and they don’t do it. I’m not a presidential historian, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he ranked among the five worst communicators in the Oval Office.

    The legitimate problem that supporters of Obama have with him is that he’s not a fighter, and he doesn’t stand up for what he believes in. He’s not only weak and ineffective against the Republican house — he seems indifferent most of the time. His supporters should definitely be calling him on this.

  • Matt Damon is entitled to his opinion like George Clooney is. I still like them both as actors… I’m indifferent to their politics. Although I’m a Liberal like them, I, unlike them, did not vote for Obama… nor did I vote Republican (gross). But to slam Damon for his right to free speech is wrong. Keep on supporting Obama as much as you like, but Damon doesn’t want to continue supporting someone he feels let him down.

    Me, I’m going to keep on keeping on while telling people… See!

  • Does this mean Clooney and Damon broke up? I still think Matt and Ben broke up years ago. Geez, this is terrible. He’s running out of bros.

    The fact is I can’t stand Matt Damon. And I thought Obama was a secret Republican before he was elected. While I respect Damon’s right to say whatever he wants, I can’t believe he doesn’t know that this makes him look like a doofus because he basically campaigned for the guy. I thought that Barack Obama was going to be exactly the kind of president he’s been. Part of me feels bad for those who expected more, and the other part of me wants to slap them. What did they expect exactly? They didn’t even know the guy. No one did. They just assumed he’d be the president they wanted. They projected the image of the perfect president onto him because he was a blank canvas. All I needed to know was that he belonged to a megachurch. That put me off of him right away.

    The fact is while Ted Kennedy was still alive and they had the majority they could have forced everyone to get gay married. But noooooooooooo… they wanted to compromise with the Republicans on everything. What the hell for? The Republicans push every stupid thing through when they have the chance. But with the same power the democrats just let their opportunity go. In fact I think their first order of business was to go on vacation. We could have had universal health care not forced health insurance but we waited until Ted was dead. Why? Someone tell me the reason for that nonsense.

    I understand why Matt is mad. But it just makes him look like a piss poor judge of character. Everyone knows he’s never ever ever ever going to vote for a Republican. And as long as we have the electoral college, that’s all there is. Red and blue. Maybe he should just accumulate his own money and do his own thing and stay out of the political world.

    @ Kevin Klawitter

    at our most basic level, most humans are decent beings who would rather help each other than harm.

    Eh, you’re young yet.

  • brandz

    I too love Obama but I get why Damon would be angry. I would still vote for Obama 1000 times over the clowns on the other side. They’re hateful people.

  • Dane Marvin

    Even more reason to like Clooney now.

  • Jerry Grant

    Its unfashionable to say it now for some reason, so I’m glad this clooney quote is getting around. He’s absolutely right and we should thank our lucky stars we have him as a president.

  • From the outside, this is simply laughable. We can’t spot a single important difference between republicans and democrats apart from some social “make up” to make people believe they do make a difference. We suffer the same here with the so-called socialist that implement liberal (echonomical term, european meaning, meaning leaving the rich free hands to bully the poor) measures dictated by corporations, banks and stock markets. We even have in the Spanish Constitution (made in 1978, under the dictate of fear to the army and the interantional reaction) that the Spanish State policy can’t be other than 100% free market capitalism and that the State no matter who is at charge have to follow the market conditions. It’s amazing how twisted society can be, specially when brainwashed by media.

    Obama is a joke, sorry, deal with it. If any doubt, just consider he just bombed and “freed” Lybia from Ghaddafi leaving open field for taking over their gas, oil and new fresh contracts for reconstruction. Afghanistan, Iraq, Lybia, Syria probably next and afterwards Iran. Not Bahrain, of course, despite the hundreds bein killed and the photos of protesters (which obviously have been censored in certain countries with the excuse of being too crude to show, with brainless exploded heads of civilians)…

    Seriously, George Clooney just lost all his politichal credibility with this (even thought this has been circullating for almost a week on the net). This guy needs to wise up. This is ridiculous.

  • Unlikelyhood

    No one is challenging damon’s right to free speech. Geez, when did that canard become such a defensive crouch? Anyway Damon just said the left is pissed, he wasn’t anti Obama like some leftists.

