• Theatrical Feature: The Artist
  • Animated Feature: The Adventures of Tintin
  • TV Drama: Boardwalk Empire
  • TV Longform: Downton Abbey
  • TV Comedy: Modern Family
  • TV News: 60 Minutes
  • TV Sports: ESPN’s 30 for 30
  • TV Variety: The Colbert Report
  • TV Documentary: American Masters
  • TV Reality: The Amazing Race
  • Web Series: 30 Rock Presents
  • Documentary Feature: Beats, Rhymes and Life: the Travels of a Tribe Called Quest
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  • Matt R

    love that show

  • Glenda

    Tintin wins Best Animated Film…Spielberg, Jackson, Kathleen Kennedy – the Oscar is yours!!

    Personally, Tintin is on my Best Pic nominations list (my own opinion, of course). I can’t see the Academy not going for Spielberg..if not War Horse, then definitely Tintin!!

  • The Dude

    Modern Family again? Meh! Who really thinks it’s a better show that both Community and Louie?

  • PaulH

    Carig Ferguson wasn’t even freakin’ nominated in Live/Talk Television; that doofus deluxe Colbert won that category. And I’m a democrat. Colbert gets on every strand of my nerves. At least Cars 2 didn’t win animated, although Puss in Boots and Gnomeo & Juliet are more deserving winners than Tintin. Tintin more foreign-based success.

  • James

    The PGA, what I fondly call as “The Game Changer!”

  • PaulH

    TV News: 60 Minutes
    TV Sports: ESPN’s 30 for 30

  • PaulH

    Children’s: Sesame Street

  • thanks PaulH

    perfect cut-n-paste format too


  • PaulH


    Web Series: 30 Rock Presents Jack Donaghy, Executive Superhero

  • PaulH

    Long-Form TV Show: Downton Abbey

  • PaulH

    For sheer laughs, Beavis and Butt-Head >>>>>> Louie.

  • Jason

    Is this streaming on the web? Merci

  • PaulH

    So what’s left? Documentary, Drama Series, Picture?

  • Glenda

    PaulH…from where are u getting the results?? Not doubting your statements, but this is great!! Super-fast, no fuss!! I’m trying to get hold of the results in real-time, but are you following a webcast or something??

  • PaulH

    Plus whatever special PGA-specific awards are still to be handed out: Milestone, Norman Lear Achievement, David O. Selznick Achievement, Visionary, Stanley Kramer and Vanguard Awards

  • PaulH

    GoldDerby’s a bit quicker on the send button this particular night.

  • PaulH

    We’re probably in a holding pattern right now because of one of these PGA pre-announced awards are being handed out. 🙂

  • Alicia Keyes is singing right now, actually

  • cheer up everybody.
    so solemn
    feels like a vigil

  • Glenda

    Ryan, I think everybody only wants to know whether ‘The Artist’ will end up winning or not…I don’t think they’re really bothered if Alicia Keys sings or does whatever …

  • Mattoc

    Sorry, I thought this was the Professional Golfer’s Association…carry on.

  • PaulH

    I just want Bridesmaids’ name called out in Best Picture on Tuesday. That’ll be the moral victory for me. Harvey has guaranteed another death march with The Artist just like Slumdog and The Hurt Locker before it. 😐

  • Hey, Glenda
    someone asked what’s the delay about, and I’m answering that question.

    I’m sure everybody is fascinated by your reports on my reporting too. Keep up the good work, you’re a trouper.

  • Glenda

    PaulH…if Harvey is backing a film, and it’s been received excellently, nothing can stop it from winning…remember ‘The King’s Speech’ and ‘Shakespeare in Love’??

  • PaulH

    Because Harvey’s a douchebag deluxe? A good night for him is a bad night for mainstream moviegoers everywhere. A psychopath, a tyrant who’d gut his own firstborn if it meant getting another award. The Newt Gingrich of movie campaigning. An utter sleazeball.

  • if Harvey is backing a film, and it’s been received excellently, nothing can stop it from winning…remember ‘The King’s Speech’ and ‘Shakespeare in Love’??

    Remember Inglourious Basterds too, while you’re at it.

  • Jake G.!

    Okay a little off topic! Im making my final predictions and for Best picture, I dont know if i should put just the seven films i think will get nominated or put ten films down in which order I think they will be nominated and say if there are six nominees on tuesday, i compare my top six on the list to the nominees! What do you think?

  • Mel

    Spielberg is getting his award right now…..lull.

  • Jake G!, I say go for 10.

    then if your #6 is off you can see if the actual #6 was your #7 or your #10

    I think and hope there will be 8.

  • Matt

    Yay Colbert!

  • JJ

    I actually found Tintin kind of soulless. All action with no real heart. The dead eyed animation just never won me over. At the same time, a live action version of the same movie would have been fantastic.

  • ann

    I forget that the pga awards are occurring today. I’m going with the artist for the grand prize. Hopefully there’s an upset tonight.

  • Beats, Rhymes and Life: the Travels of a Tribe Called Quest” wins PGA documentary

  • ann

    Really! Tin Tin for best animation! I didn’t hate it but I couldn’t understand for the life of me why it needed to be a screen, it felt like a forgettable episode. That’s what happens when we have no pixar films in contention. Please pixar get back in the game next year.

  • Dennis

    OT: 10th Annual INOCA Nominations from AD’s very own forum!

    Best Picture
    A Separation
    The Tree of Life

    Best Director
    Asghar Farhadi/A Separation
    Terrence Malick/The Tree of Life
    Nicolas Winding Refn/Drive
    Martin Scorsese/Hugo
    Lars von Trier/Melancholia

    Best Actor
    Tom Cullen/Weekend
    Jean Dujardin/The Artist
    Michael Fassbender/Shame
    Ryan Gosling/Drive
    Gary Oldman/Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
    Michael Shannon/Take Shelter

    Best Actress
    Juliette Binoche/Certified Copy
    Viola Davis/The Help
    Kirsten Dunst/Melancholia
    Elizabeth Olsen/Martha Marcy May Marlene
    Tilda Swinton/We Need to Talk About Kevin
    Charlize Theron/Young Adult
    Kristen Wiig/Bridesmaids

    Best Supporting Actor
    Albert Brooks/Drive
    Viggo Mortensen/A Dangerous Method
    Brad Pitt/The Tree of Life
    Christopher Plummer/Beginners
    Corey Stoll/Midnight in Paris

    Best Supporting Actress
    Sareh Bayat/A Separation
    Jessica Chastain/The Help
    Jessica Chastain/The Tree of Life
    Carey Mulligan/Shame
    Octavia Spencer/The Help

    Best Ensemble
    The Help
    Midnight in Paris
    A Separation
    Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

    Best Animated Film
    The Adventures of Tintin
    Arthur Christmas
    Chico & Rita
    Kung Fu Panda 2
    Winnie the Pooh

    Best Documentary
    Cave of Forgotten Dreams
    Nostalgia for the Light
    Project Nim

    Best Non-English Language Film
    Certified Copy
    Mysteries of Lisbon
    A Separation
    The Skin I Live In
    Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives

    Best Original Screenplay
    Certified Copy
    Midnight in Paris
    A Separation

    Best Adapted Screenplay
    The Descendants
    Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

