An ailing baseball scout in his twilight years takes his daughter along for one last recruiting trip.

“It’s fang schmay. Don’t you know anything?”

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  • Amanda

    I will never understand why people continue to cast timberlake in movies, he is terrible.

    I feel like this could have been a better movie if they didn’t lifetime television it down.

  • Ryan Adams

    Someone’s going to say it. I won’t shy away from bringing it up.

    Clint Eastwood endorsed Mitt Romney this week by saying “We don’t want anybody taking away the Olympic medals, tax wise, from the Olympic athletes.”

    Eastwood has probably made more trouble for himself than any curve can swerve from. Parse that endorsement out. Sift it for the obvious meaning: “If you think you’re blessed with athletic wealth genes, then you can depend on Mittens to make sure you keep all your millions. If your bank balance isn’t pure gold, vote for the black guy.”

    Academy voters are golden alright. Many will vote for Romney. Many others won’t. Will this endorsement affect filmgoers’ feelings about the movie? For many it won’t, for many it will. For me, it already has.

    Will I enjoy The Trouble With the Curve? I’ll never know unless I get to see it for free. I wasn’t born with Olympian wealth genes that make me want to hoard my millions. And I don’t give my movie-money to greedy people who think that way.

  • Amir

    Ryan, I’m not a Romney fan either, and was disappointed to see Eastwood endorse him, but I think you’re being a little bit narrow-minded in saying that you’re now no longer interested in seeing his new film, and will only see it if its for free. Eastwood has been a Republican for decades. The fact that he would endorse the Republican candidate for President in a hotly contested election is not really that surprising. I sympathize with what you are saying, though at the same time, I would hope you’d be able to separate your personal feelings about Eastwood’s endorsement from the quality of his films.

    What are your thoughts on this trailer? How effective do you think it will be in selling the film, and what impressions does it leave you with about the kind of film it’s going to be?

  • Just to be clear though- he didn’t direct this film (but yes, he produced it). So perhaps we shouldn’t be calling it Clint Eastwood’s film per-se? 🙂
    Clint Eastwood has always been an outspoken Republican, and I will never ever understand him or any other Republican, for that matter. Yet, politics aside, he happens to be one of my absolute favorite American filmmakers. Nothing I can do about it…

  • Lars

    Thank you Amanda, that’s exactly what I was thinking! But we all know why people keeps casting him: he is a celebrity and very sexy (not to me, I find his voice repulsive), which means people might go see him. The trailer makes this looks very light-weight so I have no interest in watching Clint making the same-looking movie again (there’s probably a gut-punching emotional secret there). I actually like Gran Torino, but Invictus and Hereafter proves to be very disappointing. So I’ll probably catch this when it comes out on DVD.

    Ryan, didn’t know about Clint’s endorsement, but I guess we shouldn’t be surprised?

  • Lars

    Tomris, didn’t know he only produced it, thanks!

  • Ryan Adams

    I would hope you’d be able to separate your personal feelings about Eastwood’s endorsement from the quality of his films.

    I’ll try. I’m still aggravated — not just by the endorsement. But the wording Eastwood larded on top of it.

    I’m annoyed by his dumb sense of humor too. When a reporter asked why he endorsed Romney, Clint gave a blank stare. “I didn’t endorse him. Oh yeah I did.” Dumb. I would think that was dumb if Adam Sandler said it. I would think it was dumb if Shakespeare said it. Dumb is dumb.

    I’m being honest, so I’ll be honest about the trailer. It looks flat and low-brow to me. A guy who likes dumb Dr Phil. A guy who thinks it’s cute to pretend to be dumb about feng shui. It strikes me as sit-com level writing.

    Some people on Twitter already saying, “Add Clint Eastwood to the Best Actor contenders” What? For this? Gross.

    I’ll still watch Unforgiven again and again because it’s a masterpiece. I don’t hate Unforgiven all of a sudden. But I have no time for lame movies from corny old guys who make lame-brain remarks about taxes that sound like unadorned greed to me.

