Pics of Leonardo DiCpario have emerged over at JustJared. He’s looking very dapper. Pic also stars Jonah Hill, Matthew McConaughey, and Jean DuJardin. The plot: “In The Wolf of Wall Street DiCaprio would play Belfort, a Long Island penny stockbroker who served 20 months in prison for refusing to cooperate in a massive 1990s securities fraud case that involved widespread corruption on Wall Street and in the corporate banking world, including mob infiltration.”

More pics at JustJared

UPDATE: A more formal publicity still after the cut.

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  • Yayjesus

    Terrible actor. Desperate for Oscar. Can’t stand him.

  • ezekiel

    Troll. Leo is awesome.

  • moviewatcher

    Yayjesus: yes, he is desperate for an oscar but he’s an amazing actor and he should have won for the aviator over jamie foxx. Another leo/scorsese movie is a great thing in my book.

  • The Pope

    Wow. I lived through that era. I wore those suits, those ties, hung out with guys who wore their hair the same way. They’ve darkened Leo’s hair.

    As for you party-poopers who say that Leo is desperate for an Oscar… name me an actor who does not crave recognition from his peers. Hell, Marty made no bones about his hunger for the statue. So I say, shove off and infest your own blogs.

    Back on point: the great thing about some of Scorsese’s greatest pictures is the sense of anthropology and if, as I suspect, he is going GoodFellas/Casino on Wall Street, the focus on detail will be eye-popping. It has the potential to be laced with fast pace, drugs and oodles of egomania which are the signatures of some of Marty’s best movies.

  • Kevin Klawitter

    I’m 21, so there’s not a whole lot that makes me feel old, but seeing a movie described as a period piece that largely takes place in the 1990s is really getting there.

  • peanut

    [Deleted. Banned. – Ryan]

  • Jesse Crall

    Da fuck is going on in this thread? DiCaprio is BOSS and his continued collaborations with stellar filmmakers in ambitious and intelligent films makes him someone who deserves admiration. Like with Clooney, however you feel about his performances, DiCaprio’s choices as an actor are without reproach.

    And “peanut,” try to avoid handles that reference the size of your dick. It makes your creepy little diatribes more laughable than provocative.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    LOL people are sick jelous of gorgeous, successful, and talented Leo <3

    Jack Dawson 4everRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ryan Adams

    You’ve just been dry roasted, peanut.
    How about I contact Depaul University to report you.

  • Ryan Adams

    Somehow had in my mind that Jordan Belfort was in his twenties when he was finagling all his shenanigans. But I see now Belfort was 36 when he was indicted. Works out nicely for Leo who’s 37 now. And he won’t have any trouble youthing down a few years to cover the early years.

    Added another photo on page 2. The new shot looks more like an official publicity still.

  • The Pope

    You know what nails this latest still from TML? Not the loafers (which I used to wear), but the white socks (which I never wore… with a suit. You know, ’cause I read GQ and not Esquire). Is there a specific term which captures nostalgia AND cringe-inducing embarrassment?

    * TeamMartyLeo ®

  • brace

    he looks like he is trying to look serious and his acting is the same. he makes good movies and i kinda like him but i think he is just not that convincing cause he still looks like a boy to me. a boy who tries to look adult. but he works with scorsese so nobody dares to question him.

  • GoOnNow

    I mostly like Leo as an actor, but it’s amazing how he’s slowly and steadily turning into a piggie, and he’s only in his 30s… yes, some people don’t age well. Kate Winslet is part of that club too.

  • murtaza

    seriously Scorsese should start looking out for different actors now, there are so many more who deserve to be in a Scorsese picture. I’m sick of watching Leo in all of them repeatedly.

  • GoOnNow

    I think the BIG directors choose to work with Leo because he’s one of those convenient choices: conventional good looks + talented enough + a name that brings in those extra millions to the budget of a project.