    Best Film Editing
    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
    Martha Marcy May Marlene
    The Tree of Life

    Best Cinematography
    Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
    The Tree of Life

    Best Original Score
    The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo
    The Skin I Live In
    Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

    Best Original Song
    “Coeur Volant” from Hugo
    “Life’s a Happy Song” from The Muppets
    “Man or Muppet” from The Muppets
    “Pictures in My Head” from The Muppets
    “Piledriver Waltz” from Submarine
    “Star-Spangled Man” from Captain America: The First Avenger

    Best Sound Editing
    The Adventures of Tintin
    Super 8
    The Tree of Life

    Best Sound
    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
    Super 8
    The Tree of Life

    Best Costume Design
    The Artist
    Jane Eyre
    Midnight in Paris
    Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

    Best Art Direction
    The Artist
    Mysteries of Lisbon
    Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
    The Tree of Life

    Best Makeup
    The Artist
    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
    The Iron Lady
    The Skin I Live In

    Best Visual Effects
    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
    Rise of the Planet of the Apes
    Super 8
    The Tree of Life

  • Mel

    I think all that’s left is TV Drama and Motion Picture!

  • John W

    I can’t help but feel like I’d be cheering more for The Artist if Harvey wasn’t behind it. Isn’t there some way he can just be forced into isolation for the duration of the Oscar campaigning season? 😀 I can’t imagine there would be much objection to that.

  • atr

    Please god let there be an upset. If these long slogs (i.e. one movie winning everything) continue, the Oscars will become truly and completely obsolete.

  • PaulH

    What the frak is Chico and Rita???

  • Mel

    Boardwalk Empire TV Drama……so all we have left is MP

  • I think there will be 8-10 bp-nominees, every voter knows they have to put their fave at No1, so they all will and that could result a lot of films getting that crucial 5% No1. The supposed strong contenders that are in danger in my opinion, are Bridesmaids and Moneyball, and a week ago I would have added The Help, too, but clearly it has much more support than I thought, so it will probably sail through the next round.

  • OK, here we go…

  • John W

    Ugh, I don’t why I keep hoping for a Game of Thrones upset with these things. It’s not going to happen, so I shouldn’t torture myself.

  • mecid

    Deserved win for The Adventures of Tintin and producers Spielberg, Jackson, Kennedy. Also cast Jamie, Craig and “a man of thousand digital faces” Andy Serkis.

  • James

    Theatrical Picture: The Artist (my prediction)

  • Raleigh St. Clair

    Tintin wins Best Animated Feature? I never really take the Globes seriously, but now the PGA?

  • And the Reign of Harvey continues…

  • mecid

    Where to watch live? Can someone Help?

  • Eoin

    Only once has PGA not mnatched the oscars for animation and that was cars. But i think 1 out 6 times is pretty soldi so spielberg might win I hope he does.

  • PaulH

    Film: The Artist (per GoldDerby)

  • Mel


    The Artist

  • Jay

    The winner is The Artist

  • Ben Z.


    Oh well. I suppose this means it wins at the oscars. Unless of coarse there’s an upset at the DGA- which seems highly unlikely at this point.

    Ugh. This year sucks.

  • PaulH


    Onto the Razzie nominations Monday! Let’s see if Jack and Jill bestrides those awards like a colossus of yore.

  • If Hazanavicius wins the DGA Hooper-style on Friday, oscarwatchers can pack their bags, the race is over…so people, what do you think ? Will he win the DGA ?

  • John W

    Well, this is going to be dull. 🙁

  • atr

    The Artist is not a BP winner for 2011. Fuck Weinstein.

  • Ignoramous

    There are no such things as upsets in the land of weinstein…he bulldozes everything with a mediocre film that is as simple as a $1-bill. I can’t wait til next year when he shepherds a b/w, silent, 3-d stick-figure, one-man-show to the Oscars…that’ll be a sight to behold! I realize that I’m joking, but it’ll prob happen!

  • Ignoramous

    Or even better yet, he’ll shepherd a porno to best picture!

  • JJ

    Well, you’ve got to hand it to the Weinsteins. They are gifted at releasing best pictures. (the rest of the year, they’re a hot mess)

  • Houstonrufus

    Hmm. Well, there you go. Looks like if we’re looking for surprises we better look in other categories.

  • James

    As predicted, well, good night & good luck all.

  • Mel


    Onto the Razzie nominations Monday! Let’s see if Jack and Jill bestrides those awards like a colossus of yore.

    LOL! OK, I needed this b/c I was so upset that BP this year is such a snoozer.

  • PaulH

    Good night for Satan’s Point Man. Bad for everyone else. Welcome to the 2012 Oscar Death March, like Slumdog in ’08 and The Hurt Locker in ’09. Hell, throw King’s Speech in there for good measure. FUCK YOU, WEINSTEIN COMPANY.

  • Alan G.

    Rango is a far superior animated film than The Adventures of Tintin in my opinion. So much more original and intelligent… I couldn’t stand those dipshit detectives in Tintin, so lame. And this season is once again a snooze fest…. wake me when it’s over.

  • Deena Jones’ wig

    Congratulations The Artist. Haters gonna hate.

  • Jack

    This is getting a little ridiculous. I’m actually a little appalled. And I think The Artist is a better film than The King’s Speech, mind you. But, good lord… Hugo, The Descendants, or The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, please.

  • atr

    There’s still a chance for excitement if it loses the DGA and SAG. By the way, we all hear stories about how horrible Harvey is as a person…so why is it his peers and so many actors seem to love him?

  • PaulH

    Because he’s a master bullshitter, atr. Plain and simple.

  • Houstonrufus

    While this season is shaping up to be kind of dull as far as the best picture race, I don’t think it will leave the same bad taste in my mouth as last year. I liked the King’s Speech, but I LOVED The Social Network. It was my #1 for the year, so it’s loss left me smarting. This year, there just isn’t that tension for me in the Best Picture race. The Artist seems on it’s way for a win. I like it more than The King’s Speech. And my favorite film for the year, Drive, doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in winning anything. I love Hugo, but I’m not passionate about it. So, I just can’t get mad at The Artist. I just hope there are plenty of shots of Dujardin, on whom I’ve developed a swoony crush. 🙂

  • Robertlowercasea

    Hazanavicious is going to win DGA next Saturday. No Scoresese, no Hugo upset, no, Hugo or The Descendant is not going to pull a DGA upset. The race is over. It is The Artist all the way,sigh.

  • Question Mark

    Maybe we’re overlooking Tintin’s shot at a BP slot. We underestimate just how popular those comics are in Europe, so if you’re a European Academy voter thrilled to see his/her childhood hero come to life in an exciting movie, I could see the film getting includes on more than a few ballots. I’d be almost a Flags Of Our Fathers-Letters From Iwo Jima situation for Spielberg; his big Oscar favourite falters, but his less-heralded second film sneaks into the field instead.

  • Robertlowercasea

    Unless we start to justify that The Artist is this years Aviator or Saving Private Ryan…

  • Ken

    It’s not over yet in my opinion. If The Artist wins the DGA then it’s probably over but I don’t think it’s a guarantee it’ll win that. But unlike The King’s Speech, The Artist hasn’t really hit off with audiences yet because it hasn’t had a big release yet. It was different with Hurt Locker cause it was with an established director. Michael Hazanavicius is not as established. Plus, The Descendants and Hugo haven’t really had any backlash.