    I like anthony’s point. Clooney is almost going 180 degrees from ides of march. It would be like Jim Cameron promoting avatar by saying that corporations will save the environment.

  • Keil Shults

    Yes, you ran this because both actors are “in the race.” That’s a joke in more ways than one.

  • Bobby C.

    Clooney for President!!

  • Jay

    Democrats, especially anti-war democrats, libertarians, and even those of the old Right have every reason to be disillusioned when the guy who promised change and an end to the wars has doubled down in Afghanistan, murdered hundreds of innocent men, women, and children in Pakistan and Somalia, is maintaining a huge $3.5 billion yearly operation in Iraq including 17,000 personnel presence, invaded central Africa, never closed Guantanamo as promised, increased the power of the PATRIOT act, and aided military coups in Libya and Egypt.

    For a Nobel peace prize winner he is actually more of a warmonger than Bush.

  • Rob Y


  • Max G

    I just wish actors would not talk so much politics. It’s not their job to do so and people get biased. I don’t want to identify with either side here, but I get biased by what Clooney said. And I don’t want to get biased by actors, directors – because movies are still entertainment and not political campaigns.

  • Walter

    Well, I guess it’s up to Brad Pit to break the tie.

  • Jenny Lee

    As someone who is neither a Republican nor a Democrat, I prefer actors who stick to acting, not politics.

  • Mark F.

    Clooney is entitled to his opinion. He’s a better actor and director than a political analyst, however.

  • Edward Douglas

    I wonder if Scott Rudin is a Republican…

  • Nic V

    I’ve always found it amusing that we believe that “actors” or perhaps people in the public eye shouldn’t express their opinions about the system of government or the individuals that run that government who are supposed to represent them. Why shouldn’t they speak out? They pay taxes, probably more taxes; than the average American. So why shouldn’t they have the right to voice their opinion just as any of the rest of us demand that right? But too support a specific elected official because some matinee idol endorses him is a rather ignorant position, just as it would be ignorant to not support one for the same reason.

    One thing that is clear is that many celebrities have shed light on many social issues of the day and brought them into the public awareness. Without the opinions or voices of some celebrities situations like Darfur or the hidden land mines in many countries that maim people might not be things the average person would be aware.

    As for President Obama I had great reservations about him and now even have much more and I’m a democrat. I think generally he’s a really great guy whom you wouldn’t mind having as a next door neighbor. I’m not so sure that he is the right man to lead the country. I also don’t think there is anyone out there at the moment who could or might do a better job than he is.

    We seem to believe that just because a man wears the title President that he’s the one who can implement change. When in fact that’s just not the truth. All he can really do is attempt to lead the country in a direction and hope many will follow. I don’t think anyone is following anyone or even listening to anyone.

    As someone who is greatly impacted by the government what I’ve seen in the last two years is apalling. Our representative system is so out of touch with the citizens of this country and their struggles that I just shake my head. I’ve watched the last few months as our government has stuck it’s nose in the internal affairs of so many foreign nations and yet has turned it’s back on it’s own citizens.

    When celebrities have to get the public to “donate” supplies and money to support our public school systems to offer certain programs then something is desperately wrong in America. I’m paying 11,000 dollar in property taxes a year in NJ on a piece of property that is 60 feet by 170 feet with almost all of that earmarked for education.

    President Obama, Senators, Congressmen, Governors, et al have no concept of what they are doing to the middle class in this country. I’ve now become a member of what the statisticans now call living below the poverty level. While all these elected officials get richer by the day, have the best health care in the world, work part time when they feel like it, don’t have to worry about losing their pensions regardless of how much time they actually work. That’s a sad commentary on the state affairs in America. Sadder yet are the various rankings on industry and education as compared to other nations.

    I think Prsident Obama is a great guy. I think history will be very unkind to him. Unduly so but nothing has changed and change was his cry from the podium.

  • Nic V

    And one more thing before I shut up on Polticis. President Obama didn’t save the auto industry. The taxepayer saved the auto industry. Mr. Clooney needs to give the credit to the right people. Just like President Obama didn’t bail out Wall Street, the American citizens bailed out Wall Street. Every American who pays any kind of tax bailed out these institutions.