    On a different note, I just watched “Take Shelter” and I was blown away by the power of the film and the performances. Can’t believe it was so hugely ignored by the Academy. And while I like Chastain in “The Help” I think her work here, as well as in “Tree of Life” and “The Debt” was superior.

  • Jesse

    Di Caprio wouldn’t be the star he is without Titanic. I mean, they keep casting him in alpha male roles but he’s not credible. He doesn’t exude strength, he’s a little soft, and now he’s supposed to be the wolf of wall street ? He doesn’t project ambition or anger, probably because in real life he’s a desperately normal guy who grew up in a leftist pot-smoking family. Tom Hardy and Michael Fassbender will probably never be as famous but they have more range IMO. But they’re not Americans, and we know Americans like their stars to be Americans !

  • The Great Dane

    He is TOO desperate for that Oscar (or even just to be “serious”). Make a comedy, for God’s Sake!

    I’m getting sick of his intense “AAACTING” (which often is nothing more than just that: AAAACTING).

    Some people love Revolutionary Road. I thought it was an embarrasing attempt on BOTH DiCaprio’s and Winslet’s part to get an Oscar. Every scene had them going from one extreme emotion to the exact opposite. Laughing, crying, screaming, talking, whispering, “I love you”, “I hate you” withing seconds. Terrible.
    DiCaprio CAN be excellent when he’s not forcing it, but that seems to be his thing a lot of the times. Forcing it.

    And about the photos: It IS possible to dye hair dark without it looking so red-ishly colored and cheap. Looks real bad in the first picture.

  • drake

    how come nobody complains about daniel day-lewis being “desperate” for an oscar? don’t get me wrong- i love both actors- i think they’re on or near the same level. I just think leo gets targeted because he’s a fantastic actor and a box office success- i think people have a problem with him because he’s both.

  • Kim

    You haters really can´t get enough of DiCaprio, can you? He walks off a bus in a photograph and it makes you go nuts. Well, that´s charisma for you!

    And that is why directors want to work with him, and that is why audiences want to watch him act: he gets under people´s skin. And why does he do that? Because he is not a simple entertainer, he is a true artist who invests his characters with strong and complex and true emotions, and hurls them at you.

  • Jesse Crall

    Well said, Kim.

  • Diego

    Leonardo and Brad Pitt are two who are overdue for an Oscar.

    And Leonardo should should have won for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape while Pitt for Twelve Monkeys.

  • Eoin Daly

    DDL is not desperate for an oscar, he just knows how to pick a good project and if that means he acts every five years I thinm it’s ok.

    LDC is desperate because he will do anything to win like choose J. Edgar.

  • Ryan Adams

    But they’re not Americans, and we know Americans like their stars to be Americans !

    Because there was no outcry in the UK at all when Renée Zellweger was cast in Bridget Jones’s Diary, right?

    Why can’t Hollywood be more like the cinema of Japan or Russia with all that global diversity in the casts of their films, yeah?

    No wonder The Dark Knight Rises bombed in America with all those foreigners in it.

    wtf, Jesse. What other country in the world has a film industry as internationally diverse as Hollywood?

    When is the last time an American movie won the César Award for Best Picture in France?

  • I mostly like Leo as an actor, but it’s amazing how he’s slowly and steadily turning into a piggie, and he’s only in his 30s… yes, some people don’t age well. Kate Winslet is part of that club too.

    Wait. What? What do you mean by piggie?

    Anywho, I’ve been saying since Gilbert Grape that Leo was one of the best actors of his generation. Others have shown up since then but he’s still hangin’ in there. If you don’t think so, you’re watching movies wrong. 😛

    I don’t like the red hair or those suits. The 90s were stupid. lol I looked at that for one second and got a magical memory whiff of Fahrenheit cologne. XD

  • julian the emperor

    Yet another Leo/Marty collaboration. Jesus, when are they going to quit?? The only occasionally successful film they have done together is The Departed and that’s because Leo is only a supporting role.

