[UPDATE: Voting hours extended. Rob Y confirms we can keep the ballot open until Wednesday January 18, 12 midnight PST.]

You have until midnight Jan 18th to cast your votes. Here’s the original invitation outlining the appropriate attitude to approach the ballot.


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  • I’d also add:

    Don’t base your opinions in regard to individual categories on your opinion on the film. If you didn’t like Albert Nobbs, for example, but loved Glenn Close or Janet McTeer, go ahead and vote for them! On the other hand, if you loved The Artist but just don’t get all the buzz for Jean Dujardin, don’t vote for him as a reward for the film.

  • Max G

    Did you write 36 Hours? I thought it closed on Midnight, 14th of January. That’s in about 13 Hours. I’d like to know, because I am going to watch Dragon Tattoo tommorrow and therefore couldn’t nominate today.

  • I did say 36 hrs. I’m wrong.

    Maybe we can get Rob to extend it one more day so we can allow the Golden Globes to draw more attention to the ballot tomorrow. I’ll see what we can negotiate and report back.

  • I did mine last night and I did try to finagle it to the best advantage of those who would need votes without reading that. I only voted for one person I hadn’t seen. I had to fill out Actress so I stuck Dunst in 5th.

    When do we get the results?

  • We’re extending the ballot deadline to Monday, January 16, 12 midnight PST.

    Not sure when Rob Y will have the results tabulated. My guess is midweek.

  • Max G

    Very good! Then my ballot also will be filled!

  • LSUduck

    OK so does this mean the ballot closes tomorrow night at midnight or at the end of Monday night? Midnight times always confuse me so I have to ask. I assume it’s closing at the end of tomorrow night tho right?

  • LSUduck

    Also, have to say I’m sorry for the “tho” in my previous comment. I didn’t mean to let my texting behavior leak onto here. Oops!

  • LSUduck,
    the end of Monday night

  • Rob Y

    I will work on the results this week. I do not know if I will have them by midweek. This is the start of a new semester; a professor’s first week is always busy.

    Also, I don’t think we will have time to vote on the nominees before the January 24th official announcement, but if I can, I will try to do it in time.

  • Dominik

    Damn I voted too early. Just saw “Dragon Tattoo” this afternoon and would definitely put Ronney Mara on spot 1 or 2 now. Pretty cool movie, liked it better than the swedish version.
    But no problem, I expect Mara to be on that list anyhow, with or without my vote. One question: Do we get so pick winners also?

  • Dominik

    Oops, my final question is already answered (should have read RoyYs post before posting) …

  • Dominik, you can vote again in any category. Your most recent ballot is the one that counts.

    Rob intends to build another final ballot based on the nominees, yes.

  • Dominik

    Great, Ryan!

  • Alfredo

    Can I start an FYC for Warrior for Best Actor Tom Hardy and Best Supporting Actor Nick Nolte? Guess I just did LOL

  • Alfredo

    Oh and Also FYC Carey Mulligan for BEST ACTRESS in DRIVE

  • Can I start an FYC for Warrior for Best Actor Tom Hardy and Best Supporting Actor Nick Nolte? Guess I just did LOL

    Why is it always so late? lol

  • I’m so glad I saw “Drive” yesterday. What a fucking brilliant film. Best Director! Hands down – the Danish guy gets my vote.

    I hate violence. But when used to great effect as in building suspence, I can forgive it.

    And Ryan Gosling! This guy has been overlooked this award season for what, in my opinion, is one of the stand-out acting performances of the year.

    I still think Michael Shannon should win, however, Best Actor for Taking Shelter. His meltdown at the Elks Club is on par with Peter Finch in “Network”. Absolutely riveting work by Mr. Shannon.

  • Casey

    Final FYC for Olivia Colman in Tyrannosa

  • Pete

    Why not add Best Original Score to the nominations next year?

  • Rob Y


    I was going to add it this year, but I wanted to get the ballot back up and running. Adding categories meant I had to amend the code, something I did not have the time for.

    Next year I will tinker with it.


  • Brooke

    The AMPAS would say a big “WTF????” to my ballot. I shunned away from favorites and automatic nods, and picked the best performances of the year in my opinion

  • Daveylow

    Ryan, I made some changes in a few categories and resubmitted them. But am I right that I didn’t have to start from the very beginning and do all the categories over again in order to make changes in one category?

  • Daveylow

    I may be wrong but I couldn’t vote for the actress in Poetry because that film wasn’t listed. Perhaps she’s not eligible for the Academy either?

  • I made some changes in a few categories and resubmitted them. But am I right that I didn’t have to start from the very beginning and do all the categories over again in order to make changes in one category?

    Great question. I didn’t know the answer, so I Asked the Expert.

    Here’s what Rob tells me:

    Q: Do individual category changes register correctly?

    A: If a ballot is recast, only the category being affected is updated.

    However, Acting and Screenplay require all subcategories (Lead vs Supp vs Actor vs Actress / Original vs Adapted) to be reentered. Basically the reentry is limited to one page at a time.