    One of the things that struck me this year that I’d never thought of was when i went to buy Christmas Cards. I bought three boxes of cards and not one box was made in the United States. All three from differnt companies where made in China. China were the masses do not believe in the religious symbol we celebrate on Christmas day. Think about that a moment. Look at what you buy and look at where it’s made. Yes I suppose you can credit President Obama leading the way to bail out the auto industry, the banks, wall street but at the same time nearly everything is imported. We can’t even make a reasonably priced Christmas Card in a country where a great percentage of the population believes in Christmas.

    And yes I’m being very politically correct in this comment but at the same time those fools in Washington should be trying to figure out how the hell they screwed up one of the greatest economies in the world. And yes I’m sure that everyone will offer up an individual to blame however no one person is responsible.

  • Casey

    I wanted Hillary too

  • Jason B

    Obama is make fine adjustments, but for the most part is keeping business as usual. Still engaging in foreign intervention, continuing to believe the Fed can inflate us out of recessions, and has further expanded the role of the federal government, just like Bush… And what part of this is Democrats eating their own? Most of his policies are rehashed Republican ideas for bigger government.

  • Zach

    Damon’s in the race?

  • Sam

    I don’t agree with George Clooney or Matt Damon, concerning their personal politics. I think Damon is more obnoxious and arrogant about it, whereas Clooney comes across as a know-it-all and condescending. It is hard to take them seriously (being that they get paid to pretend), however they are taxpaying Americans so they have a right to speak out. They are great actors. And that is why I enjoy their films.

    Matt Damon’s disillusionment is not surprising. Democrats and their followers made President Obama out to be the second coming. And now their “chickens are coming home to roost”. His inexperience, as well as his administration’s, shows. I don’t know if the GOP candidate can beat the President in November, but if the economy doesn’t get better, it might not matter. We could be looking at a landslide in favor of the Republicans.

    George Clooney mentioning the Democrats singular issue is spot on. One-issue voters tend to be the least informed, and the most stubborn. For example, individuals who only care about abortion rights, or gay marriage rights. Their are individuals on the Right who are like this, but I believe it is more common on the Left. Group Think is par for the course.

    “You could be selling this as a very successful three years”
    – Sorry George, no you can not. President Obama has been a disaster. Racked up more debt in three years, that took W eight years to do (neither of which is good).
    – Bailed out the auto industry, which gives the government more control over these companies (re: Leninist). The free market is based on creative destruction, not the Fed using tax dollars to bail out failures.
    – His administration did get Bin Laden. That is good. But if you want to be honest, Mr. President used the same strategy that President Bush laid the foundation for. It’s not going to fly if President Obama tries to take full credit for that.
    – Operation Fast & Furious, Mr. Clooney. That alone makes an element of this administration lawless. Eric Holder should be put in prison if the government was providing firearms to Mexican DRUG CARTELS, which killed our fellow citizens trying to defend out borders. This is beyond the pale.

    No, the last three years have not been good and to say otherwise is beyond naviete.

  • Keil Shults

    I started visiting this site because I was getting tired of David Poland’s politically biased (and usually unnecessary) comments over at MCN. Sigh.

  • Racked up more debt in three years, that took W eight years to do (neither of which is good).

    Wrong. More half of the current deficit is the residual effect of 3 economic disasters Bush initiated on his watch. (Iraq /Afghanistan, Tax Cuts, Bank Meltdowns)

    The free market is based on creative destruction, not the Fed using tax dollars to bail out failures.

    That’s sick, borderline depraved. So we’d be better off to have let GM and Chrysler “creatively destruct”? That’s laughable. It’s also laughable that the Free Market is some untouchable wild creature that we can’t try to help if it’s in trouble. Like the Bald Eagle or Coral Reefs *shugs* “eh, fuck it, let ’em creatively self-destruct.”

  • Sam

    “That’s sick, borderline depraved. So we’d be better off to have let GM and Chrysler “creatively destruct”? That’s laughable. It’s also laughable that the Free Market is some untouchable wild creature that we can’t try to help if it’s in trouble. Like the Bald Eagle or Coral Reefs *shugs* “eh, fuck it, let ‘em creatively self-destruct.””
    – Yes, it would have been better for GM and Chrysler to file for bankruptcy. It is unconstitutional for the government to bail out any institution.
    – The “sick, borderline depraved” response is what is wrong with the Left’s mentality towards the Right. You guys truly believe that Conservatives are not only wrong, but evil. I find that depraved, and uninformed.