    If Eastwood wants to try to make another brilliant movie, I’ll be eager to watch it. I’ll be happy to praise it. This doesn’t look like anything I’d buy a ticket for, GOP endorsement or not.

  • Ryan Adams

    Thanks Tomis. I’ll reword the headline.

    Though I have to say: To my mother this will STILL be Clint Eastwood’s Movie.

  • Jerry

    Looks middle of the road feel goody. Will watch it for Amy Adams. Fingers crossed she gets an Oscar win soon.

  • Ryan Adams

    I should say — and I firmly believe — just as some people on the other page were saying about Steven Spielberg, I don’t think Clint Eastwood care if he wins any more Oscars.

    Can’t an actor just take a job to work with nice talented people and collect a nice few million (tightly hoarded) dollars?

    Just because an actor once got a spotlight in the Oscar club, why do we have to hang the Oscar yoke around his neck every time he leaves the house?

    Clint Eastwood likes to stay busy. He likes money. He likes to work. I never notice that he enjoys playing the Oscar game.

    I can’t think of any movie that looks anything like this that ever got close to a Best Actor award.

    So what? That’s ok, right? Lots of people will enjoy it, and lots of people will rake in lots money from it. Just none of my money, that’s all.

  • Kjbacon

    My girlfriend will require that I take her to a screening of this.

  • rufussondheim

    Kjbacon, you’re problem would be solved if you just turned gay.

  • Mattoc

    It’s not directed by Clint, but pretty close. Long time producer and AD of Clint’s for 30 years. It looks solid, hopefully there will be more to it than solid.

    I’m glad to see Clint getting into a bar room brawl, but sad that Geoffrey Lewis isn’t there to turn his baseball cap backwards.

  • Ryan Adams

    It’s not directed by Clint, but pretty close. Long time producer and AD of Clint’s for 30 years. It looks solid.

    There you have it. That’s why Clint made this movie. To do his friend a solid. To get his friend’s movie made. To be generous with his time and accept a movie he might not otherwise consider but he wanted to do a favor for a friend. He’s not chasing an Oscar. He’s giving somebody a leg up.

  • Eh, playing the “I don’t like this filmmakers decision and it alters my view of their movies” game is a slippery one. Many great directors were sleazy or drug-addled or racist or homophobic or violent or Republican or just a good old fashioned asshole. Clint’s a cheapskate with a couple of really shallow daughters and mistresses stashed around Carmel. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not that bad.

    I’m sure Scorsese’s coke use on the 70’s led to a few South American kids getting orphaned, Peter Bogdanovich started diddling Cybil Shephard during The Last Picture Show while his wife watched the whole affair unfold. Woody Allen…well, you know. Friedkin was such a dick that executives expressed pleasure when he had a heart attack back in the 80’s. John Ford voted for Goldwater and Nixon. And Brian DePalma couldn’t remember all the Hitchcock-Stewart collaborations during a game of Trivial Pursuit.

  • tony


    Timberlake’s never given a bad performance, and he was in The Social Network and Alpha Dog. I thought we were past the knee-jerk reaction of acting like all singers make terrible actors?

  • tony

    *excellent in The Social Network and Alpha Dog

  • Agree with tony. Justin Timberlake’s performances have been pleasant surprises, although the charisma he displayed on pretty difficult SNL sketches gave a clue as to his screen presence. I have a feeling the actors will outshine the script on this one, although the trailer might be selling the flick more down the middle than it actually is.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Looks sweet enough. Love Eastwood Dumb Republican or not he’s a quality guy. I despise many Liberals with whom I agree on the “issues” 99% of the time. Eastwood is a solid guy <3

  • tony


    You of all people (you get paid to write about film) should be able to seperate an actor’s personal opinions from their body of work. Who cares if he endorsed Romney? I’ll admit it surprised me, since I know Eastwood is actually a libertarian, but it shouldn’t affect anyone going to see his movie. That’s just childish nonsense.

    Also, why must you insist on buying into partisan politics? It would’ve been just as bad if he endorsed Obama. They’re both tools, both parties are corrupt, and the fact that voters on both sides don’t see it is quite sad and will only lead to the further regression of this country.

