“A long-divorced couple fakes being married as their family unites for a wedding.”

(thanks Jon Pace)

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  • “A long-divorced couple fakes being married as their family unites for a wedding.”

    I’ll say it to save anybody else the embarrassment: Meet the Fakers.

    So, La Cage aux Folles with less of the gay and therefore less of the wit?

    Sure. You’re skeptical. But that’s because they forgot to say, “From the author of The Bucket List”

  • Jon

    I am just amazed that they put 3 classic songs into the trailer.

  • amazed that they put 3 classic songs into the trailer

    Amazing what money can buy.

  • This trailer felt like it went on for five minutes.

    I know Robert De Niro lost all credibility years ago, Diane Keaton…I think we can say the same has finally happened to her as well. But Susan Sarandon? Please not Susan too!

    And in case the screenplay wasn’t bad enough, they cast Katherine Heigl, thereby admitting defeat.

  • Geremy

    It baffles me how they fit so many great actors into one utterly stupid movie. Et tu Susan?

  • This will be a fun night out for a neglected demographic who rarely find anything at the multiplex they want to see. So I’m fine with everybody collecting a paycheck and having some laughs on set. No problem. Movies like this exist for me primarily as contrast to remind us how lucky we are to have other movies.

    I don’t need for actors to be chasing Oscar roles every year. There aren’t enough to go around and it’s not as if “Oscar roles” are always so great either.

    But I really do wish De Niro would choose more veteran career roles like The Score or Ronin. It’s been over a decade since he was in any movie that I’d sit through twice.

  • @Ryan: Did you see Being Flynn? DeNiro’s excellent in it.

    I just posted a long-ass rant on this over at Hollywood-Elsewhere, so apologies for the repost but my rage can’t be accessed twice in 1 hour:

    ‘Holy shit. Someone needs to mix this with those George C. Scott shots from Hardcore.

    Question: There are music supervisors, people who get paid to add pre-recorded songs to films and, I guess, trailers, right? Someone is being paid to decide what music they use, good money I imagine, with benefits. So why are these fuckers using the same K-EARTH 101 golden oldies for mommies in minivans? Which lazy hack is cashing, potentially, 5-figure checks every month to go, “hmmm…What I like About you hasn’t graced the silver screen in 14 weeks, let’s toss that in there again!” All so Michele in her white stretch pants can tell her idiot husband that a “FUN!” trailer with music they’ve both heard of came out with the “FUN!” actor from Meet the Fockers. Goddammit.

    DeNiro and Sarandon are two of my favorites. I saw Atlantic City again on the big screen about a week ago. It was stunning. Seeing her in this is is like Springsteen recording a duet with Justin Bieber.’

  • therealmike

    Would somebody please punch me in the face again…

    …so I forget this horrible thing I just watched.

  • The most disturbing thing about trailers like this — these are supposedly the killer lines they want to present as highlights? Beyond disturbing, it’s demoralizing.

  • steve50

    And to think I used to look forward to seeing these actors.

  • cyrus

    This reminds me of a Golden Girls episode when Sofia’s brother, who is supposedly a Catholic priest is coming for a visit and Sofia asks Dorothy and Stan to pretend they are married.

    On top of it Blanche and Rose are rehearsing as nuns for the community revival of The Sound of Music…..now that is classic stuff.

  • Added the poster to page 2 above. So you can plainly see how much fun all the actors were having. At 9 different times and possibly 9 different photo shoots when each of them posed alone.

  • The Great Dane

    Thought I just saw a trailer for Nora Ephron’s final film.

    Spanlish Meets the Fockers.

    Feels uninspired, but will probably get close to 100 mio. dollars.

  • keifer

    Ryan’s right. These movies exist as no-brainer food. Harmless. Light-hearted. Occassionally funny. I’d rather go see a movie with stars of this caliber than some of the other fodder out there, that’s for sure.

    Watching this trailer, I am reminded of “Morning Glory” with Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton – one of those “guilty pleasures” . . . you know you shouldn’t be enjoying it because it’s probably not good for you (like a french fry), but they go down okay.

  • Tero Heikkinen

    9 people in the poster, 8 names. I’d hate to be “the one”.

  • phantom

    For me the disturbing part is that after the similar ‘Everybody’s Fine’ was a colossal flop, why do studios think THIS will be a hit ? Whatever, the director’s ‘The Family Stone’ had a few good moments and decent performances (and a lot of awful moments and some bad performances), so let’s hope for at least the same here…but I won’t hold my breath.

  • rufussondheim

    At least Susan Sarandon has Cloud Atlas coming out this year (the book, by the way, is fantastic, I would have it finished it in just a couple of days if work and the Olympics weren’t taking up nearly all my time.)

  • Yvetteava

    Ughh! Sorry I watched the trailer….

  • sonny

    Deniro has given us the best performances of an actor in a career, give the guy a break, if he wants to do crappy shit, he is entitled to, at least he seems hes having a good time… fuck it, he deserves it more than anyone

  • brandz

    I agree with Sonny. DeNiro has given many, many great performances in many great films over the years. Do I wish he’d make more great films? Absolutely. But let’s cut him some slack. Few actors can measure up to his filmography.

  • Scott

    I think it looks fun. Sue me.

  • Jay

    It has the look and feel of a Nancy Meyers film but somehow it fear it’s lacking.

  • Bennett

    Give the actors a break. They’re pushing seventy. Remember the crap people like Bette Davis, George Burns and Joan Crawford did in their later years? It could BE A LOT WORSE.

  • dino45

    I agree with Bennett. Can we please give Keaton/DeNiro/Sarandon/Williams a break. These guys have proved their worth over the years and with respect ( and a combined age of about 260 years! ) are now veterans of cinema.This is a comedy with no major aspirations..so just please leave them alone or better still go watch “Shoot The Moon”/”Taxi Driver”/”Thelma and Louise”/”The Fisher King”…for a flip side to this lighter stuff and remember that sometimes it is not about Oscar winning performances.

  • What a waste of talented people.

  • steve50

    I agree that these actors have given us fine performances over their long careers and that they have earned the right to do whatever projects they want, but I stand by the statement that this particular project is not something that I’m looking forward to, as has been the case with each for about 10 years.

    Harmless larks they might be, but most of their recent films hold no interest for me. The exception is Sarandon in the upcoming Cloud Atlas.

    I’m not writing them off – never – but unless this movie turns out to be the second coming of comedy, I don’t expect that I’ll bother with it until home viewing is available.

    BTW – some of us have been patrons of these guys’ films for as long as they have been making them. I think that earns us the right to express disinterest.

  • Bennett

    ROBOT & FRANK with Frank Langella and Susan Sarandon looks interesting as well.

  • Bennett

    Is there a genre title for these post-millenial family reunion / wedding movies?

    The Family Stone
    Another Happy Day
    Jumping the Broom
    Bride Wars
    Rachel Getting Married
    It’s Complicated
    The Big Wedding
    27 Dresses
    Why Did I Get Married?
    Margot at The Wedding
    Our Family Wedding

    Will this trend ever end?

  • rufussondheim

    Yeah, it’s called “Bargain Bin”

  • Daveylow

    I’m not saying this looks great or anything but DeNiro looks very relaxed and much more appealing than he was in Meet the Parents, etc. I would say the one who looks bad in this movie is not one of the veterans but Heigel.

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