    Ryan, with all due respect, what empirical evidence can you provide for the system you would advocate to replace our free market based economy? Knowing your politics as I do, I know you can’t. Bleeding Hearts have this tendency to put too much faith in a large, ever expanding, centralized government. It never works. Just look at other countries throughout history that tried.

  • R

    Clooneys a dick, i highly doubt he is happy with BO’s presidency. He is just playing into the lesser of two evils thing.

  • Sam

    The Bush Administration is just as much culpable concerning the bank bailout. The Obama Administration just expanded it three fold, which included the auto bail out. For you to suggest, Ryan, that Obama hasn’t increased the debt in three years to what it took Bush to do in eight, is wrong. Look it up.

  • KS

    People can always spin things to suit their own agenda. This is why I hate our political culture, our two-party system, etc. I’m not a fan of bailing people or corporations out, but I’m also pro-abortion. I’m also pro-death penalty. Anything that cuts down on people likely to talk or text during movies is A-OK with me.

    Too bad most of the bands, directors, and actors I like are such whiny sheep when it comes to politics.

  • Nic V

    They are all responsible. No one individual is responsible. Every elected official in this country whether he’s Republican, Democrat, Independent, or whatever is responsible. The President puts forth initiatives and they are either supported or not based on the particular toilet tissue that Congress and the Senate are using that day.

    And that brings us right back to us. Because we elect them. This is a country where we “believe”. We want to believe these jerks will stop for a moment and think about the people they represent and no matter how we look at it they don’t do it. Yes President Obama will be the one everyone will point their finger at just as they did with George W Bush.

    The problem with letting the Auto Industry fail would be that if you implemented that theory or that position then you would have had to let the Banks fail and Wall Street. Personally might have been a good idea. But in the long run those who get hurt are the ones who aren’t responsible.

    We’ve become the hamster running in that silly little wheel and the wheel is going so fast it’s out of control and no one can figure out how to stop it.

  • Obama hasn’t increased the debt in three years to what it took Bush to do in eight

    Just because 1/3 of the current deficit is caused by by the Bush Tax cuts doesn’t make it Obama’s doing, Sam. Look at the chart. It’s quite a famous chart.

    I appreciate your willingness to concede is Bush culpable for the bank bailout (although the ‘bailout’ part of the US deficit is a small fraction of the problem — and it’s a part that’s being repaid, much of it already paid back. It probably also brought us back from the brink of another Great Depression.)

    So I can’t see why you want to deny that the Bush Tax Cuts and his Iraq War alone are exactly what doubled the deficit.

  • Sam

    The wars don’t help. I will give you that. But tax cuts help to the economy, not hinder it. What causes a recession to give birth to a depression is when the government, particularly the Federal Reserve, starts inflating the economy by printing too much money. Every single time the government has tried to “help” the economy, it makes it worse. Just look at FDR. When the stock market crashed in 1929, the U.S. unemployment rate was under 10%. Six months later, it started to go down. But once FDR implemented his New Deal policies, it exacerbated the problem and the unemployment rate never went below 25%.

    President Obama reveres FDR. It is amazing how many never refer to history when dealing with our free market economy.

  • The Z

    Clooney makes it sound like because Obama is a Democrat, he doesn’t know how to turn his successes into something positive. Why would being a Republican make what Obama has done any better or worse than him being a Democrat? I mean, it’s simple political flim-flamming — your opponent says, “Look at what he’s done!!!” and you respond, “Look at what I’ve done.” Same story, different teller…

  • But once FDR implemented his New Deal policies, it exacerbated the problem and the unemployment rate never went below 25%.

    It is amazing how many never refer to history when dealing with our free market economy.

    Yes, Amazing. History and “facts” are amazing.

    You can’t just lie, Sam. Though I know Republican pols expect their followers to believe whatever falsehoods they spout.

