from @TDKRMovieUK #TDKR hasn’t quite reached cinemas yet, but it has hit the streets of Madrid with this incredible street art. (via @Loop1e)

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  • moviewatcher

    That… is… AWESOME!!!

  • Callao

    Madrid, of course what did you expect? 😉

  • Does Madrid welcome political refugees? Need to know before Wednesday, November 7th.

  • Mrs Rochester

    Absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!

    Ryan, I think I speak on behalf of all Spanish fans of this site when I say that you’re always welcome in Spain no matter who wins 2012 Elections. Thanks for posting this and for your passionate and intelligent commentaries. Ryan FTW!!!!!

  • Callao

    Oh, Ryan, you don’t want to come to Madrid. Don’t you read the economic news? Besides, the major (majorette?) is an ultracatholic woman whose resumé is being the wife of a former president. Against gay marriage, because it’s putting pears and apples together (yeah, I don’t get it either). A governor (governess is not right, right Mrs Rochester? your local tea party version. No state, leave the markets alone to do as they please with all those pesky citizens who have no universal healthcare. A sort of maleficent without talent, she has even taken out of the children vaccines calendar an important one because it’s too expensive. And then, finally, the prime minister, a man with no blood in his veins, who hides when there’s a problem, and there are lots, and that managed to be elected only, after three times due to the political suicide (taking personally the responsibility of the economic situation) of the former. Are you sure you want to come? You’ll probably have to pay an extra VAT fee just because your name starts with an R or something. You’ve been warned.

  • You’re welcome to Sao Paulo, Ryan (I know you have a bunch of Brazilians who are regulars here and will agree with me). 😀

  • steve50

    Ryan, consider Vancouver Island. Every US election, we get requests from lodge guests and friends to escape here. Close to home, no pollution, socialized medicine, nobody’s packin’ heat….

  • rufussondheim

    The only problem with Vancouver Island is that it’s, well, an island. Vitoria is a stunning little town, to be sure, one of my favorite places. (I’ve seen two of my fave bands at Steamers back in the day, and Pagliacci’s is a great Italian restaurant that at least 12 to 14 years ago was absurdly affordable) but it’s more or less a town.

    And it’s so hard to get on and off that island. I think the quickest ferry is like 90 minutes and that takes you to the middle of nowhere next to the gorgeous Olympic National Park in Washington. I think ferries to Vancouver and Seattle are three hours long.

    Great place, but I don’t think I could live there long term (but I guess you learn to adapt to that lifestyle.)

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