  • Ryan Adams

    Many great directors were sleazy or drug-addled or racist or homophobic or violent or Republican or just a good old fashioned asshole.

    Don’t remind me and don’t tell me who they are. If they don’t strut around on TV boasting about it, it won’t bother me so much.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Plus Justin Timberlake shirtless again…he’s pure sex

  • Ryan Adams

    I’m sure Scorsese’s coke use on the 70′s led to a few South American kids getting orphaned

    er, that’s a stretch. We could also speculate that it kept thousands of Colombian kids from going hungry.

    Also, if my dad was a drug trafficker, maybe I’m better off with him dead.

    Meanwhile, I’ve done my share of coke too. I don’t lose sleep guilt-tripping about hypothetical orphans.

  • Kjbacon

    Rufus – she has a Timberlake thing. Good news – I have a baseball thing.

  • rufussondheim

    Ryan, why would you want to go to sleep after you do cocaine? It seems like you kind of missed the point there.

  • Maybe Ryan’s right. I treat most Republicans I meet with absolute coldness. If I met Eastwood and he made a similar comment about Romney in person, I’d tell he sounds like a moron.

    Shit, now I’m all bent out of shape. Goddamit.

  • Ryan Adams

    I swear I almost went back and changed that sentence, but I already rewrote it once. I was gonna say: thinking about orphans kills the coke buzz.

  • Bennett

    Justin Timberlake gets casts in films because his films make money:

    Bad Teacher: 220 million
    The Social Network: 220 million
    Friends With Benefits: 150 million
    In Time: 175 million
    Yogi Bear: 200 million
    Shrek The Third: 800 million

    When his films stop making money, we’ll see less of him. This is his moment in the sun. It won’t last forever. It never does.

  • Ryan Adams

    Do I have to point out: Eastwood is no John Ford. He’s no Polanski.

    I’d forgive him for more if he made more great movies. Unforgiven, Mystic River, Letters from Iwo Jima. That’s a lot. But it’s not enough to earn my unconditional love.

  • Tory Smith

    Timberlake is someone I can’t get past because he’s not a great emotional player when it comes to material like this. Not a terrible actor in the least, and his SNL contribution is fantastic (multiple Emmys to prove it). He’s hilarious, and right on the money when it comes to SNL. But his dramatic work needs to come from something else.

    His performance in Social Network was passable (hence amazing screen writing, and a fantastic cast surrounding you, if are an intelligent person when it comes to performing you can’t really mess it up. And editing does SO much…)

    I think Timberlake is an amazing and gifted musician and entertainer, but until he changes the tone of his voice, hair color, looses/gains weight; does something completly NOT himself in ANY way, then, maybe I can take him seriously in roles like this.

    I don’t think it has anything to do with musicians who want to be actors so you automatically write them off (Cher is a FANTASTIC example of a well-known musician who really had chops as an actor), it’s more of the challenge these musicians need to overcome to be taken seriously. Bjork did it right!

    There are too many great, struggling, and pretty well known ACTORS who could have benefitted from a role like this one.

    The movie looks really boring, but whatever. The cast is incredibly credible, it looks as if it’s shot well. Hopefully the script is better than what is being presented in the trailer, and what have you.

    Just my rambling opinion I guess…. 🙂

  • “Do I have to point out: Eastwood is no John Ford. He’s no Polanski.”

    If you throw in his body of work as an actor, he’s in the absolute highest echelon. And it’s not as if voting for Romney makes his character in Gran Torino difficult to believe.

    See, now I’m arguing with myself. Take the cynical route and say “Fuck the old son of a bitch for regressive beliefs and a lazy, narrow mindset that places priority on stock portfolios” or trend more toward the “Humans suck. Embrace the good.”

    Timberlake’s good, so who would you all rather have in the role?