    Unemployment was cut in half after FDR introduced the New Deal, and then of course virtually everybody who wanted a job had one after Pearl Harbor. (which, who knows, was maybe part FDR’s plan too. Allegedly.)

    1930 – 8.9% unemployment
    1931 – 15.9
    1932 – 23.6
    1933 – 24.9
    1934 – 21.7
    1935 – 20.1
    1936 – 17.0
    1937 – 14.3
    1938 – 19.0
    1939 – 17.2
    1940 – 14.6
    1941 – 9.9
    1942 – 4.7

    After the Stock Market Crash it only too 3 years for unemployment to double. Without the New Deal, doubling every 3 years, unemployment might easily have been 35-40% by 1941.

  • Sam

    Is there any limit to which government should be limited, Ryan? I’m not too sure where you got those statistics, as you didn’t provide a link. But based on what you did provide, the unemployment rate when up drastically AFTER FDR implemented his New Deal. Had he taken a hands off approach, it would have righted itself. But you Leftists cannot explain when there is too much government intervention. It is never enough, right?

  • The horrible New Deal.
    Root of all evil for Republicans.

    Small part of the legacy of the New Deal

    Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
    16 dams built by the TVA.
    (privately owned power companies had been gouging users for decades)

    Rural Electrification Administration (Rural Utilities Service)
    The REA helped proved power to nearly 300,000 homes
    10% of rural homes had electricity prior to the New Deal. 90% got electricity because of it.

    Educational building projects
    Primary/secondary schools: 6,656
    College/university: 698
    Public libraries: 105
    Courthouses and city halls: 659

    Physical infrastructure projects, Public Works Administration (PWA)
    Streets and highways: 11,428
    Bridges and viaducts: 388

    Civil infrastructure through the Works Progress Administration (WPA), 1935-43
    Urban streets 67,000 miles
    Sidewalks: 24,000 miles

    Accomplishments of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
    Bridges: 46,854
    Historic structures restored: 3,980
    Wells and pumphouses: 8,065
    Forest roads: 2,500 miles

    Damn you, FDR, and all your socialist electricity, bridges, schools, roads and stuff.

  • But based on what you did provide, the unemployment rate when up drastically AFTER FDR implemented his New Deal.

    It did not. The New Deal was implemented in 1933 and unemployment almost immediately began to fall. Unemplyment was cut in half. If you can’t read a chart, Sam, I give up.

    The numbers come from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. (halfway down the page)

    Why don’t you link us to your proof of your bald-face LIE that “the unemployment rate never went below 25%” ?

  • Sam

    When is the government too big, Ryan? Can’t you answer the question. President Roosevelt was a soft tyrant, in my opinion. The man defied the two term limit rule (even though it wasn’t unconstitutional until they passed the amendment). Had he not died in office, he probably would have had to be thrown out of office.

    The unemployment rate, prior to WWII, never went below 10%. Why do you have so much faith in government? And why don’t you believe that the free market system, though not perfect (what is?), is better than any “fair” market system that you, as a Leftist, constantly advocate?

  • When is the government too big, Ryan? Can’t you answer the question.

    Idiotic childish question.

    When is the sky too fucking blue?

  • Rauel

    Eh, Obama is doomed anyway…4 years and OUT

  • People can always spin things to suit their own agenda. This is why I hate our political culture, our two-party system, etc. I’m not a fan of bailing people or corporations out, but I’m also pro-abortion. I’m also pro-death penalty. Anything that cuts down on people likely to talk or text during movies is A-OK with me.


  • Mr. 9

    So Ryan has no answer and reverts to not backhanded name-calling?

    This site truly deteriorates every four years. I appreciate that Sasha and Ryan can do whatever they want with it, but if talking politics is such a big deal why not create another site where those views and discussions can be conducted? Some of us prefer to just get info on the Oscar race and other movie goings-on.

    And does it matter who the president is or who’s in Congress? They all want to get more money from us anyhow — the Democrats want to raise taxes, the Republicans want to end the payroll tax-cut…

    There’s no point in arguing semantics. Especially not on a film awards site.

  • Sam

    So, through your intellectual superiority Ryan, you admit you can’t answer the question. I’m not surprised. It is never enough with you Leftists.

  • Sam

    “So Ryan has no answer and reverts to not backhanded name-calling?”