    …and the entire page needs to be reentered .

  • Daveylow

    Ryan, Thanks. I followed the correct procedure. On the actors page I made some changes so I resubmitted the whole page again.

    I nominated a lot of films and people who haven’t been in the mix so I do wonder if any of them will make it in.

  • Emil

    Since we still have time, I just have to do this:
    For Your Consideration:
    Saoirse Ronan for Best Actress

  • @Daveylow

    Who’d you vote for that was different? I’ll put all mine in order 1-5. 🙂

    Best Picture: Warrior, Captain America, The Skin I Live In, Young Adult, Hugo (Hugo is my favorite but I was being strategic.)
    Best Director: Warrior, Captain America, The Skin I Live In, Hugo, Carnage
    Best Actress: Keira Knightley (ADM), Charlize Theron (YA), Tilda Swinton (WNTTAK), Elena Anaya (TSILI), Kirsten Dunst (M)
    Best Supporting Actress: Marisa Paredes (TSILI), Jessica Chastain (TH), Marion Cotillard (MIP), Octavia Spencer (TH), Allison Janney (TH)
    Best Actor: Tom Hardy (W), Antonio Banderas (TSILI), Gary Oldman (TTSS), Ryan Gosling (D), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (50/50)
    Best Supporting Actor: Tom Hardy (TTSS), Nick Nolte (W), John Hurt (TTSS), Mark Strong, (TTSS), Viggo Mortensen (ADM)
    Original Screenplay: Warrior, Source Code, Young Adult, Attack the Block, Margin Call
    Adapted Screenplay: The Skin I Live In, Horrible Bosses, Captain America, Limitless, Carnage
    Editing: Warrior, Drive, Hugo, Captain America, War Horse
    Cinematography: Warrior, War Horse, The Rum Diary, Captain America, Moneyball

    I think that’s it. I saw everything I voted for except Dunst. I guessed and then I saw it. I was right. 🙂 So my ballot is full of movies/performances I’ve seen.

  • Carson Dyle

    Damn, I did my ballot yesterday and left off one of the best films of the year, but I’m not sure if it was elegible for this ballot or not: Certified Copy. Should have been #1 for Actress, even better than Colman in Tyrannosaur. And I’m in the Guy Lodge camp for having the supposedly “wooden” dude in there for Best Actor (keep forgetting his name). Heck, I’d even have put it in for Best Picture and Kiarostami for Director.

  • Alfredo

    For Your Consideration:

    Best Actor, Tom Hardy
    Best Supporting Actor, Nick Nolte
    Best Editing

    Best Picture
    Best Director
    Best Screenplay
    Best Actor, Michael Fassbender
    Best Supporting Actress, Carey Mulligan

    Best Picture
    Best Director
    Best Screenplay
    Best Actor, Ryan Gosling
    Best Actress, Carey Mulligan (That’s right! Best Actress! She was the lead female role in the film!)
    Best Editing

    Super 8
    Best Editing!

  • Dragoneer

    I’d like to mention my appreciation to the Awards Daily team for organizing this nomination simulatiom. Being a numbers person I enjoy seeing the preferential voting mechanism at work. Too bad that we can’t simulate the nomination process closer to the real thing, i.e. branches nominate for their branch except “Best Picture” is by everyone. Again, thanks Sasha, Ryan and Rob.

  • Ricky Schweitzer

    I love doing this and appreciate the site for putting it together, but would it be too much to ask to include Best Score next year? I was very excited about throwing my support behind the two most underappreciated scores of the year: Moneyball and Shame. I was blown away by both of them and can’t believe they have appeared basically nowhere this season AND they’re eligible!

  • FYC Olivia Colman for Best Actress and Moneyball for Best Editing.

  • steve50

    Is it just me, or do the results of this poll mean as much as whatever happens next week?

    With this gang, you are certain that people who love movies have voted for their favorites. I doubt there is the same intense level of interest with Ampas voters.

  • Having seen a peak at preliminary tallies, the 2500 web wanderers who found our simulated ballot have more in common with film critics than industry people.

    Voters on the simulated ballot have strongly supported all the top ranking critics’ favortites on metacritic (yes, that wizardly one too).

    And they’ve shown a surprising lack of interest in a couple of movies that we all assume are absolute rock-solid locks for actual factual Oscar nomination.

  • Dragoneer

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if the 2500 simulated ballots were randomly allocated to match the various sizes of the branches, and then only tallied?

  • Dragoneer, That would be an excellent refinement of the project.

    But you’re right — it would have to be random. If we let people choose their branch we’d have 1500 directors and 5 sound mixers.

  • Nick Ray

    I want to be in the former stripper / phone sex operator / screenwriter branch.

  • LSUduck

    I second Ricky’s suggestion for a Best Score addition next year! I think scores are much more appropriate for the public at large to critique than editing. I doubt the majority of the people who vote in this know what the heck they are talking about when it comes to film editing.

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