  • Tory Smith

    Brady Corbet (Martha Marcy May Marlene & Meloncholia)
    Josh Stewart (The Dark Knight Rises & Curious Case of Benjamin Button)
    Alexander Skarsgard (Meloncholia & True Blood)
    Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad)
    Chris Pine (Star Trek)
    Cam Gigandet (Burlesque)
    Michael Ealy (Their Eyes were watching God *this choice if they were color blind)
    Chris Hensworth (Thor)

    Just to name a few. These actors could benefit because they are working, capable, and trained in this profession…

  • Pat

    I can’t tell if this is a drama or a comedy.
    I’m intrigued.

  • julian the emperor

    Eastwood’s remark is almost inexcusably lame and stupid. That certainly affects my impression of the guy (he came off as reasonably balanced when he promoted J Edgar, but that was a fluke, apparently).

    He has made Unforgiven, yes, and Letters from Iwo Jima. But let’s not get carried away. His adaptation of Mystic River wasn’t that great (I know we have had this discussion before, Ryan, but never mind).

    I just read a clever remark by Richard Brody at The New Yorker about the art of adaptation:

    “Many directors of moderate merit do well in capturing their own experience or that of others of modest and practical insight—but when they lay hold of works of genius, they simply aren’t up to the material and reveal not the vastness of the author’s imagination but the limits of their own.”

    That’s how I felt (roughly) about Clint’s attempt at Mystic River, even though that is stretching it, since I don’t believe Dennis Lehane is a genius, exactly;)

  • Ryan Adams

    If you guys see this movie and enough of you tell me it’s worthwhile, of course I’ll throw 7 bucks at it.

    For Justin. For Amy.

  • JHR

    I’ll never understand how liberals can’t seem to separate the “real world” from the “cinematic world.” As a Republican, I’d never see any movies if I walked into things saying that I “can’t” watch something simply because of the beliefs that are spouted by Sean Penn or Tom Hanks or George Clooney or Julia Roberts or Anne Hathaway or Harvey Weinstein or Bob Iger or (the list continues ad infinitum)…Nor would I read entertainment blogs like this one or Wells at Hollywood-Elsewhere…

    I’m sure you’d give Polanski money for his next one, though, without any reservations. [It should be noted that I would as well…]

    That being said, I assumed Eastwood directed this until I started reading the comments and as I watched the trailer I was moderately impressed that this looked like an Eastwood movie that I actually wouldn’t mind watching. To me, I find Eastwood to be one of our country’s most overrated directors. [A double feature of Invictus and J. Edgar would be hell on earth for me.] Seeing as how I enjoyed the trailer, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to discover that he’s only the producer-star of it. That said, it didn’t look like much of an Academy contender even when I thought Eastwood was at the helm. A pleasant diversion, perhaps, but not much more.

  • john

    I would like Clin Eastwood win the oscar for best actor this year with Trouble with the curve.Eastwood is no John Ford. He’s no Polanski.It`s true.Clint Eastwood is better.Eastwood´s masterpieces: Unforgiven, Letters from Iwo Jima, The outlaw Josey Wales, Gran Torino, Million Dollar Baby, Mystic River,Flags of our fathers,Honkytonk Man, Bird, White hunter, black heart,Pale Rider,Space Cowboys,Bridges of Madison County,J.Edgar,Hereafter,Invictus,Breezy,Sudden Impact, The Guantlet,The Eiger Sanction,Play Misty for me,etc.

  • Reform the Academy

    Looks great. I’ll always watch a baseball flick. Just like I’ll always watch an American Pie film…and I must say that I just saw American Reunion and I haven’t laughed that much and that hard during any movies since the first time I saw American Wedding! Yes, there is a lot of retread and the story isn’t as good as the original American Pie films we all know and love, but it’s utterly hilarious. :p I’d love to see it nom’d for comedy at the Globes.