    It is par for the course. I forgive Ryan for his actions. He has been thoroughly indoctrinated. And if not, then he believes in a false ideology. Left wing policies sound good in theory, but in practice are utter failures. Just look at history.

  • When is government too big?

    It’s a stupidly phrased question, Sam.
    What do you think the answer is? When it weighs as much as the moon? When it’s too big for you to put your hands around its neck to strangle it?

  • phil

    I still say it’s Michelle over Meryl.

  • “So Ryan has no answer and reverts to not backhanded name-calling?”

    I refuted Sam’s lies with cold hard facts.

    What name-calling?

    “When is government too big?” is a stupid childish 5-word question that would take a major essay to answer, and to what end?

    Want me spend 2 hours trying to discuss that lazy question with a serious answer so that Sam can dismiss anything I say as “indoctrination”? Meanwhile he makes indoctrinated GOP talking point claims that are easy to disprove with a simple 1-minute Google search?

    Q: When does a conversation become pointless?
    A: An hour ago.

  • mariela

    i love george clooney. it’s so annoying how people say obama’s done nothing when he’s done quite a lot of good things. i mean seriously, compared to past democratic presidents? he blows clinton out of the water. fine, maybe he’s no FDR, but he’s certainly accomplished a lot of big things that liberals should be happy about, more than any other since LBJ. i’m very proud to have voted for him and will be enthusiastically doing so again.

  • julian the emperor

    Don’t get me wrong, I want Obama to win in 2012, but I think it is fair to assess his presidency as a failure. That has to do with the level of expectation and excitement that he himself was very much responsible for instilling in Americans (and a global base of international followers horrified with the Bush administration) throughout his campaigning.
    The preacher-like sermonizing on hope and change and a better future and whatnot instilled a sense of something new truly making headway in Washington.

    BUT real life politics can never be reduced to the easy formula and the (too) easy slogans of his campaign. There is a system that, for better or worse, will carry on no matter who becomes president.

    Obama instilled hope, and now he instills disappointment in the exact same measure. That is all very logical.

    The big question now is: What do you do with your sense of disappointment? Do you blame the man and want him to go away? Or do you accept that he – as a president – is a part of the system and that system, ultimately, is as flawed as any human endeavor or design? And he as a man as flawed as any man?

    I think we have to be pragmatic about this: What’s the alternative?
    It’s ok to be disappointed (I think deep down all of Obamas’ supporters, including Mr. Clooney, are exactly that), but disappointment becomes a destructive feeling if it makes you reject a sense of the overall picture. We need to be constructive in our assessment of Obama and in our assessment of the American political establishment. You cannot change these things overnight. But you can do them damage by making the wrong choices at the wrong time. Getting rid of Obama is not the answer right now. He can only solidify his effort in a new term. And he can prevent America from reverting to a policy that will only harm America’s standing in the world in the coming years.

    The man is reasonable and pragmatic, whereas many wanted an idealistic and ambitious president, but maybe reasonable and pragmatic is not that bad at all? It only is if you judge his effort by the standard that he himself set for himself. But we need a better reason than that to get rid of him.

    (And again: look at the alternatives…)

  • menyc

    I agree with Sam for the first time ever. Ryan is intellectually superior.
    To Sam.

  • bill m

    The only question I have is how are “both actors in the race”? Clooney will get nominated and might win, yes. But Damon has zero chance for ‘Zoo’ or do you think he has the thinnest chance for Supporting Actor in ‘Contagion’? Otherwise i have no problem with the “political” article

  • brandz

    Obama over any asshat republican.

    Meryl over Michelle.

  • Jason B

    George Clooney was mediocre in The Descendants and his directorial effort The Ides of March was cliched and a snooze. What’s worse is that Matt Damon managed to top that this year with Zzzzzooooo….. and a bland performance in Contagion.

  • Matt

    I find Clooney to be pretty smug when it comes to his politics. So his statement here doesn’t really surprise me. Clooney has every right to keep supporting Obama. But it seems like he’s questioning the values of those who no longer do. I don’t agree with that. His rationale seems to be “if you voted for someone you should continue to support them throughout their presidency and defend them.” This seems rather ridiculous to me. Much of the change that Obama promised hasn’t happend so I think it makes sense to question whether he’ll deliver on it or not.