    I think if there was ever a time to push The Descendants or Hugo or another movie, it’d be now. It’d be weird for a little French homage to classic Hollywood silent films to win BP when we don’t even know if it’s a hit with audiences or not. At least The Hurt Locker was released on DVD before the Oscars so people could netflix it and see for themselves.

    I don’t know I just think there’s still a chance for other movies (possibly The Descendants) to win. The only thing is I’m also not sure if Alexander Payne would win the DGA.

    But this isn’t over

  • Jerry

    Well TINTIN was my NGNG picked so I’m thrilled for Spielberg. I was totally wrong about The Descendants or Hugo going for an upset against THE ARTIST. Harvey ‘the Punisher’ must be walking on air right about now.

  • Someone

    Let’s wate for DGA and SAG – still “Brokeback Mountain” and “Saving Private Ryan” lost Academy Award despite winning PGA and DGA – and SAG was the most important award so you never really know until all of these three guilds speak (and still there might be “Braveheart”-style upset 😛 ).

  • PaulH

    Ken, only thing wrong with “established director” thing is that mainstream audiences remembered Bigelow (if they did at all) from Point Break. A half-generation ago.

  • David

    I’m so bummed The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, my favorite movie of the year, didn’t win. Screw the PGA! They suck balls so hard! Way to go, Sasha and Ryan. You guys are the best.

  • Sasha Stone

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn. It’s going to be a very dull Oscar year indeed. Not complaining that The Artist is bad. Just thinking yaaaaaaaaaaawn.

  • Congratulations to all involved! Felicitations a tous! I’m soooo happy about this! WOWOWOW!

  • Mattoc

    Predictable. The only upset in this lot would have been Bridesmaids. I would have liked that. Not a great fan of the movie (apart from the puppy gifts) but it would have given me a boost to keep soldiering on.

    I’m still hopeful that the other ‘good’ movie The Descendants will ultimately win best picture. The Descendants means something to me. It means that Beau Bridges would also have made a fine Dude, it means that Michael Ontkean is alive and living in Hawaii, it means that I have very few cousins in comparison to the rest of the world.

  • Luciana

    So… the race is over before it even started?

  • Shell

    If Hazanavicius wins the DGA Hooper-style on Friday, oscarwatchers can pack their bags, the race is over…so people, what do you think ? Will he win the DGA ?

    Probably. Though I think The DGA is a little more open than the PGA tonight.

  • Mattoc

    Slow down there little friend. It’s not over. It may be human nature to root for the underdog, but The Artist is no longer the underdog.

  • Robertlowercasea

    I guess we should wait for the DGA and SAG, but Sasha, you are right. The Artist is unstoppable,,,yawn.

  • Luciana

    Was The artist ever the underdog?

    And I don’t think Hazanavicius will win the DGA.

  • Jake G.!

    Damn thats boring that the artist won! Oh well just get over it people, it will win BP at the Oscars forsure so stop your whining, and just watch the little film win! Thats all we can do!

  • Paul

    Thrilled about Tintin! Rango was one of the most over-rated movies of the year and if this is a sign of the attitude that will prevail at the Oscars, I couldn’t be happier.

  • Robertlowercasea

    Jake G. You actually just made me laugh, and you cheered me up. You are right. This little The Artist is going to win whether we like it or not. We should hope for the best, and prepare for the worst..

  • Ignoramous

    I love the optimism people have that The Artist will lose the DGA. Not gonna happen. Haznakdnkdsicius is unstoppable, unfortunately. It was a fine movie, yes, but best direction?! I have no problem with mediocre films winning picture, but for some reason, mediocre actors/directors winning just seems to really piss me off. I mean, Octavia Spencer over Jessica Chastain in The Help AND/OR Take Shelter?! Really? Over Nicole Kidman in Just Go With It, yes, but not Chastain.

  • It is a weird place…I’m not rooting AGAINST The Artist – I liked it – I am rooting against The Weinstein Company. Sure, the films they push are usually good, but it is frustrating that if they have a film, critics loved, then the race is over because they will pushpushpush until it wins the Oscar bp, even if there are modern masterpieces in the mix (Saving Private Ryan, The Social Network).

    So I guess as Oscary/promising as they sound, we might as well just give up the idea that any of these films will win Best Picture next year :

    Anna Karenina
    The Dark Knight Rises
    The Hobbit
    Les Miserables
    The Great Gatsby
    Nero Fiddled
    Dark Shadows
    Gangster Squad
    (Untitled Malick/Affleck/McAdams Film)

    Because we all know it will be something from The Weinstein Company : they will either campaign the hell out of Django Unchained (Harvey and Tarantino go way back and it has a December release date) OR secure Paul Thomas Anderson (The Master) the recognition he should have gotten for There Will Be Blood…and just in case, they have David O. Russel’s The Silver Linings Playbook and John Hillcoat’s The Wettest County, too…and I bet he will buy US-distribution rights for either Great Expectations (Mike Newell) or Trance (Danny Boyle) or the Malick/Affleck/McAdams film, as well.

    As long as his contenders are THE best, I really don’t care who is behind the film…but in Harvey’s case, that’s rarely the case or at least it is highly arguable…

  • Deena Jones’ wig

    I’m sure Harvey put a gun to everyone’s head and said “VOTE FOR THE ARTIST OR I WILL BLOW YOUR BRAINS OFF.” These hissy fits are hilarious to witness.

  • John W

    It’s possible he doesn’t use a gun.

  • Its The Artist all the way to the finish line. To be honest, its not nearly as bad as last year’s The King’s Speech, but sadly, not since The Departed, the best picture of the year come Oscar night is never the actual best picture of the year.

    The Artist is a cute little film brilliantly made, shot, acted, edited and scored. The script is so-so, the story is basic, the gimmick drives the film home, and does it very well. At the end of the day, its hard not to like The Artist. I predit a DGA win as well, since that guild has basically lost all credibility with last years Hooper’s win: by far, one of the worst DGA / Oscar director wins in the history of movie awards.


  • I honestly thought that The Artist wasn’t going to win despite being the obvious frontrunner. I thought Hugo, despite its tepid b.o. (some would call it “bomb”, but I wouldn’t given that overall you have to consider international b.o. and other incomes and it’ll make more than its budget back), for the prestige and the risk of the project itself. Well, you don’t really win if you don’t risk.

    I still think it’s not that safe to say The Artist is gonna win DGA and Oscar, at all. I still think it’s a 4 horse race, only The Artist has the lead. But on tuesday we’ll see if it’s a done deal, never before.

  • thw

    The Artist and Tintin. If I am voting, those will be my choices too.

  • Deena, I don’t argue that The Artist is a good film – I liked it very much – , that it has a place in the race, that it might just be the one voters consider the best


    let’s not kid ourselves and think for even a second, that Harvey Weinstein isn’t the sole reason it is the frontrunner at the moment. Sure, it would have been the same good/great film without him, but it wouldn’t have become the strong Oscar-player it is, without him…not in a year, when A-listers are bringing their A-game…Scorsese, Payne, Allen, Fincher, Malick.

