Period Film

  • THE ARTIST Production Designer: Laurence Bennett
  • HUGO, Production Designer: Dante Ferretti
  • THE HELP, Production Designer: Mark Ricker
  • ANONYMOUS, Production Designer: Sebastian Krawinkel
  • TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY, Production Designer: Maria Djurkovic

Contemporary Film

  • THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO Production Designer: Donald Graham Burt
  • THE DESCENDANTS, Production Designer: Jane Anne Stewart
  • EXTREMELY LOUD & INCREDIBLY CLOSE, Production Designer: K.K. Barrett
  • DRIVE, Production Designer: Beth Mickle
  • BRIDESMAIDS, Production Designer: Jefferson Sage

Fantasy Film

  • HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 2, Production Designer: Stuart Craig
  • CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER, Production Designer: Rick Heinrichs
  • PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES, Production Designer: John Myhre
  • COWBOYS & ALIENS, Production Designer: Scott Chambliss


One-Hour Single Camera Television Series

  • BOARDWALK EMPIRE Episode: 21 Production Designer: Bill Groom
  • GAME OF THRONES Episode: A Golden Crown Production Designer: Gemma Jackson
  • AMERICAN HORROR STORY Episode: Murder House Production Designer: Mark Worthington
  • THE PLAYBOY CLUB Episode: The Scarlet Bunny Production Designer: Scott P. Murphy
  • PAN AM Episode: Pilot Production Designer: Bob Shaw

Television Movie or Mini-Series

  • MILDRED PIERCE Production Designer: Mark Friedberg
  • CINEMA VERITE Production Designer: Patti Podesta
  • TOO BIG TO FAIL Production Designer: Bob Shaw
  • THE HOUR Production Designer: Eve Stewart
  • BLING RING Production Designer: Robb Wilson King

Episode of a Half Hour Single-Camera Television Series

  • MODERN FAMILY Episode: Express Christmas Production Designer: Richard Berg
  • 30 ROCK Episode: Double-Edged Sword Production Designer: Keith Ian Raywood, Teresa Mastropierro
  • WEEDS Episode: Game-Played Production Designer: Joseph P. Lucky
  • CALIFORNICATION Episode: Monkey Business Production Designer: Michael Wylie
  • NEW GIRL Episode: Pilot Production Designer: Jefferson D. Sage

Episode of a Multi-Camera, Variety, or Unscripted Series

  • SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, Episode: Host Justin Timberlake and Musical Guest – Lady Gaga, Production Designer: Keith Ian Raywood, Eugene Lee, Leo Yoshimura, N. Joseph De Tullio
  • HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, Episode: Ducky Tie, Production Designer: Stephan Olson
  • 2 BROKE GIRLS, Episode: And The Rich Peoples Problems, Production Designer: Glenda Rovello
  • AMERICAN IDOL, Episode: Top 12 Boys Perform, Production Designer: James Yarnell
  • DANCING WITH THE STARS, Episode: Round One, Production Designer: James Yarnell

Awards, Music, or Game Shows

  • 83rd ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS Production Designer: Steve Bass
  • 68th ANNUAL GOLDEN GLOBES Production Designer: Brian Stonestreet
  • 2011 MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS Production Designer: Florian Wieder
  • 63rd ANNUAL EMMY AWARDS Production Designer: Steve Bass
  • IT’S WORTH WHAT? Best Buds, Production Designer: John Ivo Gilles
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  • Mel

    That’s plenty of time to discuss tonight 🙂 I guess it depends which part of the world you are in. I’m in CA so it’s prefect for me. Whereabouts you live, Ryan?

  • Chicago time zone.
    Geographical oddity. Two weeks from everywhere.

  • Mel

    I’m originally from that time zone, but then had to pack my golden dreams and bring them West.

  • Dane Marvin


  • Craig Z

    I don’t want Fop goddamit! I’m a Dapper Dan Man!

  • Dane Martin, yes! Hugo’s a lock and should eventually win the whole enchilda.

    What do we think for the Period Film category?

    J Edgar
    Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
    The Artist
    War Horse


    (though I’d love to see The Tree of Life replace one of those)

  • Mel

    All these HP guys will most certainly get a nom in Fantasy. But will Hugo also drop into fantasy and thwart old Potter?

  • Patryk

    “Midnight in Paris” would fall under what category? My personal favorite for Art Direction and Costume Design. And while I’m at it, how about a well deserved Supporting Actor Oscar nod for Corey Stoll come January 24th?

  • Craig Z

    Midnight in Paris seems to fit in all three categories. A fantasy film set in both contemporary and period settings.

  • Dane Marvin

    Agreed on Corey Stoll. He was awesome! That’d be a great NGNG pick for BSA. 🙂

    Back on topic — can Hugo get double-nominated for Period and Fantasy? And win both? The art direction was THAT good.

  • Josh

    No it wasn’t.

  • Craig Z

    Who the hell is Josh talking to?

  • Zach

    No “War Horse.” Perhaps the tech support isn’t as strong as originally anticipated.

  • Craig Z

    No War Horse…… Suprising

  • Josh

    Considering Dane’s comment was above mines, obviously him.