    With Hugo, Marty demonstrated that he still has some sense of adventure left in him, why not pursue that?
    With Leo onboard we know what we are going to get, another painfully strained effort to AAACT. He just hasn’t got the intuitive skills to be a great actor, period. It is almost painful for me to watch him.
    So while I still love Scorsese and wants him to stay relevant forever, I don’t see it happening in tandem with Leo. For god’s sake, there are so many talented actors out there that he could have tried out: Bale, Fassbender, Hardy…but no, no, he knows that Leo brings a fair amount of box office clout to every thing he is involved in. It’s hard to say no to that marketability, unfortunately.

  • tintin

    The best actor of his generation.

  • kim

    @Jesse Crall

    Thanks, Jesse!

  • Yayjesus

    Did somebody really compare Leonardo DiCaprio with Daniel Day Lewis? LMAO!!! DDL is one of the greatest living actors and already has two of those statues DiCaprio is so desperately trying to win. He is as much on the same level with DDL as Britney Spears is with the Beatles.

  • Carl

    You will all eat your words once he wins for Django this year.

  • Carl

    Plus a guaranteed best actor nom for this or Gatsby next year.

  • Kevin Klawitter

    I think it’s become abundantly clear at this point that the Leonardo DiCaprio hate has moved beyond opinion and instead become a meme that people repeat simply because they’re expected to due to it being considered “funny”, “cool” and “edgy” to say. How else can you explain the same rhetoric used over and over again?

  • Evan

    What the hell’s going on here? I highly doubt Leo’s desperate for an Oscar, but even if he is, that’s fine by me as long as he keeps doing ambitious projects. What’s with everyone wanting him to dumb it down? You’d really rather he star in a romcom than a Scorsese film? Also, people keep complaining that all he does is work with Scorsese, which is another thing I just don’t get. Scorsese’s one of the best of all time, so why on earth is it bad that Leo collaborates with him frequently? It’s an actor’s dream job. Not to mention that by the time we actually see this film, he’ll have worked with Christopher Nolan, Clint Eastwood, Baz Luhrmann, and Quentin Tarantino all since his last Scorsese film. Seems he’s doing just fine with and without Scorsese.

    TL;DR: Leo’s cool. Haters gonna hate.

  • The Great Dane

    Brad Pitt overdue for an Oscar?
    That’s where I HAVE to disagree. The year where Brad Pitt gives the best male performance of the year is the year pigs will start flying. I would give DiCaprio TWO Oscars before giving Brad Pitt one. He is a MOVIE STAR, and that’s great. But he has never been and will never be an AMAZING actor. He has given good (even great) performances and has tons of screen charisma and has been one of the hottest men in Hollywood ever. But he will never be overdue for an Oscar. It seems that ever time he gives a solid performance people scream “give Brad Pitt an Oscar”? For what, giving a solid performance? In what year did he deserve an Oscar? He hasn’t even been NOMINATED for his best performances, and even for THOSE he didn’t deserve to win in a long shot.

  • Jeremy

    @Kevin: Maybe because there’s some truth to it? I haven’t liked him in anything since Catch Me If You Can, and that was a decade ago. It like he latches on to one emotion, then emotes the FUCK out of it. He’s never believable for me outside that flying by the seats of his pants kid from CMIYC.

    He DOES look pretty fun in Inglorious Basterds though, specifically because it seems to go against the grain of his usual Oscar-baity stuff.

  • Kevin Klawitter


    The problem with memes in general is that they’re often self-sustaining: once they become popular, people assume them to be the 100% truth without thinking of them critically at all. It IS true that they often begin with an element of truth, but they are then exagerrated and overblown by “funny” or “cool” repetition and people forget where they came from, only caring about how they ARE.

    Once something becomes a meme, it essentially loses all meaning due to that same context of its use. This is especially frustrating because the reason people keep repeating memes is because of the classic web reaction “lol, so true” when in reality they’re really rather shallow.

