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I’m probably a stuffed-shirt when it comes to this kind of thing so perhaps I’ll reserve comment — I know that the horse in War Horse and Uggie from The Artist and various other animals this year are drawing attention, but when the UK Telegraph starts talking about how they had to warn BAFTA members not to send in write-in votes for Uggie you really have to wonder.

I know that animals are scene stealers and that Uggie is one of the best things about The Artist – you could make a very good case for Joey being the best thing about War Horse.  But aren’t these awards supposed to go to people?  Performance capture can’t get arrested and suddenly they’re talking Uggie maybe getting votes from the BAFTA?

I thought British people were supposed to be smarter than Americans.

Here are some pics of Joey and the royals at the UK preem of War Horse. Video above is Uggie on skateboard.


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  • Does this mean we can’t vote for Kermit? 🙂

    I have a question, Sasha, how is The Artist doing at the box office, and how is that going to affect its Oscar chances? It’s at 7 million with an OK PTA.

    From what I’ve read, Weinstein is holding back until the Oscar noms before really expanding. But a few months ago I thought curiosity would drive it at the box office and see it to 100 million, and that doesn’t look like it will happen or anything all that close. You’re starting to read about how it’s doing well for being a French silent film, and things like that.

  • Jerry

    This is seriously out of control. They brought the HORSE to the premiere? SMH. Weren’t there like 24 “Joeys” used to make the film? The possibility of War Horse winning BP makes me depressed.

  • OCO300

    @K. Bowen makes me wonder why harry potte 7.2 isn’t nominated for Best Picture

  • steve50

    “I thought British people were supposed to be smarter than Americans.”

    It’s all in the diction. The rest is smoke and mirrors, dahling.

  • SuzyQTip

    I hope the horse took a dump on the red carpet.

  • steve50

    From the looks of the crowd, you can be sure somebody did.

  • I saw Sasha tweet about Uggie trembling at some event, and I remembered how when I saw the Rockettes about 5 years ago, they had a full-blown nativity scene with various animals. One of the sheep was quivering on stage and looked absolutely petrified. It was pretty damn depressing and reminds me of how these animals have no real choice in the matter. I’m sure Uggie (and the sheep) are treated perfectly well, but it’s still the work of the trainers to bring the performance to screen. The animals are in it for the treats.

    Plus, if Uggie wins a supporting actor award, it sure doesn’t day much about ol’ Christopher Plummer, does it?

  • Sasha Stone

    K. Bowen – The Artist is a movie people are loving. But clearly it isn’t catching fire at the box office the way the King’s Speech did. But it doesn’t have to make much to be a success as it only cost 15 mil. They’re half-way there already. I’m sure it is going to do very well in the end. It is still probably the frontrunner to win but I also think there is some wiggle room there.

  • RobertlowercaseA

    OCO, I know you love HP8, and that is fine, but this is just getting annoying. Nobody is even talking about H8 anymore except you. It is over. Why not accept it? HP8 is like Spiderman 2, it is like saying Spiderman 2 deserves best picture, and keep asking why it wasn’t nominated. You are getting a bit out of control,dude.

  • The animals are in it for the treats.

    Aren’t we all.

  • Tero Heikkinen

    I just saw War Horse. I REALLY liked the film, and wouldn’t mind if it got multiple nominations. I can’t see why there’s so much hate for this film. It is what it is. It’s exactly what it was supposed to be.

  • Rex

    Sasha….That must have brought you right back down to earth…and who told you British people were smarter than Americans anyway?

  • Tero Heikkinen

    “…and who told you British people were smarter than Americans anyway?”

    Nothing. I believe it’s based on education statistics in which UK beats USA only barely. By these statistics I should be one of the smartest people on this website – and I’m definitely NOT. Finland pretty much always tops these surveys.

  • Scott

    lol, has an animal ever been nominated by Oscar? I loved the Terrier that performed in The Thin Man, The Awful Truth, Bringing Up Baby…and perhaps Anatomy of a Murder as well, though I’m not as sure about that one. Now I haven’t seen yet The Artist yet but this Uggie reminds me of Asta…

  • Scott

    Holy Hell! Do a google search for Uggie and see all the articles that come up suggesting an Oscar nomination, petitions in support of, etc. Wow, lol

  • Scott
  • Scott

    Here’s another talented dog-


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