    And look, it wasn’t nominated in Fantasy.

  • OLIN

    Please tell me my not seeing Hugo anywhere is a typo. Please.

  • Alfredo

    Oh thank God HP7.2 was nominated. I would hate for this thread to be hijacked.

    Also so HAPPY for BRIDESMAIDS!! It’s getting serious traction. I think it will get a WGA nomination. They don’t shy away from comedies. I mean if Mean Girls got in…

    Hey Ryan…what’s shakin, bacon?…what’s cookin, good lookin?…ok I’ll stop now.

  • Mel

    Holy crap…no Hugo at all!

  • OLIN

    Nevermind, it appeared!

  • Mel

    Oh….Hugo just magically appeared on refresh. Or did I miss it?

  • Squasher88

    Check again Mel, Hugo is there….but holy crap, BRIDESMAIDS! It’s probably a lock for WGA too. Maybe even a possiblity for costume design (the bridesmaids dresses).

  • forg

    Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close got a nod!

  • Glad to see The Help on there. I think the Art Direction is it’s best quality. Poor J. Edgar, though. Any other fans besides myself may come out of hiding. It’s okay.

    @CraigZ: That Dapper Dan quote is probably my favorite line in all of the Coen Brothers’ films.

  • Dragoneer

    Nice to see “Captain America…” in there.

  • menyc

    Happy for Drive, deserved.

    I am happy about the Bridesmaids train but in absolutely no way does this deserve Art Direction love.
    This is the only category that I have some actual cred in, btw.

    And can we all lol at Cowboys&Indians. Puh-lease.

  • Daveylow

    Happy for Drive, Captain America, Tinker Tailor Solider Spy, Hugo, Anonymous.

  • Dave L

    J. Edgar really deserves to be there. Its design was really terrific.

  • Too Many AJs

    Damn, if War Horse can’t even get nominated for the Art Directors’ Guild award, maybe it’s not as strong as we thought in the industry. The best things about the movie were its art direction and cinematography.

  • Bebe

    Stuart Craig! Finally some deserved Harry Potter love!

  • Oh….Hugo just magically appeared on refresh. Or did I miss it?

    Not sure what happened. These Breaking News posts are slippery and fluid while we’re trying to sort things out.

  • @Too Many AJ’s: Pretty shocking, but another example of how this year still lacks an obvious frontrunner. The Artist might remain ahead by default for now.

  • Kholby

    Patryk – If I wasn’t me, I would think that we were the same person writing under different names…

    Shocked by no Warhorse.

    Saddened by no Midnight in Paris.

    Gladdened by the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo support from the guilds thus far. Traction, I say. TRACTION!

  • Kholby


  • This is our take of the nominations (Spanish)

  • HP and Hugo were locked. Happy for Captain America. Midnight in Paris probably fell for cathegory confusion?

    Bridesmaids looks stronger than War Horse for a BP nom at the Oscars (DGA would have a say on that, later, anyways). I definetly will give it a second chance anytime soon, but hated its first minutes and disconnected completely the first time around.

    Happy for Cinema Verité. It’s a TV movie that should be playing a part in the Oscars race had it been made for the theaters… Robbins, Gandolfini and specially Lane are all award worthy on that one. Lane probably would have a good shot at Lead Actress, even for the win.

  • brando

    Technically, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close are period films, no? Does period have to mean more than 10 years ago?

  • Patryk

    Kholby: So glad to see I am not alone…however, why is “Paris” nowhere?

  • Patryk

    Also gladdened by “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.”

    The ultimate winner, in a just world.

  • Craig Z

    Patryk, category confusion is my guess…

  • Phil Baines

    Not surprised War Horse isn’t in there. Some parts of its production design were terrible – the Narracotts farmhouse (a real building) has been dressed to look like no English cottage I’ve ever seen – clearly desgined by someone with no idea about British vernacular architecture (thatch was all wrong in so many ways – and don’t get me started that you don’t get thatched houses on Dartmooor anyway because the weather is so wet it’d rot off within a year or so … should have been a stone tiled roof); eaves above the dormer windows all wrong; kitchen interiors look like a pastiche out of Country Living rather than a real working kitchen. And the barn looks like no English barn either. French farmhouse ditto – again, like no French vernacular architecture that exists – the production designer just seemed to have thought slapping on a few beams and infilling with bricks ticked the French box. Very poor. I never understand when big budget films get it so wrong on such basics: a little bit of research and consulting with someone who knows about these things is quick and easy.

  • Adam

    Anybody notice these aren’t in alphabetical order? The same thing happened with WGA back in 2007. Somebody ordered them by how many votes they received and not alphabetically. Helpful in terms of making Oscar predictions down the road.

  • Patryk

    Adam, the only problem I see would be “The Artist” (great design) ahead of “Hugo.”
    I just don’t see that happening.

  • Glenn UK

    Bridesmaids is now indeed a contender. If it can get in here, it can get in anywhere! EL&IC is interesting and TGWTDT is good to look at so expected. DGA will be the decider as to which will be the main biggies and we have to wait for that.

