The Queen isn’t in this one. Because she came to her royal senses.

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  • HectorM

    Anyone see any Oscar potential with this one?

  • Joao Mattos

    I’m more the curious to see this one, since my relantioship with Bond movies with Craig is: adored “Cassino Roayle”, hate “Quantum of Solace” (one of the worst in the whole series, IMO).

  • g

    I can’t wait! I love Daniel Craig 🙂

  • Tero Heikkinen

    No Queen, no sell.

    Seriously, this looks pretty good. Has to be better than QoS, but that was not saying much.

  • No-one knew Liz was gonna be in the opening ceremony either; I bet she’ll be in this one. She’s the new Moneypenny.

  • BTW when you say ‘TV spot’, do you mean this was on during the opening ceremony? Where did they fit it in? There weren’t any gaps!

  • VVS

    the cinematography looks like Inception on Steroids. Action definitely can fit into most of Nolan’s recent films. They’re doing a great job of keeping Bardem’s character mysterious. I’m hoping there are some great surprises with his performance. When I saw the picture of the Blond hair a while ago, it already started to conjure up some interesting ideas in my imagination.

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