  • Everybody doing ok? Anyone need a glass of juice?

  • Deena Jones’ wig

    Ok! can you please tell us why Harvey is the sole reason The Artist is the frontrunner. Surely, you are not going to make a blanket statement without backing it up with evidence right? so tell me what Harvey is doing (specifics please) that has swayed the popular vote away from the so-called A-listers you named. Thanks!

  • Ahhahahaha! So hilarious. After all this hemming and hawing, THE ARTIST finally wins. Good for it! I, personally, think it’s nice to see the first comedy win in nearly 15 years. It’s a sweet little film, and totally deserves the award.

  • Deena

    So you are honestly saying that ‘The Artist’ – an early Cannes-fave – would be the frontrunner now IF Harvey wouldn’t have acquired it ?

    YES or NO

  • the first comedy win in nearly 15 years.

    Comedy? Don’t believe everything the HFPA tells you. It’s amusing. Hardly a comedy.

    Was I supposed to be laughing?

  • Let me rephrase that :

    So you are honestly saying that ‘The Artist’ – an early Cannes-fave from a relatively unknown foreign director with NO star-power – would be the frontrunner now IF Harvey wouldn’t have acquired it ?

    YES or NO

    I really liked the performances – Dujardin could/should win – I liked the ballsy concept (black-and-white silent film in the 21st century), I think the directing was great BUT because I didn’t consider the script great, I can’t consider the film THE best, either. That’s all.

  • Well, I was laughing, and so was the audience at the NYFF. Sounds like you were just maybe a little grumpy that day…

  • and the funniest part was… ?

    (no kidding, remind me.)

  • The Artist and Tintin. If I am voting, those will be my choices too.

    I like your attitude, thw.
    stand up, speak your peace, no nonsense.

  • John W

    All ill opinions about Mr. Weinstein aside, I will be happy enough if this wins BP. The film I loved this year was Hugo, but this is a great enough alternative. If nothing else, it makes me smile to imagine the Academy giving a big middle finger to the mainstream moviegoers who pour money every year into Twilight, Transformers, etc.

    If it wins the DGA too, I feel that will be well deserved as well (I’m still gonna cheer for Marty, though 🙂 ).

    I can’t get mad at a film that made me smile ear to ear for it’s entire length. Congratulations to the producers of “The Artist”.

  • Houstonrufus

    John W., I’ll cosign that post.

  • Houstonrufus

    Phantom, I also cosign that. I think the film is charming, but it is such a slight film. It’d pick Hugo and even The Descendants over The Artist. But again, it’s just not a film I can get angry about.

    I honestly wouldn’t have a problem at all with Dujardin winning Best Actor. For me, he makes the film.

  • Flashforward 10 years:

    “Remember 2011? Goddamn Artist. Should have been The Tree of Life. Oscars suck.”

    Flashforward 20 years:

    “Remember 2011? Goddamn Artist. Should have been Shame. Oscars suck.”

    Flashforward 30 years:

    “Remember 1999? Goddamn American Beauty. Oscars suck. At least they got The Artist right.”

  • atr

    Some wishful thinking…wouldn’t it be great if the guilds were completely split?

    PGA – Artist
    DGA – Dragon Tattoo
    SAG – The Help
    WGA – Descendants and Midnight in Paris

  • Mattoc

    @atr – it would be as great as a hat full of assholes

  • @Mattoc: Maybe it’s because I’m tired but your “hat full of assholes” comment in response to atr’s sincere little pipe-dream busted me up. Bravo. And sorry atr, no offense intended.

  • Yashar R

    I guess it’s time to start talking about 2012 Oscars since that this years race is now officially over. Also, to hell with this, Range was much MUCH better than Tin Tin. One of the best non-Pixar animated films of the last few years while Tin Tin was a butchered adaptation of Herge’s classics.

  • Look, Ryan, whether you found THE ARTIST to be funny or not is not the deciding benchmark as to whether it’s a comedy or not. I didn’t find MIDNIGHT IN PARIS to be funny, but it’s a comedy. Sheesh…

  • By the way, the funniest part was the first 40 minutes or so…

  • Craig Z

    Praying for Marty to win the DGA just to add some drama to this race.

    Also, Ryan today has been wierd. Usually I expect Sasha to be the snarky one on this site.

  • Mattoc

    @atr – what I meant was that I have no stake in these guilds. I’m sure not many people do.

    The films in real competition are all light dramadies, apart from Fincher’s film. If nothing else I want contrast.
    I had a good time at the movies this year, I wish the guilds and industry awards would reflect that.

    I should not have @’d you.

  • Mattoc

    Ryan has been weird. LOL. I find what you said funny but I don’t agree.

  • Fat Tony

    Rango is weirder than Ryan (actually, Rango was weirder than life, and I’m glad it lost.)

  • Zooey

    @ phantom,

    at least THE ARTIST is a really good movie. It’s fresh, entertaining, with a terrific performance by Jean DuJardin, brilliant music and it’s quite touching. In a year that didn’t really deliver it’s the movie that I hope will win. And actually THE ARTIST was a SENSATION in Cannes, long before Weinstein jumped on the bandwagon. DuJardin won for his performance and many favored the film to win the Golden Palm. So it isn’t just about the Weinsteins. And what deserves to win instead? I agree about THE TREE OF LIFE – it’s a great movie, but it isn’t a nominee. It doesn’t stand a shot. If you ask me, my vote goes to CERTIFIED COPY, but it isn’t a contender. So I’ll be happy with THE ARTIST. The other nominees: sorry, but HUGO and THE HELP are mediocre at best. I love Scorsese, I love the Hugo Cabret story (it’s sentimental, but I love it), but this movie was totally ruined by the absolute worst case of bad acting by a whole cast in recent Oscar history. The acting is simply bad. I don’t see the great artistic qualities of THE HELP – to me it’s a well-made popcorn flick with an important subject being part of it. The acting is rather broad most of the time (Bryce Dallas Howard being the main example and this is my least favorite Sissy Spacek performance I can think of – she was fun, but this is not the kind of acting I would love to champion; Octavia Spencer – fun again, but where is the character actually?! etc etc.). WAR HORSE is laughable. THE IDES OF MARCH is a huge mess. It’s predictable, with a totally messed up third act and no real characters, but dramatic tools. THE DESCENDANTS is probably a film many love. I was touched by some parts of it, but it didn’t really transform into something more. At least for me. MIDNIGHT IN PARIS is probably the movie that puzzles me the most. It’s funny, it’s entertaining, but its script is just passable. It’s Woody doing what he does in the last decade – a scrap book of his previous films. Same characters, same problems etc etc. Not even nice dialogue and the most sketch-like characters he could come up with. And this is the best original screenplay of the year? So could THE ARTIST actually lose? Yes, 2011 had some great films, but problem is they’re not part of the Oscar race!

  • writing_me

    Modern Family is hideously overrated.

  • Tero Heikkinen

    Congratulations to The Artist and Tintin. Very predictable winners, but who cares? I think these are your Oscar winners, too.

    And congratulations to Awards Daily for finally spelling the name ‘Tintin’ correctly. Some commenters still don’t have a clue.

  • Morgan

    I’m still predicting Scorsese for DGA.