  • Keil Shults

    I won’t vote for anyone unless Arcade Fire plays at one or more of their campaign rallies.

  • SallyinChicago

    Clooney has a point. Dems don’t know how to promote themselves and take credit for what goes right. The Republicans have criticized and fought back and yelled the loudest. The Dems don’t know what hit them half the time. They’re too quiet. They need to SPEAK UP!

  • SallyinChicago

    “Much of the change that Obama promised hasn’t happend so I think it makes sense to question whether he’ll deliver on it or not.”

    It would have happened if in 2008 more Democrats came out to vote and put the majority Dems in Congress. Instead Dems/independents sat on their hands and let the Republicans take over. Now we have dysfunctionality. I predict next year you will see more Dems/independents come out and swing the majority back to the Dems. Why? Because they look sane compared to the clowns on the Republican debate circuit.

  • Byron Gray

    I hope all the secret Republicans in Hollywood are sharing a laugh over Clooney’s Obama-love. I know I appreciated the chuckles over his comments.

  • mdb

    Sasha, love the site, and you can do what you want, but you have to keep in mind that you do attract some conservative readers, such as myself, who think Obama is the worst president since FDR, maybe ever. There’s a reason I live in Texas and not California. Now, everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, but it is disconcerting to read about politics when I just want to read about movies…

  • Jorrey

    I take exception to some claiming that President Obama is the worst Commander-In-Chief to sit in the Oval Office. President James Buchanan was, for my money, the worst president. He presided over what would become the American Civil War, costing 100,000 of lives. So, calling this President the worst is a stretch.

    President Franklin Roosevelt was the closest this country has come to having a dictator. He defied the two term rule, honored by every president before him. Granted, the amendment that instituted the two term limit happened after FDR, but it is illuminating that the man would disrespect the precedent set by President George Washington.

    I don’t believe President Obama has the capability to accomplish anywhere close to what Roosevelt did. But, both men have the same world view in terms of the role the government plays with individual citizens. They are Statists. They believe politicians are our surrogate decision makers, and they know how to spend our tax dollars better than We the People do. It is this arrogance and narcissistic outlook that I find repugnant on the Left. It is about Power & Control with these ideologues. Now, I believe many on the Left have good intentions with their public policy positions, however the unintended consequences are never examined. If you want to understand the current mindset of those on the Left, Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” is a great book. The tactics expressed within the literature are exactly what politicians like President Obama and Secretary Clinton utilize. And it is very effective.

    Beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Tyranny, thy name is Democrat.

  • Dr. Strangelove

    Wow, every Glenn Beck talking point covered. Even an Alinsky name-drop!

  • Dr. Strangelove

    I also like how the right is so ungrateful for FDR. That man saved capitalism for you guys.

  • Robert Butler

    POTUS Obama has picked up the Bush baton and run with it. Civil liberties as we know it have suffered the most during his tenure. Fact ! Ron Paul 2012 if you stand up for civil liberties, the constitution, and peace.

  • Flower

    Thank you Clooney. I agree with everything he said. I’m a liberal and even I know there’s just no pleasing liberals. They really do look for singular issues to complain about not getting everything they wanted. When I heard Damon complain yet again, I just wanted to say “shut up”

  • Ronpaul2012


    FACT:Obama has picked up the Bush baton and run with it. Civil liberties as we know it have suffered the most during his tenure. Fact !


  • Stefan

    Very interesting trivia with regard to John Ford (4 times Oscar winning director, just in case….):

    “Because his friends and colleagues John Wayne, James Stewart and Ward Bond were conservative Republicans, many assumed that Ford was as well. According to his friends, family, and workers, nothing could be further from the truth, as he was an activist liberal Democrat. His favorite Presidents were Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. Ford once went up to the right-wing Victor McLaglen and Wayne on a film set and said, “You know, all of you guys should stop complaining. You made your money under Roosevelt.” Wayne, who hated Roosevelt, said nothing and changed the subject. His respect for Ford meant that politics were rarely discussed.”

