The Weinstein Co. will release the eagerly anticipated Paul Thomas Anderson film The Master on September 14, making it potentially a pic that might show up at Telluride. It won’t open at Fantastic Fest nor Toronto.  The Master, if it lives up to the trailer, looks to be Anderson’s most accomplished film to date. No pressure, though.

It’s a smart move, I think, to get it out there earlier rather than later. It won’t get buried in Oscar-y movies and will have a moment to really sink in.  Also, it gives it a bit of distance from Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained.

Speaking of Weinstein Co., Harvey said recently that he wouldn’t mind having a summit on movie violence at some point.  Though I joked about it on Twitter, it’s worth noting that I don’t believe, for one second, that movie violence spurs real life violence. There is simply no evidence to back this up.  That won’t stop people from thinking it’s movies. God forbid they should ever go after the NRA.  God forbid.

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  • Julian Walker

    Great! One week before Killing Them Softly!!!!

  • @Julian, Killing Them Softly got moved back a month as part of this.

    Such amazing news!

  • Mattoc

    What is Tom Cruise’s opinion on this?

  • They’re evidently taking a very different approach to the (potential) Oscar campaign for this than for There Will Be Blood, which went largely unseen until December – and largely unspoken-of in serious Oscar terms for much of the year. Wise of them not to follow the same strategy this time; if it doesn’t live up to the hype, they’ll still be able to fashion some sort of campaign out of this release pattern. Of course they will, it’s the Weinsteins. Also, quite who thinks this won’t live up to the hype? No-one.

  • James

    Smart move or it could be a critics darling that peaks like The Social Network.

  • red_wine

    PTA obviously is a very great film-maker and the trailer looked smashing. This is hugely promising. Maybe unspooling it earlier is a sign of great confidence in the product.

  • Pushing it back from Oscar campaign season to me says hold the phone, maybe this isn’t as good as we’ve been led to believe.

  • Andrew

    So much win.

  • If I know TWC, and I think I do, this means they don’t have the confidence that they seem to have in “Django.” A mid-Sept. release…er…no.

    And TWBB was a Paramount Vantage pic, which doesn’t exist any more. PSH has already won an Oscar…and Joaquim Phoenix is well…controversial, to say the least these days…This screams UNSURE OSCAR-WISE to me.

    And if HARVEY isn’t sure…who is?

    A hard sell to the Academy at any rate, who HATES Scientology, BTW. Nominations, maybe, but no sure wins. And PSH just lost the most-assured-of (in terms of predictions) Award in his career, his “Death of a Salesman”s Willy Loman. Best Actor went to a Brit Comic James Cordon…PSH also lost the Drama Desk to Cordon, too…And as I’ve said elsewhere Tony Voters are very often AMPAS members, too.

  • Stephen, if The Master and Django Unchained are of equal artistic value, what would you suggest? Release them both on Christmas Day? Side-by-side theaters?

    One of these movies is more commercial than the other one. So it gets the holiday slot.

    And PSH just lost the most-assured-of (in terms of predictions) Award — Tony’s Best Actor went to a Brit Comic James Cordon… PSH also lost the Drama Desk to Cordon, too…

    I see what you mean. It’s gonna suck for PSH if James Cordon gets an Oscar nomination.

    If I know TWC, and I think I do,

    We know. We know you think you do.

  • PSH has already won an Oscar… This screams UNSURE OSCAR-WISE to me.

    What does it scream when you remember Jamie Foxx has already won an Oscar too?

    Has Daniel Day-Lewis won an Oscar already? What’s that I hear? More screams?

  • steve50

    Releasing The Master mid-Sept is a very smart idea. This isn’t going to be one of those immediately gratifying single-viewing experiences that wears off like a sugar high, like The Artist or most Xmas releases vying for Oscar.

    It’s PTA – you have to allow 4 – 6 weeks for people to stop scratching their heads about what they’ve just seen and realize it’s full value. This one will need to build on critical acclaim, multiple viewings, lots of talk.

  • rufussondheim

    Tony voters will often forego an expected winner for someone who actually deserves it.

    That doesn’t happen much in Oscarville – last time that happened in a major surprise was 1999 when Hilary Swank swooped in and defeated Mrs Beatty in a squeaker.

  • JP

    Past awards seasons tell us that in some circumstances releasing a film on Christmas Day is not the best strategy to create a winner. Now the film has to build buzz a lot before it used to. It has to show up on a couple of festivals or get a limited release in november/ early december. Making critics and general public wait until late december to make their conclusions about a film doesn’t seem to be a nice idea anymore. Django is definitely being shown before Christmas to the critics. No one does campaigning better than Weinstein. And although I don’t believe that Silver Linings Playbook is getting awards attention, he split his main films in September, November and December. That is a great idea.

    And now with the nominations coming January 15… Spielberg used to release every single serious film he made mid-late december (exception is SPR) and pushed Lincoln to the beginning of november. It seems either releasing a film until the beginning of december or limited november/december release (but not a late release) + january wide are the best strategies. With the festivals getting more and more important also.

  • JP

    for “serious”… the films that aim for awards consideration.

  • med

    “So much win”

    Andrew, what is this comment supposed to mean????

  • Maxim

    ” it’s worth noting that I don’t believe, for one second, that movie violence spurs real life violence. There is simply no evidence to back this up. ”

    No evidence except, for The Dark Knight, A Clockwork Orange and too many other copycat or movie inspired crimes to mention.

    These things never happened. Kubrick banned his film in UK for no reason at all.

    And people never ever imitate what they see on TV in film.

  • moviewatcher

    I think Lincon’s shift in release date might be a good sign. Both Munich and War Horse were both Chrismas Day releases. They were both received “well enough” by the critics that they got nominated for the BP Oscar. Now… this is coming out in November. I think this means they are more confident about it. They feel it’s more worthy. This could be Spielberg’s comeback… it could be…

    What do you think?

  • steve50

    Lincoln in November? This is a good sign that Spielberg just may have something awards-worthy that can benefit from lots of positive buzz ahead of the Xmas crunch.

  • VVS

    Pleasant Surprise. Phoenix is Daniel Day Lewis’s biggest competition for Best Actor this year. As Hoffman should be to Tom Hardy (ideally).

  • JP

    I think Day-Lewis’ main competition will be John Hawkes. Both are locked (no matter how good or not Lincoln is… considering it looks like it’s dealing with a short period of his life, it’s not gonna be J. Edgar-like) . Phoenix depends on the category placement and the film’s reception. But he’ll probably be nominated. And Bill Murray and Hugh Jackman are likely to join the race.

    Supporting Actor is on Weinstein hands. If Django delivers, Leo is gonna win. If it’s a flop, Hoffman takes number 2. If both films fail, I don’t know what can happen. This doesn’t look like a very strong year in this category. Same for Best Actress, which I have no idea of what could happen. I hope it’s Laura Linney. Actor and Sup. Actress look way stronger.

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