I’m loving the Cicely Tyson nomination – she never got her due.  Also nice to see Emma Stone recognized.  Though of course, three of the year’s best performances, Viola Davis,  Octavia Spencer and Jessica Chastain are also nominated and have the best chance of going through to the Oscar race.

And the nominees are:

Motion Picture
“Jumping the Broom” (TriStar Pictures)
“Pariah” (Focus Features)
“The First Grader” (National Geographic Entertainment)
“The Help” (DreamWorks Pictures/Participant Media/Touchstone Pictures)
“Tower Heist” (Universal Pictures)

Actor in a Motion Picture
Eddie Murphy — “Tower Heist” (Universal Pictures)
Laurence Fishburne — “Contagion” (Warner Bros. Pictures)
Laz Alonso — “Jumping the Broom” (TriStar Pictures)
Oliver Litondo — “The First Grader” (National Geographic Entertainment)
Vin Diesel — “Fast Five” (Universal Pictures)

Actress in a Motion Picture
Adepero Oduye — “Pariah” (Focus Features)
Emma Stone — “The Help” (DreamWorks Pictures/Participant Media/Touchstone Pictures)
Paula Patton — “Jumping the Broom” (TriStar Pictures)
Viola Davis — “The Help” (DreamWorks Pictures/Participant Media/Touchstone Pictures)
Zoe Saldana — “Colombiana” (TriStar Pictures)

Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture
Anthony Mackie — “The Adjustment Bureau” (Universal Pictures)
Charles Parnell — “Pariah” (Focus Features)
Don Cheadle — “The Guard” (Sony Pictures Classics)
Jeffrey Wright — “The Ides of March” (Columbia Pictures)
Mike Epps — “Jumping the Broom” (TriStar Pictures)

Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture
Bryce Dallas Howard — “The Help” (DreamWorks Pictures/Participant Media/Touchstone Pictures)
Cicely Tyson — “The Help” (DreamWorks Pictures/Participant Media/Touchstone Pictures)
Kim Wayans — “Pariah” (Focus Features)
Maya Rudolph — “Bridesmaids” (Universal Pictures)
Octavia Spencer — “The Help” (DreamWorks Pictures/Participant Media/Touchstone Pictures)

Independent Motion Picture
“I Will Follow” (AFFRM)
“Kinyarwanda” (AFFRM)
“MOOZ-lum” (AFFRM)
“Pariah” (Focus Features)
“The First Grader” (National Geographic Entertainment)

Foreign Motion Picture
“A Separation” (Sony Pictures Classics)
“Attack the Block” (Screen Gems)
“In the Land of Blood and Honey” (FilmDistrict)
“Le Havre” (Janus Films)
“Life, Above All” (Sony Pictures Classics)

Documentary (Theatrical or Television)
“Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest” (Sony Pictures Classics)
“Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey” (Submarine Deluxe)
“Sing Your Song” (HBO Documentary Films)
“The Rescuers” (Michael King Productions)
“Thunder Soul” (Roadside Attractions)

TV noms can be found here. 

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  • Noah

    Bryce Dallas over Chastain? Okay. Whatever. Good to see Tyson, Wayans, and Oduye popping up anywhere at all.

  • wisconsinkel

    It’s good to see the NAACP appreciated a racist character for once….??? Kinda contradictory to their message. Nevertheless, love the Cicely Tyson nod as well…she was one of the best things in the film.

  • Deena Jones’ wig

    Bryce was just as good as Chastain. This Chastain circle jerk is going overboard.

  • MIchelle

    Bryce Howard was better then Stone and just as good as Chastain, I agree….in fact I think nailed that woman even better, having grown up in the south, Howard got that junior league entitled Southern brat to a T.

    I hope Pariah wins Best Picture anyway.

  • Groucho

    Tower Heist? For Best Picture?!!
    Tower Heist?!!!
    Eddie Murphy for Best Actor?!!
    I had to double check that these weren’t the Razzie nominations.
    Good God!! I’ve haven’t seen such damning praise in a long time.

  • Beth Stevens

    Good for Pariah… Viola, Octavia, Cicely… The Guard, A Separation, Beats, Le Havre, Attack the Block… some very fine choices this year. Of course, there are always a few commercial mediocrities among the nominees, but that’s the nature of the Image Awards. Overall, this may be their best lineup yet.

  • Vincent

    Nice to finally see Emma Stone’s name tossed in the mix considering she holds her own. Tyson, though? Really? “Tower Heist,” Eddie Murphy, Vin Diesel, “Jumping the Broom,” Jeffrey Wright for barely appearing in “The Ides of March.” Apparently the criteria to be nominated in this group is not much…

  • brandz

    Can’t really take this seriously if Tower Heist got a Best Pix nod. Would love to see Pariah win everything it’s nominated for.

  • Jerry

    They lost me at “Tower Heist” but good on them for showing some love towards ‘Pariah’ and Dallas Bryce Howard.

  • Jasper

    Vin Diesel…

  • Eh…. I don’t think I understand their criteria.

  • Roel

    Congrats to Viola and Octavia……keep the Oscar gold alive….

    Nice to see recognition for Emma (besides the People’s Choice Awards) and finally—for Cicely Tyson…..Emma’s scene where she tells her mother (Allison Janney)that she broke Cicely’s heart was one of the most touching parts of “The Help.” Talk about overdue……..imagine a late push and surprise Oscar nomination for Cicely………..that would be awesome!!!

  • writing_me

    From all the praise that Jessica Chastain was getting for The Help, I actually thought Bryce Dallas Howard was Chastain, before having seen pictures of Chastain.

    It only made sense to me. Chastain was fine, but Howard knocked all of her scenes out of the park. She kept the momentum of the movie going. Character was a bit one-dimensional, but she did a damn good job.

  • Deena Jones’ wig

    Hahaha I had the same experience. I watched The Help on the plane and for the first half hour, I honestly thought Bryce was Chastain. It also made sense to me because Bryce literally owned every scene she was in (except for the drunk driving scene followed by her scuffle withe Eugenia. The blame in these two instances should be placed on the script, not Bryce).
    The character is indeed one-dimensional but she’s playing a racist. Racists are one-dimensional.

  • Mareko

    Can anyone explain the NAACP’s criteria in determining eligibility for Image Award nominations? Because I’m at a loss as to if it’s supposed to be about quality (ha!), quantity (i.e. an African-American-skewing or in-service-of cast or storyline), or like an ad parents buy in the yearbook — “You did it!” — recoginizing their child’s activities (even if said child’s output was nominal at best).

    Honestly, in what language are Eddie Murphy’s and Bryce Dallas Howard’s performances this year better than John Boyega’s (in ‘Attack the Block’) and Nicole Beharie’s? Talk about shame…

  • brendon

    You really get a sense that someone in the Help’s casting office has a boner for redheads, don’t you?

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