Mindblowing. The best special effects are those you’d never guess are effects.

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  • Mel

    Soon, nothing we see on the screen will be tangible. Every movie will just be shot on a stage with a green screen……and I hate it.

  • Reminds me of the similar Zodiac featurette. This is very revealing, and shows Tomas Alfredson’s clear and brilliant attention to the smallest details. It’s that approach which makes him the perfect director for this film.

    The final shot makes me giggle a little though. Every time there was a gory image, the woman I was next to in the theatre would look at it for a second, then turn away abruptly when she realised what it was. I’d have to nudge her once the image had changed. I was tempted to fool her every time.

    I know, what a rebel.

  • Matt

    Great piece. Techs don’t always have to be eye dropping to be vital to the production.

    Imagine Midnight in Paris without the warm production design of the Quartier Latin boulevards and late night salons. Or the intricate yet nuanced photography of the campaign rooms in the Ides of March. The little things that take films to another level. Don’t disappoint me, Academy!

  • Marvelous. What TTSS truly amazes me is it’s such a holistic piece of art, offering a unifying sensory experience with maze- and grid-like images like these bookshelves, desk arrangements, and spiral saircases, hazy cinematography, gray and sepia toned set desisgn etc. etc. all used to represent the ambiguous characters and convey themes like duplicity. It’s ridiculously well-made.

  • Really good, but hardly nothing we haven’t seen before, to be frank. Shouldn’t be nominated in front of Thor’s Asgard, Chris Evans’ morphing in Captain America, the multiple awe-inspiring shots of Harry Potter, the Apes…

    I am more impressed by “Monsters”, last year, made with zero budget. Not even nominating Gareth Edwards last year was one of the most embarrassing mistakes by the AMPAS in ages. He – creatively – did so much with so little.

  • When a great filmmaker like Fincher or Alfredson knows how to use computer graphics intelligently, they really work.

    I really love this film and I think it’s a shame that it’s going to be so overlooked at the Oscars. Gary Oldman is all I ask, not only because it’s the best performance he has ever given but also because it’s a crime against cinema that he’s never been nominated. Jean Dujardin was perfectly fine and charming but come on!

    Actually, the more I think about it, could this be the Zodiac of 2011? It’s my favorite Fincher by miles and I think the parallels are strong: Cerebral period drama with great reviews all around that just didn’t manage to get on the inside track.

  • Augustine LaFarge

    What’s the music? That’s all I care about.

  • Tero Heikkinen

    “Mindblowing. The best special effects are those you’d never guess are effects.”

    Those are always the best effects.

    Oh, and you often type ‘soldier’ as ‘solider’. Has happened many times.

  • solid, solider, solidest — what’s the plomrem?

    Thanks Tero.

  • Rodrigo JP

    Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy is the best movie of 2011.

  • Mattoc


    That’s me on garage band – you like my composition?

  • lynne

    @Noah R: Zodiac was my first Fincher film and I was completely blown away by it. But it is also kind of why TSN and Girl with Dragon Tattoo were pretty meh to me; they just don’t match up to what he created in Zodiac.

    It’s the same for TTSS although with different effect; the viewing experience that Alfredson created was fantastic. My heart just ached for all the characters throughout the film right to the end. I just hope they get some recognition from the Academy. Still can’t believe that cast was not awarded with at least a SAG nomination.

  • Mattoc


    Don’t worry too much about it. TTSP is a grower, not a shower. It took me two trips to the cinema to fully realize what it had to offer. Love it to death now. It will be revered and talked about by the same group that snubbed it at the DGA for years to come. Like Zodiac, it is a technical masterclass and then throw in powerhouse performances and then a screenplay you would kill for…

    Still need to watch it again.

  • Daveylow

    Agree with all the Zodiac and Tinker Tailor love.

  • I haven’t seen Dragon Tattoo but I agree on The Social Network. It’s excellent but it’s certainly no Zodiac. And I agree that Tinker Tailor will grow on people. Hell, Zodiac grew on me, if I’m being honest. All great art takes time.

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