    I particularly like the quote “You made your money under Roosevelt”……

  • eurocheese

    I can’t help but think this is a repsonse to Obama’s hilarious joke about The Adjustment Bureau. Matt Damon also recently took shots at the Bourne screenwriter. He’s turning into a prick, which is too bad, because I really enjoy him as an actor. Unless he wants to run for office, he needs to think about what’s actually good for the country and grow up.

    Loved Clooney’s quote. Wherever people stand on Obama, I don’t think it’s any surprise that he took the backlash when the economy didn’t immediately skyrocket back up. Speaking of growing up, there are plenty of politicians more interested in throwing mud than saving jobs, and that’s on both sides of the aisle. It’s disgusting.

  • Dr. Strangelove

    Now the Ron Paul bots.

  • Robert Butler

    yeah let’s just resort to labels and name calling because the mainstream media controls our mind and thought process. Can’t win the argument or the debate, let’s just attack!

  • Dr. Strangelove

    Yeah, everyone but the believers in Ron Paul’s Austrian School KoolAid are sheep.

  • If the quality of his defenders were any indication, Obama would be in big trouble. Fortunately or unfortunately, other factors will affect the outcome this November.

    But really:

    “It would have happened if in 2008 more Democrats came out to vote and put the majority Dems in Congress. Instead Dems/independents sat on their hands and let the Republicans take over.” I think this person means 2010, not 2008 — right? But then, the Democrats won Congress in 2006. Obama got quite a strong mandate, but he squandered it. He even admitted after his first, inadequate stimulus bill passed that he hadn’t realized that in a negotiation you begin by asking for *more* than you expect to get, and then you bargain down. He still hasn’t learned that, though. Which means he’s incompetent. As he’s also said, he always expects to lose — and then he does. He’s a much more effective advocate for Wall Street and other corporate elements than he is for the rest of us.

    Or this:

    “The Dems don’t know what hit them half the time. They’re too quiet. They need to SPEAK UP!”

    But they do. And they’re loudest when attacking their critics on the left. The Dems have always been the collaboration party, using the Republicans’ excesses as their excuse to move further right. The Republicans, for better or worse (and it’s always for worse), are genuinely an opposition party. It’s too bad the Dems can’t throw some of that vitriol at their real opponents, instead of alienating other Democrats.

    I don’t criticize Obama too much for what he hasn’t done. I criticize him for what he has done: extending and spreading our wars, slashing at our civil liberties, making the government less transparent and responsive — except to the wealthy. His snotty attitude toward his base (which he said explicitly he was going to ignore during the debt-ceiling fight) is his privilege, I guess, but then he can’t complain if he then discovers that he has alienated his base, and they don’t feel excited about voting for him anymore. Anyone else remember Velma Hart? His attitude to her was repulsive; he needed a good ass-whooping for his lack of respect. And I guess he got a metaphorical ass-whooping in November 2010. Did he learn anything from it? Doesn’t look like it.

    George Clooney and Matt Damon are, as human beings (not just as American citizens or taxpayers), have the right to express their political views. Someone here said it ‘wasn’t their job’ to speak out. Of course it isn’t. It isn’t my job either, or any other private citizen’s. But it’s our right to say what we think. And then the discussion can begin: disagreement is the starting point. Unfortunately for our nation, most people have no idea where to go from that starting point.

  • Laura for Liberty

    I am just greatly disheartened that you can call people who believe in Ron Paul’s battle to give us back our liberty and freedom “sheep.” I’ve never been one to go out and want to be a part of anything, to help any cause. But Ron Paul talks about something so beautiful and timeless, something people have given their lives to defend…freedom. Long after Ron Paul dies, we will be fighting as long as people like Obama and Bush run our country. What is wrong with you people? WAKE UP! Obama and Bush are both destroyers of liberty but on opposite ends of the stick. Both would force those against their will do to as THEY, the tyrant, see fit. They are war hounds and both want to police the world! Shame on anyone who resorts to pathetic name calling for a group of people who are tired of war, tired of a government infringing on personal liberties, tired of a government who is destroying the economy and prosperity.

    Sheep are those who endlessly support a dogma of a controlling government that limits freedom in any since whether it be financially or socially. Whether you justification is the Bible or because we have an obligation to help those less fortunate, it disregards the beliefs and liberty of each person.

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