From the ever-cool PTA site Cigarettes and Red Vines – who got it from XIXAX

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  • Ohhh, I can’t wait to see this at TIFF!

  • Gustavo Cruz

    This is for those who are quick at dismissing PTA’s films. He thinks about everything, so take a little time to think about this movie before going on Twitter or here and saying “LOVED IT” or “HATED IT”. Even the first screening of this movie was a clue for us to comprehend its meaning.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    too much greatness <3

  • I tried to post in the other thread on this, but somehow it went up without my even starting to type a comment! THIS TECHNOLOGY!!!Grrr….

    Meanwhile,here’s my reaction to their reactions. ONLY Jessie Crall who posts frequently here and at Hollywood-Elsewhere seemed to have his head screwed on right.

    I guess I should just refer you all to the other thread and what Jessie said.

    Essentially, good but not great. Great to see in 70mm.(What isn’t?) and Amy Adams has nothing to do. Nominations for all but no wins. PSH in Supp. not lead. Joaquim Phoenix is drawing universal raves, but already all are saying “Can he beat Daniel Day Lewis as Lincoln? ALREADY this is THEE question.

    Not having seen either film I can’t say, but I don’t like that Sept.15 release date and all the tweet/reviews don’t mention Scientology AT ALL. Like it’s not the topic of this film.

    Seems to be about Alcoholism if anything.

    No religious overtones, or undertones, or references WHATSOEVER.

    B+ not A I’m sensing. Which is in line with that TOOOOO early Sept.15 release date.

    HW wouldn’t be releasing the film in a rush like that if he didn’t have to, methinks.

  • therealmike

    Paul Thomas Anderson and Stanley Kubrick. To be honest I don´t watch their movies often. They are like a perfect glass of red wine. You drink it when the time is right. You soak up all of their good flavors and you enjoy every moment of it. But you can´t drink it every day because it would spoil any other beverage. That´s what all of Anderson´s movies are to me. I wouldn´t be able to judge any other movie if I watched “Magnolia” or “There Will Be Blood” every day or even every month. When I decide to watch a movie of Stanley Kubrick or Paul Thomas Anderson it´s always a special occasion. But maybe it´s the other way round, maybe these movies make the moment a special occasion. Anyhow, you can´t compare these two filmmakers to anyone else.

  • steve50

    PTA’s films are not Oscar fodder. They don’t need Oscar any more than they need a viagra-induced box office or McDonald’s collectibles. They don’t need to be stretched into trilogies or transformed into Broadway musicals. They will never influence fashion and don’t require the unabashed adoration of the masses to be remembered.

    They are beautifully constructed, complete and original works in themselves that gain from multiple viewings. Whether or not this film is deemed worthy of nominations is of zero concern to me. I can’t wait to see it – many times.

  • Ari

    Well said @Steve50. PTA’s career has reached that point where he doesn’t need Oscars or accolades. His work is just…incredible.

  • Thank you very much, It´s a good point.

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