    And that’s the reallly ironic thing about most of the criticisms of DiCaprio. He’s often made out to be a really surface-level actor, when that’s only because in an attempt to be “cool”, his critics refuse to look beneath the surface.

  • Julian Walker

    I don’t think that the Leo hate is fueled by some internet meme, I think that there is some legitimate criticism to it. He goes around frowning in EVERY GODDAMNED MOVIE since the Departed, and at times you can see where he is bringing some level of intensitiy to every role since then. He’s not bad, I can still watch him and I will probably see him in this. But still people are entitled to their opinions so don’t dilute their opinions down to some internet meme.

  • GoOnNow

    I was saying Leo’s fat.

  • GoOnNow

    pardon me, in the process of getting there

  • julian the emperor

    Maybe the people possessed by a “meme” are the ones that think Leo is a good actor?

  • rufussondheim

    Les sucks compared to Ryan Gosling. And I think Leo is just swell, even if I find most of his movie choices to be a bit uninspiring.

  • drake

    if you don’t think he’s good you’re in the minority… Scorsese, Nolan, Tarantino are all impressed…

  • Jerry

    Never knew there was such hate for Leo.Why? Anyone know what this movie is about apart from Wallstreet 3: Money sleeping now, thanks.

  • Reform the Academy

    I’m confused…I thought Sasha hated the right wing, so why are there Romney ads on this site?!

  • zmartypantz

    Want proof that Leo is desperate for an Oscar? Where’s his rom-com? Where’s his superhero movie? Where’s his sequel? DiCaprio should be following in the footsteps of past Oscar-winners like Nicolas Cage and Tom Hanks. Then he would get more respect as an actor.

  • Reform the Academy

    As for Leo, I think he’s great and I believe I’ve seen more of his films then any other modern actors aside from Matt Damon and Tom Hanks.

  • Ryan Adams

    Jerry, true story, based n this memoir.

    By day he made thousands of dollars a minute. By night he spent it as fast as he could, on drugs, sex, and international globe-trotting. From the binge that sank a 170-foot motor yacht, crashed a Gulfstream jet, and ran up a $700,000 hotel tab, to the wife and kids who waited for him at home, and the fast-talking, hard-partying young stockbrokers who called him king and did his bidding, here, in his own inimitable words, is the story of the ill-fated genius they called…

    In the 1990s Jordan Belfort, former kingpin of the notorious investment firm Stratton Oakmont, became one of the most infamous names in American finance: a brilliant, conniving stock-chopper who led his merry mob on a wild ride out of the canyons of Wall Street and into a massive office on Long Island. Now, in this astounding and hilarious tell-all autobiography, Belfort narrates a story of greed, power, and excess no one could invent.

    Reputedly the prototype for the film Boiler Room, Stratton Oakmont turned microcap investing into a wickedly lucrative game as Belfort’s hyped-up, coked-out brokers browbeat clients into stock buys that were guaranteed to earn obscene profits–for the house. But an insatiable appetite for debauchery, questionable tactics, and a fateful partnership with a breakout shoe designer named Steve Madden would land Belfort on both sides of the law and into a harrowing darkness all his own.

  • SFrench

    Really, I don’t get you guys ! Why so much criticism about him ?! I’m french, and I can tell you that Leo is quite respected in France, by a lot of people who love cinema !

    Apparently, he seems more respected and loved in Europe than in his own country ! Too bad !

    He does have some similar expressions in his roles, but so does Robert De Niro, or even Daniel Day Lewis, who are considered as great actors by many !

    For me, he’s the best actor of his generation, with Joaquin Phoenix !!! Come on, Can’t you consider great a comedian who managed to nail a retarded child, a lovely young artist, three famous men (Abagnale, Hughes and Hoover) beyond the years, a schizo… ???

    He was pretty good too in “Revolutionary Road”, which was a more ordinary role (I mean not iconic like in his other recent movies) !

