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David Lynch – A Great Filmmaker

Being a great filmmaker doesn’t land you in the Oscar race necessarily.  But it’s important nonetheless to always remember the great ones, regardless if lots of people in the industry “like” him or her.  David Lynch, we will never forget.  We bow down, eternally. Here is a video tribute:

David Lynch in Four Movements – A Tribute from Richard Vezina on Vimeo.

Posted on Open Culture:

Last year, Richard Vezina created a popular video tribute to Stanley Kubrick (A Stanley Kubrick Odyssey). Now he returns with David Lynch in Four Movements. Accompanied by musical pieces from Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch, each movement revolves around a distinctive theme or visual trend in Lynch’s works. Here’s how the 20 minute video unfolds:

First Movement: Melancholy and Sadness – Questions In A World Of Blue
Second Movement: Action, Violence, and Sex – The Pink Room
Third Movement: Dreams and Nightmares – Into The Night
Fourth Movement: Love and Hope – Mysteries of Love