  • Buzz

    Am I the only one that really didn’t care for The Artist? To me I saw it more as a style over substance kind of film. We’ve seen this story before but it’s just told in such a different way. And I’ll be absolutely amazed if this movie gets in line with mainstream audiences, because I’m sure there will be a point in the film where people will just riot and leave. It’s a nicely shown film with excellent cinematography and score (although I agree with Ryan on his argument about the music in the last act… i felt annoyed more than anything) and Dujardain is good but I honestly enjoyed Berenice alot more than him. I don’t know… I felt more like I was watching a gimmick than something entertaining but that’s just me.

  • filmboymichael

    Next year, to reintroduce suspense in my life, I’m going to avoid blogs, predictions and editorials….I used to have much more fun when all I read was the paper and Entertainment Weekly….

  • Daveylow

    I don’t believe anyone would think Hugo is mediocre. For some reason it’s not Marty’s year even when he gave us one of his best films. I think Hugo would have won if it had not been for The Artist. I do think whoever is doing the campaign for Hugo should never be hired again.

  • Daveylow

    @Morgan I hope you’re right. Even the director of The Artist would probably be happy if Marty won.

    I’m beginning to think as Ryan has suggested that Hugo suffers on screeners in comparison to The Artist.

  • Zooey

    Mostly agreed – especially that The Tree of Life should be in the race – BUT even if ‘The Artist’ was a sensation, it was a Cannes-sensation, and considering how early that is in the game, there is a reason, ‘Cannes-sensations’ are rarely considered in the Oscar-race unless there is a name director or some serious star power involved. THAT is why I firmly believe, that as good – VERY good – The Artist is, it definitely NEEDED that extra Weinstein-push in the end, because without it, it probably would have ended up like so many ‘Cannes-sensations’ before…I mean, just look at Kirsten Dunst. She won in Cannes, her film had a year-end release in the US, it received rave reviews, and still, she was nowhere to be found when the precursors started announcing their winners, even though critics clearly loved her performance…same goes for Lesley Manville in 2010, who received RAVES in Cannes, not to mention several Palme d’Or winners including Gus Van Sant’s Elephant, Lars von Trier’s Dancer in the Dark and The Wind That Shakes the Barley.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is, that though being a ‘Cannes-sensation’ is a great honor, usually it doesn’t translate into Oscar-love…so although there are a lot of things going for ‘The Artist’, the one it NEEDS to succeed is definitely the Weinstein-push.

  • steve50

    Just woke up and had to see what I missed last nite…..
    oh….that was a nailbiter.

  • DGA preview and reality check:

    Marty has 3 DGA wins (one for film – The Departed, one for TV – Boardwalk Empire, and 1 Lifetime Achievement) – 9 noms
    Woody has 2 DGA wins (Annie Hall and Lifetime Achievement) – 5 noms
    Dave has 1 DGA win (for commercials) – 5 noms (3 of them for movies)
    Alex’s nom is his 2nd, no win.
    Michel’s nom is his 1st.

    Marty would be my initial bet, BUT, bearing in mind how recently he won both his 3 awards, I feel inclined they may skip him EVEN if they think he’s the best.

    Woody has 2, but both of them were long ago. He’s arguably the biggest name and living legend (along Marty) of the pack. It will be really difficult to resist giving him a final push for his career. I think he has a really good shot at winning.

    David is on maybe the best moment of his career – not meaning he’s making his best films now, beware, I stick to Fight Club and Se7en as his bigger masterpieces – and it’s clearly due for some film recognition, even thought he has a “minor” one for commercials, where he’s truly a living legend. I see reasons enough to think they are going to vote for him only extrictly if they thing his direction was the best of the year. Will they? Or will they dismiss, Tattoo, specially if some voter compares it to the original?

    Alexander’s direction is normally less showy, more “invisible” and therefore he’s bound to be a hard sell for DGA… when “Sideways” was a critical darling, the DGA stopped what it looked like a triumphal road to Oscar and without any regret. But I trust the directors, specially after last year where they actually paid attention to the directing in all context rather than going with the flow. – I know some is gonna kill me for saying this, but whatever, TKS is one of my favorite directing efforts ever.

    And then there’s Michel, which, for many would be the frontrunner. Haven’t seen The Artist, BUT, I think that his OSS films were really well directed even if they were just enjoyable and not 100% fulfilling experience for me (not Dujardin’s fault, either, he was really good there, too). I think they may consider this film more of a rendition than a creative one. We’re in kind of unexplored territory unless we count Todd Hayne’s snub for Far From Heaven, which in some ways could be compared in “concept” (resurrecting classic melodrama) to this project.

    So, in the end, I don’t know. It can go either way, but I feel that, whoever wins DGA will go on to win Best Picture AND Director.

  • Luke

    Woohoo for The Artist. Hopefully all these victories will convince the audience to check out this sweet little film which will make them fall in love with cinema all over again. The Artist and Hugo FTW!

  • g

    I went NGNG for Tin Tin, so I am really happy it won, but I do love Rango too. I thought they were both great.

    The Artist was my #2 film so I am happy it won, I don’t think the DGA is over already. Lets see who wins next week.

  • Zooey

    @ phantom,

    yes, but it’s actually quite true of each and one of the actual nominees that they are nominated because of their campaigns and how visible they are, not because they’re great movies. Because with a better campaign something like TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY or A SEPARATION would have been a no-brainer in this category, even with the PGA. and weinstein could help his film being seen by voters. he’s great at that. but in the end voters don’t have weinstein in the room when they vote for the actual award and they could do whatever they’d love to do. it’s all about the campaign, the visibility and the story. that’s why certain films win. because if you go back to last year, everybody loves to believe that the king’s speech won because of weinstein. no, it won because voters actually LOVED it. because that’s the kind of a movie they love. and even though i consider the king’s speech a so-so movie, i agree with the so-called ‘weinstein crime’. because it wasn’t a crime to me. shakespeare in love was a better movie than saving private ryan, even though it’s crap compared to the thin red line. and i say that some 14 years after these oscars. and i’ve seen the films years after the race. so what? had i been a voter in 1999, i would have votes for shakespeare over ryan, but the thin red line over shakespeare. you can’t blame everything that’s wrong with the oscars on the weinsteins. you can’t blame them for a beautiful mind, crash and million dollar baby – movies much worse than the average weinstein movie.

  • Tero Heikkinen

    Some of you called Tintin your personal NGNG. How so? It was always either that or Rango. Animated Feature is 50/50 to guess at the Oscars, too.

  • Bobby C

    Congrats to The Artist! I was hoping for Hugo (the best pic of the bunch, imo) to pull an upset last night or another film to make it an interesting awards season heading to the Oscars next month. And congrats to Spielberg for Tintin! Saw it finally last week and enjoyed it. I hope they’ll do a sequel. And congrats to Scorsese for his Boardwalk Empire winning Best TV Drama! And Modern Family as Best TV Comedy! Just started watching the show this season– mainly for Sofia Vergara– and the show is hilarious!

  • Tero Heikkinen

    “I hope they’ll do a sequel.”

    Spielberg confirmed this after his Golden Globe win.

