Django 1

(Thanks to Jon Pace)

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  • Oh… that looks good. 😀

  • swagwakayungmoney

    leo da gawd with the BSA nominee in lock. gotta be the fav!!!

  • m1

    DiCaprio’s character reminds me of Dracula for some reason.

  • Jon

    I deem this officially awesome.

  • geremy

    Leo’s a lock for the nom.

  • steve50

    Looks like fun times.

    Yeah, m1 – I was expecting Leo to float across the room, too. Why do the most evil villains make the classiest hosts?

  • Eduardo

    So disappointing, but I’ll wait for the complete trailer! And I don’t think Leo’s performance is for the oscars I think he will go with The great Gatsby (Which looks awful!)

  • Jason B

    I’m with Eduardo, sort of disappointing. I guess we can all anticipate a violent spagetti western throwback. But we don’t get a sense of the dialogue in this scene and that’s often more important in Tarantino’s work, i.e. the opening of Inglorious Basterds.

  • Maxim

    That looks awful. Like it was written by Diablo Cody awful. And DiCaprio’s delivery is the worst I’ve seen from him. And I think he’s usually an ace actor.

  • Jordi

    ET (Entertainment Tonight) not EW (Entertainment Weekly) in headline. Please change.

  • Tero Heikkinen

    Waiting for the actual trailer. It doesn’t look good yet.

  • VVS

    Kind of disappointed with Leo. I was expecting him to try something different, but he reminds me of Titanic and Rev Road here.

  • julian the emperor

    Ok, now we have officially reached the stage where Leo does impersonations of Leo doing impersonations….no, this def doesn’t bode well:(

  • Mea Culpa
  • ^
    Can someone please copy/paste the embed code for me here in the comments? I’ll be away from desk for next 30 minutes but can still post to main page if you’ll grab the embed html for me. Much appreciated.

  • Mea Culpa

    Aw, it’s been blocked:(

  • Curses!

    I think it’s officially due at 4:30p PT

  • the ghost of easter
  • Full trailer, and it looks like it’s staying up:

  • austin111

    Ha to those who say nay to Leo. He looks perfectly relaxed and has more of a bounce on his heels here than he’s had in quite awhile. Someone compared him to Titanic here and I say GREAT to that. He was fabulous in Titanic. He hasn’t had that kind of kick in him in ages. I love him in most of what he’s done since, but I have longed for the old Leo, too. So here’s to the possibility that he will surprise once again. Fuck the oscars, though.

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