  • Reform the Academy

    JHR, I haven’t seen Invictus or J. Edgar, but have you seen Unforgiven, Gran Torino, Changeling, or Mystic River? Those are all A grade films 🙂

  • john

    In my opinion Clint Eastwood is the best actor and the best director of all times.
    Clint Eastwood masterpieces(director/director-actor)):Unforgiven,A perfect World,Pale Rider, Bird, Mystic River, Million Dollar Baby, Gran Torino, Letters from Iwo Jima, Flags of our fathers,The Outlaw Josey Wales,J.Edgar,Hereafter,Invictus,White Hunter black heart,Play Misty for me, Space cowboys,Breezy, Bridges of Madison County,The Gauntlet,The Eiger Sanction,Blood Work,Changeling,High Plains drifter,etc.Masterpieces Clint Eastwood(actor): Dirty Harry, Escape From Alcatraz,Leone´s Trilogy, In the line of fire,Where eagles dare,The beguiled,Two mules for sister Sara,etc.
    Ryan, you say: Eastwood is no John Ford. He’s no Polanski.”Its, true Clint Eastwood is not Polansky.Clint Eastwood is better filmmaker and the most important thing, Clint Eastwood is better person than Polansky.I think this blog was a cinema blog.
    I will go to see Trouble with the curve the 21 september and I hope Clint Eastwood win the oscar for best actor with Trouble with the curve.I think the Trouble with the curve´s trailer is the best trailer of the year and I think Clint Eastwood is suberb.Clint Eastwood, Justin Timberlake, John Goodman and Amy Adams are excellent actors and I think the film will be great.I hope Trouble with the curve will be the number one in the box office the 21 september.

  • Amanda

    @bennett none of those movies made money because of Timberlake…NONE OF THEM. In time made 37 domestic the rest was overseas where even Battleship made money. The fact that you even think he is the reason is just laughable.

    @Tony he was passable in SN but he was playing a douche so Im assuming their wasnt a lot of acting necessary. he is a terrible actor.

  • friedl

    I watched Moneyball & liked it, so I think I’ve done my bit for baseball movies for a while.

    Isn’t Clint essentially playing one of the narrow minded old guys from Moneyball in this, btw?

    I don’t mind Clint as an actor. Thought he should have been nominated for Gran Torino, but don’t see how this will hit if that missed.

    I’d watch it for Amy, but only if she’s brilliant. Otherwise There Will Be The Master.

    As for Timberlake, it’s unfair to dislike him because he’s a pop star & used to date Britney. He’s impressed enough in Black Snake Moan, Alpha Dog, SNL & Social Network to earn the benefit of our collective doubt.

  • Adam

    Why are so many people talking about Clint and Justin?! Amy is here! Amy! For her, I will go see anything.

  • Erik815

    @Amanda: Overseas money doesn’t count? I’m pretty sure money works the same way outside the U.S.

    Timberlake had already had his share of critical and financial misses (Edison Force, Southland Tales, the Love Guru), as well as some very well reviewed roles (Alpha Dog, Black Snake Moan, the Social Network). Consensus does not appear to be that he is a terrible actor or that he is simply riding a wave of successes that will eventually end.

    @Ryan: I wouldn’t worry so much about Clint’s endorsement of Romney. On one hand his broad appeal and tough guy charisma sure doesn’t hurt Mitt, on the other hand Mitt isn’t the root of all evil. Romney’s rhetoric is more pragmatic, Obama’s is more idealistic. I’d prefer Obama be re-elected, but neither is going to be able to do much outside what the Republicans in congress will allow them, so I’m not worried about Clint ’till he starts endorsing Boehner and McConnell or anyone who represents the Tea Party.

    Fun fact: Eastwood was (briefly) seriously considered alongside Dan Quayle, Bob Dole, and Jack Kemp, as George H.W. Bush’s running mate in ’88 when they were 18 points behind in the polls.

  • Reform the Academy

    haha, damn straight Adam!

  • Ryan Adams


    That’s good level-headed advice. Thanks.

    I’m really not feeling overly concerned about Obama’s chances for reelection. He’s way ahead in Electoral Vote estimates right now. Popular vote is tight — neck and neck, popular vote will be a squeaker. But smart people who know the Electoral College are saying the spread could be as high as Obama-332, Romney-206.

    The real problem is the Senate. The same wonks who say Obama is in good shape are saying the Dems could lose 3 Senate seats. And that means both houses of congress with be controlled by Republicans. That’s the end-run attack the Cons have planned, and it’s not a pretty picture. I sometimes think the GOP illuminati already know this and are only using Romney as a clown-show distraction to keep our eyes off the real game.

    Notice I’m not saying anything else about Eastwood. I know which way the wind blows. He’s a legend. There’s no advantage in sneering at a legend and it’s no fun for me. It’s never been fun for me — I’ve always felt mystified by the appeal he has for most normal people.

  • tony

    Wow…spoken like a true sheep, Ryan. You go on and on about partisan politics while ignoring my comment about how useless your “taking sides” is…just like the mainstream media, anything that doesn’t support one or the other is ignored.

    Again I ask, how can you continue to hold up Obama and the Dems as a beacon of light when they…consistently raided legal medical marijuana houses, passed the National Defense Authorization Act that allows American citizens to be arrested by the military without trial, renewed the Patriot Act, did not close Guantanamo like they promised, are including a wholly unnecessary and unconstitutional individual mandate (i.e. if you don’t buy government healthcare, you’ll be fined) in their healthcare bill, and have not and will not hold Wall Street accountable for the crimes they committed. They’re just as hawkish as the Republicans when it comes to eroding our freedoms and protecting the wealthy.

  • Gerold

    Justin Timberlake is not a good actor. And he doesn’t carry his movies. He was the worst thing about the Social Network and was only passable because the character was somewhat himself. Alpha Dog was laughable and in this trailer his line reading is painful. Its going to be especially hard to watch when next to Amy Adams, who is incredible in everything she does. And he doesn’t carry his movies. His movies have all made money because of other reasons.

    Bad Teacher – Cameron Diaz and Jason Siegel are the pulls here, it was a Diaz vehicle
    The Social Network: Sorkin, Oscar Film about FB, NOTHING to do with Timberlake
    Friends With Benefits: Mila Kunis red hot coming off her Oscar Nom and rom com + Timberlake naked so I’ll give you that as a box office draw but it has nothing to do with his acting
    In Time: 175 million – only $40 million of that was in the US, not even making up for the $40 million budget + $50 million in promotional advertising it did. Not considered a hit by any means. If it was there would be a sequel
    Yogi Bear: Cartoon – they nearly all do well as its aimed at children who don’t even know who he is
    Shrek The Third: Cartoon, franchise, Diaz, Meyers, etc etc etc

  • Ryan Adams

    tony. I’m not interested in spending all day — or 15 minutes — arguing politics with you.

    I brought up Clint Eastwood’s endorsement because it’s ridiculous to think none of his fellow Academy members will have any opinion about his baldly self-interested demonstration of greed-motivated endorsement and shallow fetishistic image-sculpting. (Eastwood on Romney: “He’s handsome enough to be President!”)

    THAT’s the level of simplistic idealism Eastwood chooses to express (and I’d venture that it sometimes extends to his movies).

    I bring it up only because it’s Clint Eastwood own perception of himself that he wants us to have.

    I said what I wanted to say. You said what you wanted to say.

    Crossfire got cancelled. I’m not planning to revive it on this page.

  • Ryan Adams

    unconstitutional individual mandate

    Maybe you missed the news. The Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of the affordable healthcare mandate.

    “Those subject to the individual mandate may lawfully forgo health insurance and pay higher taxes, or buy health insurance and pay lower taxes. The only thing that they may not lawfully do is not buy health insurance and not pay the resulting tax.”

    Get used to it. Affordable Health Care is the law of the land.

  • rufussondheim

    Plus there’s no “governemnt healthcare” that you and I can buy. There is no public option in the Affordable Care Act.