  • rufussondheim

    Anyone who thinks The Artist is a slam dunk winner hasn’t looked at this weekend’s box office results. This film really must be seen as a box office disappointment. Friday’s numbers were terrible. It’s per screen average was lower than The Descendants by a considerable margin, and with The Descendants open longer and wider, that really says something.

    Sure, things could change after the Oscar nominations come out this week. But I doubt they will considerably if at all.

    If America really rejects this film even with all of the amazing buzz coming from the critics and the awards shows will the Academy want to reward it, especially it being a French production, with its highest honors.

    I really think that something else, anything else, has to be considered the frontrunner. I declared The Descendants to be the runaway winner back in November, and now I am beginning to believe my own hype. Next Week’s Box Office will be crucial.

  • Tintin
    $70,566,000 US
    $278,800,000 Foreign

    just try and stop them from making a sequel.

    the disparity between US and Foreign box-office here is one more reason to be ashamed of the US moviegoer this year.

    you know, fuck it. If Americans don’t go see the best movies that Hollywood and Indie studios make, then maybe we deserve mediocre Oscar nominees and winners that we have to import.

    Hollywood and America are a couple of crack-addict parents neglecting their special kids’ intelligent upbringing. To easy to feed us fast food, and Americans by and large are too lazy to want anything else.

    I watched Black Swan again last night to remind me what a Best Picture should look like. Black Swan mops the floor with 6 of the movies that will get a BP nomination this year.

  • I loved Rango more, but I think Tintin is a wonderment, it’s amazing fun. Happy for its win. Happy for Downton Abbey too. All TV awards, first rate.

  • I’m beginning to think as Ryan has suggested that Hugo suffers on screeners in comparison to The Artist.

    The Artist will look just fine on an iPhone screen. It’s the perfect movie to carry around in your pocket. And I don’t mean that sneeringly. Not necessarily.

  • Am I the only one that really didn’t care for The Artist? To me I saw it more as a style over substance kind of film.

    [half-heartedly raises exhausted hand, then lets it flop back down.]

    We’re in the tiny minority, Buzz, but don’t let that intimidate you.

    I think The Artist is one of the dozen best movies of the year. (there’s a reason I don’t say Top 10). But unless we think it’s the cat’s pajamas then prepare to be fingered as a crank.

  • Tero Heikkinen

    $70,566,000 US
    $278,800,000 Foreign”

    I’m fairly certain that Part II will do better in US and probably equal (to Part I) numbers overseas. Next time the characters will be more known, DVD/BD could do wonders here.

    But yeah, 350M theatrically alone guarantees a sequel. Plus all the talent signed for three pictures so they can’t ask for more money next time around. The salaries were decided a couple of years ago. These films will probably cost around 120M-130M each.

  • Tero Heikkinen

    I have now seen The Artist. I did like it, but I wouldn’t call it a masterpiece. It will probably remain in my Top 10 when I have seen all notable 2011 releases (Hugo among them).

    Without giving too much thought, I think Top 5 is something like this now:

    1. The Tree of Life
    2. A Separation
    3. We Need to Talk About Kevin
    4. Drive
    5. The Artist

  • Armando

    “I guess it’s time to start talking about 2012 Oscars since that this years race is now officially over”

    And, like every year, by this time next year it will be over too and everybody will be saying, like every year, how boring/predictable the Oscar race is.
    And if the movie is once again distributed by Weinstein everybody will be hating Harvey (he just does what every studio does, only better).

  • Pierre de Plume

    Am I the only one that really didn’t care for The Artist? To me I saw it more as a style over substance kind of film.

    A friend (in a shocked tone): “You didn’t like The Artist?”

    Me, sheepishly defensive: “Well, yes, I liked it . . . but. . . .”

  • Another thing not often considered when talking about the likelihood of sequels — studios love packages and franchises feed into audience cravings as collectors in ways that standalone films don’t.

    Authors have known this for 100 years. Trilogies were a profit-churning literary invention long before they ever became standard movie practice.

    (though early movies serials caught on to the same idea that Dickens used to hook audiences, releasing one chapter at a time).

    And here’s a hugely important factor: All the development costs for a franchise like Dragon Tattoo and Tintin have already been invested. All the foundation and support structure is pre-installed and ready to put back in gear. Sequels must a breeze to do for so many reasons — and because they are relieved of the burden of introducing us to characters, they can focus more on narrative.

    Box sets! who doesn’t salivate over a lavish deluxe box set? All these things encourage double-dipping and creating a fan-base club who’ll pay for multiple iterations, to spend time with the same characters over and over again.

  • Me, sheepishly defensive:

    I’m in no mood to be sheepish and defensive. I don’t act like 100 readers are weird or grumps if they don’t like Dragon Tattoo as much as I do. Literally 1000s of comments we fend off from all angles, readers slamming movies I love every single day. I’m allowed not to be entranced by what I see as a cute frothy bauble.

  • Here’s something off-topic, but interesting nonetheless!


    Having correlated all the data from 39 separate critics’ groups, I devised a points system in relation to the awards and nominations and assigned these points to contenders in 16 categories. There was a number of complications including whether or not Jessica Chastain ought to tie with herself in Supporting Actress and/or Breakthrough Performance, and I used the Academy’s new method for counting votes in Best Picture, which resulted in just five nominees (the required number was 65).

    The above link has all 16 categories. Hope y’all give it a read – it’s the best representation of the critical consensus this year, not only for Best Picture but in 15 other categories.

    Here’s their Top 10 films from these sources, along with the scores they each obtained from their wins and nominations in the critics’ groups:
    1 – The Artist (223)
    2 – The Descendants (174)
    3 – The Tree of Life (145)
    4 – Drive (141)
    5 – Hugo (117)
    6 – Midnight in Paris (60)
    7 – Moneyball (41.5)
    8 – Melancholia (39)
    9 – The Help / War Horse (32) – tied

  • Byron Gray

    PaulH – The Oscars aren’t about what mainstream audiences prefer (thank God).

  • Great work, Paddy M. It’s good to see the actual numbers — and as you say, there are clearly defined tiers. We’re seeing the same thing as Rob tabulates the simulated ballot we ran this week.

    One caveat — for your work and for the simulated Oscar ballot too. Critics and AD readers have brainier taste that the Academy ordinarily ever exhibit.

  • Ryan, those details I’ve posted are only the tip of the iceberg. I’ve charted much more data than what I’ve posted, so if you want any more analyses, just shout.

    For example, I have the scores for all contenders in all categories and from which critics’ groups, I have scores for other categories etc.

  • I’d be curious to see how editing shook out — if you have enough data.

    There are lots of readers who are hanging last hopes for lonely recognition in the VFX category too.

  • Robert A.

    if Harvey is backing a film, and it’s been received excellently, nothing can stop it from winning…remember ‘The King’s Speech’ and ‘Shakespeare in Love’??

    Remember Inglourious Basterds too, while you’re at it.

    Yes, this idea that any movie Harvey is backing is just going to automatically win because he’s a Svengali who can mesmerize voters into doing his bidding is a myth. There are more Weinstein-backed movies that haven’t won BP than ones that have.

    Weinstein-backed movies that have won BP: The English Patient. Shakespeare in Love. The King’s Speech. Probably The Artist.

    Weinstein-backed movies that have not won BP: The Crying Game. The Piano. Pulp Fiction. Il Postino. Good Will Hunting. Cider House Rules. Chocolat. The Reader. Inglourious Basterds (damn, it’s hard to remember how to correctly spell the misspelling).

    In the end, Harvey’s great at getting his movies attention and generating enough buzz so that “attention must be paid.” But he can’t force the voters to love a particular film above all others. They’re going to do that (or not do that) on their own.

  • Sure thing, Ryan

    Editing appeared in eight critics’ groups. Thelma Schoonmaker came out on top for Hugo, and the other nominees were The Artist, Drive, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Tree of Life.

    Visual effects appeared in six critics’ groups. Rise of the Planet of the Apes was the winner, and the next four were Harry Potter, Hugo, Super 8 and The Tree of Life.

  • roberto

    three cheers for the punisher!

  • Tero Heikkinen

    You mean God?

  • Minas

    @Robert A. You forgot Chicago. His track record is excellent but of course he has his missteps.

  • OCO300

    Man, I wish Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 would be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars.

  • — Weinstein-backed movies that have not won BP: The Crying Game. The Piano. Pulp Fiction. Il Postino. Good Will Hunting. Cider House Rules. Chocolat.

    — You forgot Chicago. His track record is excellent but of course he has his missteps.

    Minas & Robert A.

    You guys are very kind to only mention the Weinstein contenders that broke through at all.

    How about Nine? How about W.E.?

    How about the Weinstein pictures that deserved MORE backing but he got cold feet and let them die on the vine?

    A Single Man, The Road

    The Weinstein story is not wall-to-wall glory.

  • Robert A.

    Yes, I forgot Chicago and Gangs of NY. And wait, In the Bedroom too.

    I completely blanked out on the early 2000 period.

  • Addison

    so this may not be the right place for this comment, but after the artist’s win last night, I started thinking. with sag, the actors will likely want to reward the artist in some way. if the artist wins no individual awards, isn’t it a least a possibility that it takes best ensemble. my money is still on the help, but i think the possibility of the artist winning sag is growing everyday.

  • isn’t it a least a possibility that it takes best ensemble.

    God, please no. Cast James Cromwell so he can stand around polishing silver in the background. No. That’s not an ensemble performance.

  • Minas

    I admire Weinstein (although i will never forgive him for the Shakespeare In Love win) because he is the best Oscar campaign orchestrator. However “the best” means he is far from perfect and your examples are correct, especially A Single Man (Best score of that year among others).

  • I admire him too. I don’t even mind his campaigning — because his money has gone to so many movies I love. Harvey Weinstein earns my respect just on the basis of what he’s done to support Tarantino.

  • Deena Jones’ wig

    As I suspected you did not answer my question. This myth of the invincible Harvey, viciously propagated by Oscar bloggers when their favourite movie is poised to fail, is pure horse shit. I asked you for specific examples to illustrate how Harvey buys votes but you could not respond. Typical. Yes! Harvey is an aggressive campaigner but to think that he is the sole reason for The Artist’s success is laughable. Was he at Cannes,you know, when The Artist generated monster buzz and Dujardin walked away from best actor? surely you know that the movie was not backed by Harvey then.But I’m sure you will find a way to blame this victory on Harvey’s supernatural powers of mind control and fortune telling. The Artist has struck a chord with voters across the globe and this reaction is not something a shrewd businessman like Harvey can concoct on his own. Your extreme disgust for the man has made most of you pathetically naive. How many Harvey-backed movies have been a hit in the awards circuit? how many? do your research and then compare the number to how many Harvey-backed movies went on to win major awards. When you are done, get back to me. If anything, Harvey’s strength is that he can sense movies which could potentially captivate the imagination of audiences. He gambles on them and guess what? sometimes his gamble pays off. You are all a bunch of children. This whole charade is truly hysterical to observe.

  • Danny

    Yayyyyyy for The Artist

  • Minas

    I would like to think that Tarantino is his next “project”. For BP and BD i mean. But first he has to make the “right” movie. I would love to see him win BD someday.

  • I love how so many contrarians and whiners are quick to cite Harvey Weinstein as the only driving force behind The Artist awards success. His job is to produce, acquire, and get as many people to see the films he’s involved with, and god forbid should he be good at it. Are you going to rally against the restaurant waiter who earns the title “World’s Best Restaurant Waiter” for his efficiency at waiting tables?

    A lot of people love The Artist, and it just happens that less people love The Descendants, Hugo, The Help, Midnight in Paris, etcetera. Same situation for any other year and it’s respective films.

  • Deena Jones Wig,

    Stop berating other readers with huffy insults. Nobody is attacking you, calling you childish and disgusting. Lay off the contemptuous attitude toward other readers. First and last warning.

  • Craig Z

    Amen Ryan, Harvey has done more for independent film than almost any other person. His support of guys like Soderberg and Tarintino really is why independent film is where it is today. With help of others obviously but he was a huge spearhead of that movement.

  • Nick

    I loved Tintin, but I really dont get all the haters of Rango out there. I know this has to no bearing on the awards, and maybe its just a Utah thing…but every single kid I know absolutely hated Rango. Whats up with that?

  • Craig Z

    Deena, calm down

    Now I don’t think Harvey deserves this demonizing either. He doesn’t do anything that the other studio heads do, He is just WAY better than anybody else at it. Can’t fault him for being good. What does he do that Scott Rudin doesn’t? But the way you go about it Deena is all wrong. You are counterproductive.

  • Ben Z.

    I think that The Artist should be considered a box office bomb at this point. I mean sure, it cost 15 mill to produce, but I’m willing to bet The Weinstein Company has pumped considerably more into marketing it. After it’s 2.4 mill weekend (where it is behind The Descendants which is playing in less theaters and has been in release for much longer), I think it’s time to admit it. The film may win the Oscar, but it’s not a cultural phenomenon and I think it’s possible that the Weinstein Company will not recoup the money that has been spent on the acquisition and marketing for this film.

    Really, the studios mainly care about oscars for the money that they stand to make from getting them and avid movie fans all know that the film that wins the Oscar is seldom the film that should’ve won. So what exactly has Weinstein Co gained?

  • Tero Heikkinen

    “After it’s 2.4 mill weekend (where it is behind The Descendants which is playing in less theaters and has been in release for much longer), I think it’s time to admit it.”

    But… but The Artist will easily make 70-80M worldwide. I’m expecting over 100 million. So, why call it a bomb?

  • Craig Z

    Ben, The Artist hasn’t even started it’s real box office run. It’s going wide after the Oscar nominations are announced.

    Just barely getting started

  • m1

    The Artist is not a bomb yet. It will have very good holds in the coming weeks, just like The King’s Speech. It probably won’t make over $100 million, but it’ll do fine.

    The Descendants gets another major expansion next weekend, so it will do well, too.

  • Scottish Jellyfish

    *claps for Tintin* Well deserved. Best time I’ve had in a theater all year. The entire audience enjoyed it, and there were a few set pieces that left me breathless. Far better than War Horse.

  • Yogsss

    The State of the Race: Ooops! I Did it Again *insert Photoshopped pic of Britney Spears with Weinstein’s face*

    So, another dull Oscar race I won’t care for. Wake me up only if The Artist doesn’t win the DGA and SAG, please.

