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Awards Daily simulated Oscar nominations ballot

Here’s your VIP ballot for the Awards Daily simulated Oscar nominations. Our annual project to help us get a better grasp of the task Academy members face each year. Rob Y has done another bang-up job building the ballot framework. To simplify matters, for most categories you need only click your selections in a drop-down menu, choosing your candidates according to each of their respective film titles.

It gets a little trickier when voting in for the 4 acting categories, as you’ll be asked to manually type in the names of the actors who gave your favorite 20 performances. Don’t be too worried about perfect spelling so long as you come close — but be sure to click the title of the films in which your nominees starred to give Rob a clue when he sorts them all out.

Each year we’re asked: “Are these ballots intended to be my own personal choices or am I trying to predict how the Academy thinks?” I like to think the answer can be: Both. (Don’t we wish we could infiltrate the Academy? When in Rome…)

To give us the most interesting and relevant results, the best way to approach voting is to simply pretend you are a member of the Academy. Your ballot arrives by courier. You make your selections according to whomever you want to see win when you’re sitting in the Kodak Theater on February 26th. Plug into your inner AMPAS member.

The Academy is 6000 individuals. Go easy on yourself and don’t try to put yourself inside the heads of all of them. (No, you can’t all be Scarlett Johansson. Somebody has to volunteer to be Ernest Borgnine, sorry.) Just vote with your heart, as we trust most members of the AMPAS will do. Have fun.

UPDATE: Voting will be closed on Monday, January 16 at Midnight PST.

We’ll try to answer any questions in the comments, or you can write directly to Rob Y at