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Avatar 3D Blu-ray Giveaway

Fox announces on Facebook today: “Pandora comes to life like never before with the ultimate home video viewing experience.” For the first time ever, a deluxe 3-disc 3D edition of Avatar can be seen on your home screen. October 16th — a month after 3D Titanic’s re-release on Blu, Sept 10.

Event films like Jaws, Titanic and Avatar are a class of movies unto themselves Their impact on popular culture goes beyond thei aesthetic value to become part of our collective psyche. They occupy an oversized place in the hearts of many moviegoers because the excitement of the matinee imprints the theater experience as deeply as any historical milestone with vivid memories of “Where were you when…” Directors like D.W. Griffith and Cecil B DeMille understood that the spectacle splashed onscreen was its own subject, and they sometimes seemed chose a story just because it was Bigger Than Life. This might help explain how the presentation of The Greatest Show on Earth (“”n Glorious Technicolor!”) made critics and Academy members swoon despite its relatively rickety melodrama. This summer, the AMPAS has been conducting special screenings of films shot in 70mm, confirming that a technology can become its own genre.

We’re giving away 3 copies of Avatar in honor of these technical advancements. You can enter to win one by sharing a theater experience when the science in Arts and Sciences hit you as hard as the art. When buying a ticket to be blown away was an Event that perhaps exceeded the merit of the movie itself but needs no apology because the thrill you felt was so memorable.

The Fox press release for Avatar 3D Blu-ray, after the cut.

LOS ANGELES, CA. (August 14, 2012) – The world of Pandora has never looked better as over 33 million AVATAR Facebook fans were the first to learn of the upcoming release of the AVATAR Blu-ray 3D Collector’s Edition, debuting globally beginning October 15, releasing in North America October 16, from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. A home entertainment experience like no other, for the first time ever, fans will be able to welcome James Cameron’s global box office sensation into their homes in stunning 3D high-definition.

“3D television is the future of home entertainment,” said James Cameron, the Oscar® winning Director. “I’m a huge proponent of the technology and very pleased that AVATAR can be viewed in the living room the way it is meant to be seen.”

“As the number of homes with 3D televisions continues to grow, we thought it was important to bring the biggest 3D film ever right into your living room,” continued Jon Landau, Academy Award® winning Producer of Avatar. “This is the only way fans should experience the world of Pandora and this release offers the highest picture quality possible. ”Previously only available to consumers through an exclusive deal with Panasonic, the two-disc AVATAR 3D Blu-ray Collector’s Edition will feature the original theatrical release and be available in all-new collectible packaging. Seen by more than 310 million people worldwide, the Oscar and Golden Globe winning epic is the highest grossing film of all time, taking in more than $2.7 billion in worldwide box office. It is also top-selling Blu-ray disc of all time.