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Vertigoed – How That One Piece of Music Can Change Everything

There is much broohaha about that snippet of music used at the end of The Artist to great effect. So much so, though, that you have to wonder about the music in The Artist – does it fill in emotion? What would happen if you scored that scene with a different piece of less moving music? Does it have the same impact? I suppose the same could be said of any movie. But I do sometimes wonder what watching The Artist without any music at all would be like. At any rate, here is a wonderful send up of the concept of Vertigoing your work, a Press Play Mashup Contest.

I did this one — and another one for No Country (my two favorite directors’ movies) — I have to enter it in the contest but I think it is pretty damned good.

And here are some of my favorites – but you’re invited to enter your own:

More after the cut.

Here is my No Country for Old Men one:


The Big V from Will Woolf on Vimeo.

Mean Girls Vertigo’d from Katie Aldworth on Vimeo.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day – Vertigoed from Dan Seagraves on Vimeo.

ALIEN “Vertigoed” from William D'Annucci on Vimeo.

And the original: