Sidestepping questions about his personal life with humor and class. Steering the conversation to Cosmopolis.

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  • Sofina

    The link isn’t working anymore. Btw, has anyone seen the new trailer for Great Expectations? HBC as Miss Havisham is a sight to be hold. =)

  • Natasha

    Might as well respond if the link still isn’t working: Interesting trailer for Great Expectations! I don’t see why this shouldn’t be part of the Oscar Conversation if Anna Karenina and Les Miserable are–it doesn’t look bad at all! Perhaps it will be one of the overlooked?

  • Ryan Adams

    Eoin Daly tipped us to the Great Expectations earlier today. I know people are able to watch it, but I’m hesitant to post. Twice this month I’ve posted material that was unauthorized and within an hour there are PR agents contacting us to remove those items from the site. The subtitles make me wary.

    I’m keeping an eye on how long this trailer is left to stand without being blocked. If it’s still online in the morning with no complaints then we’ll post it.

    Glad I saw it. Thanks for the multiple links.

  • Ryan Adams

    We have a fully functioning official embed now. Sorry about the other one. Shoulda known ViaCom wouldn’t allow a youtube clip to survive.

  • rufusondheim

    Robert Pattinson, with that affected English accent, was clearly trying to exploit the Olympics and avoid answering the question that was on everyone’s mind, “Are you gay?”

  • Bryce Forestieri

    what? I don’t get this brilliance^^

  • joker

    rob has always come off as a classy guy though. you know jon wanted to get some dirt, but he held himself well.

  • Jason

    I think I have realized… his British accent is 100x better than his American accent. Perhaps that’s why I have hated his performances all of this time. Or maybe it was just Twilight.

  • Dragon

    Twilight is like Fox News.

    My favorite quote from last night’s episode~

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