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British film director Tony Scott, known for such Hollywood blockbusters as “Top Gun,” “Days of Thunder,” “Beverly Hills Cop II,” “True Romance” and “The Taking of Pelham 123,” jumped to his death Sunday from the Vincent Thomas Bridge spanning San Pedro and Terminal Island, according to Los Angeles County coroner’s officials. He was 68.

The U.S. Coast Guard told The Daily Breeze that a suicide note was found inside Scott’s black Toyota Prius, which was parked on one of the eastbound lanes of the bridge. Officials said that Scott climbed a fence on the south side of the bridge’s apex and leapt off “without hesitation” around 12:30 p.m.

Officers from the LAPD, the CHP and the U.S. Coast Guard worked together to pull Scott’s body from the water and bring it to a dock in Wilington, where it was turned over to Los Angeles County coroner’s officials.

Scott, the brother and producing partner of Ridley Scott, is best known for high-octane action movies. The Scott brothers’ company is Scott Free Productions.

His most recent movies were “Unstoppable” and “The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3.” He also was a producer of Ridley Scott’s recent “Prometheus.”

He was also in the process of exploring a sequel to his biggest hit, “Top Gun 2.”

The Vincent Thomas Bridge is a suspension bridge over Los Angeles Harbor that links San Pedro with Terminal Island. It appears frequently in films and television.

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  • Stephen Cross

    Holy shit, that’s horrible. RIP

  • Chris138

    Truly shocking and sad. RIP.

  • APN

    fuck. RIP

  • Yvetteava

    Horrible. RIP

  • Josh

    So sad and tragic. True Romance is easily one of my top 5 movies ever. RIP.

  • Unlikelyhood

    20 years ago, he was as A-list as anyone. Tom Cruise complimented him as the only guy he let direct him twice; Quentin Tarantino begged him to make True Romance. What the heck possessed him to jump off a bridge…RIP.

  • This is so tragic and surprising. My thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family. Man.

  • MicahS

    That sucks a BIG one man! Its so sad, especially when i’ve grown up with this guy and loved all of his movies… RIP. i’ll definitely be praying for his family



  • Chris138

    There’s something going around that earlier reports indicated he had been diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. Until that is confirmed it should be taken as a rumor, but if it’s true then that’s even more sad.

  • Bob in Vegas

    What a loss, on so many levels. His “Man on Fire” was haunting. While watching it, I loved it, hated it, then really liked it.

  • Jerry

    Truly shocking. What could lead him to take his own life when he has two young boys and is very successful? RIP Tony. You are already missed 🙁

  • brian

    True Romance ….
    Stoner Brad Pitt struggling to recall where his friends went, Crazy Gary Oldman fight scene, Christopher Walken vs. Dennis Hopper (one of my favorite scenes in any movie, ever), Patricia Arquette surviving her encounter with Gandofini …

    Yes, Quentin wrote this fine film, but Tony Scott brought it too life like no one else could ….

    Tony, you will be sorely missed … my condolences go out to family

  • moviewatcher

    May you Rest in Peace, Mr Scott. I don’t pretend to be an expert on your filmography, but to me, “Crimson Tide” is the best thriller I’ve ever seen, apart from “The Silence of the Lambs” and “The Dark Knight”. You made action movies with character depth and performances, not just talking heads just saying stuff about how “we are running out of time”. In an action movie, if you want to stand out you have to be different. You can either HAVE character depth (a la crimson tide) or you can have thematic substance (a la dark knight), or you can have both (Silence of the lambs).

    RIP, Mr Scott. You will be missed.

  • Davis

    Were his personal demons so great that he could not see another way out? What a shame and a shock.

  • Simone

    Just when you think someone has it all and had a successful life, they kill themselves. This is very tragic. My condolences to Tony’s family and friends. The heartbreak of the sudden death of a sibling is understated, surely Ridley is devastated and my prayers go out to him.

  • steve50

    Very sad, both his passing and whatever circumstances led to it.

    True Romance is a movie I go back to often and probably the highlight to Tony Scott’s career, for me. He knew how to please his audience.

  • Mel

    This news shocked me yesterday. All night last night after I read about this I kept seeing commercials for the new A&E mini-series “COMA” that is coming out and the first thing the commercial says, “From Producers Ridley Scott and Tony Scott” and it just kept making it that much more sad.

    It starts on Labor Day. Might end up being the last thing he worked on.

  • John


  • TB

    This is beyond sad. I was a fan. During the 80’s and 90’s I watched his movies over and over again. He was a great entertainer, smart and unpretentious. Will certainly be miss.

  • Alboone

    A sad day for movies. Gone too soon. Tony wherever you are RIP brother. You will not be forgotten.

  • Rich

    IMDB is reporting he had Inoperable Brain Cancer, what a tragic end to a great filmmaker.

  • I just don’t understand this at all. What a horrible, horrible thing to happen.

  • brian

    Was kinda hoping for a story from Sasha about Tony Scott. Would love to read that …

  • I always loved TRUE ROMANCE. It has my favorite performances of both Brad Pitt and Gary Oldman. I really liked Mr. Scott’s style that permeated all of his films. To me that’s what makes a great director. I’m glad he was able to go out on his own terms although I’m sad for myself and other film fans for the movies we’ll miss. I hope his family can find comfort.

  • Ruth

    I think if you had to sum up his legacy in one sentence, he was the quintessential director for a friday night in with beer n pizza. A consummate entertainer. Didnt make a great film, but didnt make bad films either.
    Crimson Tide and Deja Vu are the two films from him that standout to me the most. His films tend to be male-targeted, but there are some films in his filmography that are popular with women as well.

    RIP Tony 🙁 The Film world will miss you. Oh, and poor Ridley 🙁

  • g

    So awful, I just read the reports about his brain cancer. I hate to hear of any child losing their father!

  • brandz

    I too heard he had brain cancer. If that’s the case, I don’t blame him one bit for jumping. Takes courage IMHO.

  • AlexandraG

    R.I.P. Tony Scott 🙁

  • micab

    I was very sorry to hear what happened, RIP TS, you will be missed !

  • AD

    RIP Tony Scott. Manhola Dargis has a wonderful remembrance of the director here:

  • Jahanzeb

    Such a sad news. I loved his films. RIP.

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