  • The Artist is not a bomb.

    It’s international performance has been excellent.

    It’s limited performance was excellent.

    It will likely do better after Oscar nominations are announced.

    Its performance this weekend looks to be very disappointing indeed, but it’s one small thorn in the side of what remains our clear frontrunner.

  • I put apostrophes into two words wherein they had not purpose. Excuse me while i go and slit my wrists in shame…

  • Yogsss

    Oh, and Rango is a really cool film that I truly liked but as a fan of Hergé and as someone that has the entire collection of Tintin’s comic books, all I can say is FUCK YEAH!! 😀

    You still deserve a spank for War Horse, Stevie boy 🙁

  • Alper

    The Artist is not very good. Where is Hugo where is War Horse? hopeless and interesting.

  • Alper

    Also where is The Help??

  • Alper

    Best picture of the year The Artist nooo please GOD PLEASE ACADEMY NOO NOO 😀

  • The ghost of easter

    @PaulH the anouncement of the Razzie-nominees has been delayed to February 25th…. with the actual show taking place on April 1st…..


  • Ben Z.

    Even Slumdog and The King’s Speech made the vast majority of their money leading up to the Oscar race. Not after.

    The Artist has 4 weeks till that time and it’s expansions are not performing well. It has made the same amount of money as My Week with Marilyn has in the same amount of time in less theaters. Not to mention less buzz and worse WOM.

    The Artist just isn’t catching on. It’s greatest hope now would be to catch up to Hugo (even that may not happen).

    Like I said, I don’t think this affects the Oscar race (Hurt Locker proved the Academy would vote for a film that didn’t make much money), but to call The Artist a cultural phenomenon is false. It has and likely will end up being seen by fewer people in the U.S. than any other best picture contender this year.

    The Descendants is expanding next weekend to 900 theaters. It will probably outgross The Artist that weekend as well despite having fewer nominations from the Academy (a very likely scenario). The Artist will not end up being the box office success story everyone thought it would be.

  • @OCO300 I know what you mean, some critics, fans and general audiences have expressed disappointment of the fact that the franchise has not gained any Oscar awards for its efforts, and that’s 100% true.

    Sure maybe it’s doesn’t have George Clooney directing, have actors who won an Oscar, maybe it’s not an American film, low budgets, etc. But the movie wasn’t only popular in America and the UK, it was popular all over the nation; it made box office and DVD/Blue Ray records all across the world, and had unversal critical acclaim: having possibly more reviews/votes/and higher grades than film this year on RottenTomatoes, MetaCritic, IMDB, and BFCA; and what did it get for it…sure a few public awards but what respect and recognition the movie got at all those state/city critic award shows….only visual effect stuff awards…for all the hard work it did…even for 10 years hard work and what?

    Does everyone including critics think Harry Potter 7.2 should be nominated for Best Picture Oscar? Also for Outstanding British Film at this year’s BAFTA awards.

  • Craig S.

    Oh boy. What a dull a predictable season it’s turned out to be. And what an overall lousy year for the movies; there just weren’t any truly GREAT films this year that could at least step up and make a serious run.

  • Deena

    You didn’t answer my simple YESorNO question, and as I have already said it in a previous comment, Cannes-sensations are rarely considered in the Oscar-race for a reason…they are too early and without a name director or serious star power, they tend to fade. Hell, The Tree of Life won Palme d’Or – over The Artist, I might add – HAS star power AND a name director, and it still doesn’t have much traction when it comes to the Oscar-race, so taking all that into account, the infamous Weinstein-push was clearly crucial in this case, where the film IS a Cannes-sensation from a relatively unknown director, starring relatively unknown foreign actors. If you can’t admit that, and think that The Artist would be the strong contender it is regardless of the distributor just because it was a strong Cannes-player, you’re dellusional.

    I am not digusted by Weinstein, no need to exaggarate, he backed a lot of films I LOVED, simply his campaigning tactics annoy me – the DOG at the Golden Globes…THE DOG, really ? cheesy/manipulative much ? – but then again, it is HIS job to campaign the fuck out of his films and he is clearly extremely good at it, better than anybody else in the business. But it doesn’t mean I have to like it that it will be probably the third year that a Weinstein-crowdpleaser beats a modern masterpiece (Saving Private Ryan, The Social Network, Hugo). And frankly, I am just as entitled to my opinion as you are, the difference that I am not going after you just because you dare to disagree with me, I don’t have a problem with that, you clearly do…and then you call me a child…oh, the irony!

    And for a quick recap, here is my comment and the simple question you conveniently skipped :

    So you are honestly saying that ‘The Artist’ – an early Cannes-fave from a relatively unknown foreign director with NO star-power – would be the frontrunner now, IF Harvey wouldn’t have acquired it ?

    YES or NO

    I really liked the performances – Dujardin could/should win – I liked the ballsy concept (black-and-white silent film in the 21st century), I think the directing was great BUT because I didn’t consider the script great, I can’t consider the film THE best, either. That’s all.

  • Finding fault with a film as magnificent as THE ARTIST….well I won’t go there.

    I positively adore the film.

  • Oh, and Deena, the way you phrased your ‘opinion’ was offensive, rude and condescending, or at least I don’t recall writing anything that deserved attributes like “pathetically naive”. Just deal with the solid fact that every now and then, people DISAGREE…happens, no biggie…not until you make the kind of big fuss about it you just did.

  • Zooey

    @ phantom,

    of course the Weinsteins’ tactics are disgusting. Everybody’s tactics are disgusting. Do you think that everybody else plays a fair game?! Come on! I’m tired of the whole let’s-blame-it-all-on-harvey thing. I remember an interview with Matt Damon about his first time as an Oscar nominee and how he was told about how dirty the whole thing is. It is dirty and we can’t do anything about it. These people wanna win. At least this year we can’t feel really bad about a good movie winning. And actually it’s gonna be the first time a French film wins best picture! :)))

  • @Craig S. well at least it wasn’t a bad year for sequels

  • Sasha Stone

    That’s Zooey. Some play dirtier than others but for the most part, you’re right. Last year’s tactics were way worse than this year. He hardly has to do anything and the Artist keeps winning.

  • Zooey

    I can agree with that…mostly.

  • Deena Jones’ wig

    Very well said. We get some sense on this thread, finally.

  • Deena Jones’ wig

    I apologise if I offended anyone. I am just getting sick of people using their Harvey-hate as justification to mercilessly bash The Artist. Of course people can have varying opinions on what movie is the best of 2011. The Artist did not even crack my top 5. However, to reduce its success with critics across the globe to a vicious campaign by the monstrous Harvey is a disservice to the talented filmmakers and actors of The Artist.I rest my case.

  • Deena,

    s’ok, we all get frustrated. Would be nice this year if we can all try to focus criticism on movies and not make it personal. Fine to write anything we feel about films and filmmakers. That’s already sensitive and touchy enough. Would rather not see remarks about anyone’s individual maturity, intelligence or taste.

    *Except feel free to say anything you want about Newt Gingrich, that hypocritical douche nozzle.

  • Fat Tony

    Nick: kids don’t like Rango because they don’t understand it and don’t know why it’s supposed to be funny. I did understand it and don’t know why it’s supposed to be funny. Plus it’s too long.

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