  • Erik815

    Ryan, I think Eastwood is being a bit tongue in cheeck with the ‘handsome’ comment, wouldn’t you agree? His appeal probably stems from his iconic status (A large part of the republican base – the 2nd amendment die-hards to be specific – tend to idolize Harry Calahan and the Man with no name), and is only broadened because he has the ‘guy-you-want-to-have-a-beer-with’-vibe. To Eastwood’s credit, his more recent films have taken a very outspoken (and definitely not conservative) view on issues such as gun crime and euthanasia. He is a strong fiscal conservative however, so his Romney-endorsement makes sense. And although I would be against extending the Bush tax cuts, as I don’t believe they can have the desired effect any longer (and they have not sufficiently had it so far), the case against the tax cuts has been oversimplified almost as much as the case against the Affordable Care Act has been by Republicans.

    The loudest voices tend to cloud the arguments, and there is little room left for debate. I’m expecting boring debates once again this year, where rules will be set so tight that there is no real debate, just alternating 30 seconds of slogans, misrepresentations, and thinly veiled insults. A half hour of Jeopardy is more informative. It would be no less enlightening if they replaced the debates with respectively a dance off, a rap battle, and a game of Wii bowling between the candidates.

    PS: Not sure why some people want to ensure that everyone knows their opinion of Timberlake’s acting should be taken as fact, then supporting that ‘fact’ by a string of random factoids mixed in with opinion. Can’t we just agree to disagree? I could probably list 10 films with Tom Hanks which either underperformed at the box office, or in which he overacted, and for each of his successful films I could list other reasoons contributing to their success (He was only supporting! Spielberg made it! It made more money overseas!). A difference of opinion is not by definition a ebate, and a debate is not a competition you need to win at all costs. Can’t we just leave the debate club-antics behind us once we leave high school?

  • Ryan Adams

    I think Eastwood is being a bit tongue in cheeck with the ‘handsome’ comment, wouldn’t you agree?

    Absolutely. Which is exactly what we need in politics. More frivolous nonsense.

  • Ryan Adams

    Plus there’s no “government healthcare”

    Unless you need some mandatory vaginal probing. Move to Virginia.

  • The Pope

    I don’t have a vote in the US elections, but as a European I certainly have enjoyed the last four years a lot more than I did when Pres. Shrub (sorry, little Bush was in the White House). I am surprised and not surprised by Clint’s endorsement of the tax dodger.

    As for the movie… has anyone said it yet… Million Dollar Pitcher?

  • bodjo

    seeing the trailer feel like seeing the movie. looks awfully predictable and forgettable, but there is still a hope for Amy and The Master.

  • Reform the Academy

    “The Pope / August 8, 2012

    As for the movie… has anyone said it yet… Million Dollar Pitcher?”

    Considering he’s not scouting a pitcher and the phrase “trouble with the curve” generally is made in reference to batters, I would say no. If it were a pitcher it would be “trouble with his curve”, but as a ballplayer myself I’m guessing that the title is referring to a batter that has trouble hitting the curve (as in any pitcher’s curve) in general. :p

  • VVS

    clint eastwood in an offbeat rom com with timberlake? no thanks. Quit Clint, Quit!!! Stop ruining your filmography.

  • chrisw


    Not true necessarily. Maybe trouble with the curve really means the curveball thrown in the characters’ lives?

    I’m an independent with a slightly left slant. I think it’s beyond stupid to not see a film based purely on one’s political beliefs. I think if that were the case, I wouldn’t see a lot of films produced around the world, from conservative and liberal alike. I do wish liberals weren’t as provincial as their conservative counterparts. Not one side is right about everything, nor is one side wrong about everything.

  • Anthony


  • Jerm

    I endorse Romney President 2012 and Clint Best Actor 2012!!!!!!

  • Jerm

    I endorse Romney President 2012 and Clint Best Actor 2012!!!

  • rufussondheim

    Both sides sponsor boycotts, if you aren’t aware of that than you are an idiot.

  • SallyinChicago

    Well….I will be blunt. I just don’t like Clint’s voice. He sounds like he’s straining to talk and I can never heard a doggone word he’s saying…I miss half the movie because of his enuncation and articulation and voice tone.
    He needs to stick to directing….just retire from acting…as for Justin T….he must have a helluva manager.

  • Sharon

    It’s BASEBALL. It’s Clint Eastwood. What’s not to like?!

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