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The Avengers Heads Towards $600 Million, Time To Consider it for Best Picture?

I’ve been holding out as long as possible, but The Avengers has come this weekend at number 3 at the box office.  That gives it more than enough juice, joining Titanic and Avatar, to be considered a best picture contender.  One of the ways you judge the viability of a non-Oscar-y contender is if it becomes “too big to ignore.” And The Avengers has become too big to fail? Producers and Editors guild will go for it.  SAG will not.  WGA probably will.  If the Academy goes to five contenders for Best Pic, its chances slip.  But with ten, it’s an easy call.  Everybody loves a winner, unless you just watched the recall vote in Wisconsin. It’s hard to love someone who was bought and paid for by corrupt billionaires.