  • Bryan

    No Jane Eyre for period, no Downton Abbey for mini-series, what a joke.

  • No The Tree of Life? Jack Fisk deserves an Oscar!!!

  • Mel

    Anybody notice these aren’t in alphabetical order? The same thing happened with WGA back in 2007. Somebody ordered them by how many votes they received and not alphabetically. Helpful in terms of making Oscar predictions down the road.

    I think you are onto something, here.

  • Anybody notice these aren’t in alphabetical order? The same thing happened with WGA back in 2007.

    oops, I do remember that — and the eventual winners of the WGA that year were the first titles listed among the nominees in each category.

    How about:

    nobody noticed the typos?
    (and it took me until just now to notice. After they’d been online for 5 hours)

  • Mel

    I don’t see the typos.

  • I fixed them on the main page already.
    the previous comment showed how they were misspelled in the ADG press release.

    (I copied and pasted from there without paying attention)

  • Mel

    Ahhh, it seems like every other outlet I have seen posting them has fixed them too. I haven’t seen the actual press release.

  • Mel

    I these are in order and correct it looks like The Artist has an edge on Hugo, which would be an upset, no?

  • Mel
  • ha! good catch, Mel.
    that makes us look so smart… er…

  • Arthur

    I think what’s gonna happen:
    Period Film: Hugo
    Comteporary Film: Drive
    Fantasy Film: Harry Potter

    We All know this category at the oscar’s is between Potter & Hugo

  • steve50

    Glad for TGWTDT and Drive; the former seems to be strong with the guilds so far, which is a pleasant surprise. Omissions? Shame (too stark) and Moneyball had more interesting sets than ELAIC.

    Hugo is a well-deserved lock for this – no contest. Obviously, this gang didn’t sit through TOL, either, because Fisk’s work was finely detailed. A Dangerous Method & War Horse should be there, too, in place of The Help and TTSP.

    HP should solidly have the fantasy category in the bag.

    Still trying to figure out the achievement in art direction in Bridesmaids – back yards and plane interiors would seem to be a misdirected vote.

  • Nily

    but wher is a Dangerous method((((((((((

  • TINTIM in, RANGO out.

  • Tom

    Tinker Tailor looked amazing, that sound proofed room is iconic.

  • bmholder

    Why are the television categories divided between single and multi-camera? How does the number of cameras used influence the design of sets and costumes?

  • Dragoneer

    @bmholder: Multicam implies with an audience, and no time to change/dress the sets during the shoot.

  • Betsy

    Stunned that Jack Fisk for Tree of Life didn’t get a nom. He won this award a couple of years ago for There Will Be Blood, and did a spectacular job on TOL. Maybe next year for either a Malick or PT Anderson movie? Sorta hoping to a Fisk household type thing at the oscars this year – Sissy’s movie The Help for best pic and Jack’s for pic or at least production design.

  • OCO300
  • How does the number of cameras used influence the design of sets and costumes?

    I’m not sure if anyone has already answered this. Single camera series are the ones that look most like movies — they have a large number of sets and go off on location a lot. The sets and lighting are far more elaborate and filmic, and of course they’re a lot more realistic.

    Multi-camera series are those that are set in front on a studio audience. They are essentially stage sets. Stationary sets on a soundstage that are used over and over again, week to week. They have the look of filmed plays (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

    [EDIT: oh, I see now that Dragoneer already gave a good succinct answer.]

  • Betsy — Incredibly, There Will Be Blood is Jack Fisk’s only Oscar nomination. But he lost that year to the art directors for Sweeney Todd.

  • Tyler

    Where is Melancholia? Midnight in Paris? TOL? Shameful. In terms of Art Direction, those three films are ones that stood out for me most.

  • Keifer

    Kind of shocking to see A Dangerous Method, Midnight in Paris, The Tree of Life and War Horse overlooked. Especially in this category, you would think the guilds would embrace at least one of these four films.

    But I feel that the technical categories (like the acting categories) are really competitive this year. It makes for an unusually suspenseful Oscar nominations result.

    I was pleased to see “Anonymous” get recognition. The sets and production design of that film were awesome. Ditto with costumes. I’m hoping AMPAS will reward the film in those two categories with Oscar nominations.

  • Keifer

    I know this was an absolutely terrible movie, but in terms of art direction, Thomas E. Sanders’ work in “Red Riding Hood” last spring under the Fantasy category should have been considered. It was the best thing about that film (and the only thing I watched throughout . . . except for Gary Oldman’s and Julie Christie’s supporting turns). If it’s about art direction, then Mr. Sanders should have gotten recognition.

  • Keifer

    Heh Sasha . . . notice I’ve adopted your use of the verb “to get”? Just kidding!

    Actally, I meant to revise that phrase with “should have received”.

    Different subject – I saw “Young Adult” last weekend. I agree with your recent analysis of Theron’s performance. She’s really very, very good, and deserving of a nomination. I wonder if the Academy will be turned off her character though?

  • bmholder

    Thanks Adams and Dragoneer.

  • I predict Hugo, and J. Edgar will dominate the 84th Oscar Awards in February. Martin Scorcese and Leonardo De Caprio will definitely win.

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