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The Dog and Pony Show – Joey and Uggie Hit the Campaign Trail

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I’m probably a stuffed-shirt when it comes to this kind of thing so perhaps I’ll reserve comment — I know that the horse in War Horse and Uggie from The Artist and various other animals this year are drawing attention, but when the UK Telegraph starts talking about how they had to warn BAFTA members not to send in write-in votes for Uggie you really have to wonder.

I know that animals are scene stealers and that Uggie is one of the best things about The Artist – you could make a very good case for Joey being the best thing about War Horse.  But aren’t these awards supposed to go to people?  Performance capture can’t get arrested and suddenly they’re talking Uggie maybe getting votes from the BAFTA?

I thought British people were supposed to be smarter than Americans.

Here are some pics of Joey and the royals at the UK preem of War Horse. Video above is Uggie on skateboard.