    Ok, his filmography has become more repetitive after “The Aviator”, but maybe it’s because nothing else interesting has been proposed to him by far ! When I see the level of the comedies nowadays… oh my goodness !!! (Don’t get me wrong, I feel the same in France, maybe it’s even worse than in America) ! And, seriously, can you see him in a Super-Hero movie (Avengers, Batman, Spider-Man…), or a common thriller ? No ! He deserves more !

    Even if he played a “first time” role in a Paul Thomas Anderson’s film, or in a movie directed by the Coen Brothers, some would still say he does them to get an award !

    Don’t you think there are a lot of other actors who could be the object of that kind of criticism instead of him ???

    I wish there were more actors of his level in France (and the awarded Jean Dujardin is so not the best one in our country !)

  • moviewatcher

    SFrench: I’m curious to think what the French think are the best actors/actresses in their country? Are they more proud of Marion Cotillard than of Jean Dujardin?

  • SFrench

    To moviewatcher :

    Well, What I wrote before was my all opinion, but to answer you, I would say a lot of people like (love ?) Jean Dujardin, who is quite popular, but a lot of others don’t feel the same (or not anymore !) ! For me, he’s a good actor and I don’t have anything against him, but he’s so not the best french one ! I prefer, for example, Vincent Cassel, Matthieu Amalric or Romain Duris to him, by far !

    I don’t exactly know who are the favorite of French people, but Jean Dujardin seems to be one of the most popular actors in France by now ! But a lot of people begin to be annoyed by him, because of his recent success ! That’s a thing I can’t stand and that is quite characteristic about French people : the moment a french actor or actress is too much present in the media and make a career in Hollywood, no everyone but a lot of them begin to withdraw that love, sometimes with wickedness!

    Jean Dujardin, however, has not as much haters than Marion Cotillard, even if I feel the same about both of them : overrated by some people, but also underrated and too much hated by a lot of others !

    Marion is criticized by Public even more than by critics ! She was globally acclaimed for her performances in “La Vie en Rose” and “Rust and Bone”, where she is absolutely fantastic, but many make fun of her since the beginning of her Hollywood career, because for them she’s not good in “Public Enemies” and “Inception” and even worse in “The Dark Knight Rises” ! I agree with that, but why so much hate ?! She has a potential, but didn’t show it yet in her American movies, that’s all !

    That’s it, I’m sorry it was long and maybe I’ve made mistakes ! Big hi from France !

  • moviewatcher

    SFrench: For Some reason, Marion Cotillard seems to be one of those actors which I seem to love for no reason at all. She just popped up in a couple of american movies before I even knew who she was (I didn’t know she’d won the oscar, then). Nine… A Good Year… and when she appeared in inception I was like “WOW!!”. I think that was a great performance she had in that movie. I haven’t seen Public Enemies but I have to agree with The Dark Knight Rises comment. She was horrible in that, but merely because the character was very badly written. I seem to like Cotillard for no good reason at all. And to know that I have yet to see her 2 best performances in 2 french films makes me happy beyond measure. I wish her a long and great career, even if it is for no reason at all.

  • SFrench

    Well, moviewatcher, that was a nice comment ! I don’t love Marion, I just “like” her globally and love her in two or three movies ! I wouldn’t say she was great in “Inception”, she was not that good without being terrible, but that’s my opinion !

    About Leo, I love him and wish him the same you do for Marion !

  • rufussondheim

    I’ve not seen La Vie en Rose, and maybe if I had my opinion would be different, but I’ve not seen Cotillard do anything special. She seems pretty standard. In fact, she’s pretty substandard if you include her final scene in The Dark Knight Rises.

  • moviewatcher

    SFrench: I also wish that for Leo. He is one of, if not the best young actors around.

  • Monica

    Watch La Vien Rose, rufussondheim. She gives the best performance of the decade.
    She was not bad in TDKR. She did her best with the character and was very good in the scene of revelation.

  • Sonja

    Desperate for an Oscar?
    Every actress and actor who feel the slightest chance to get one will do anything to get it. Simple as that.
    That execludes probably only Woody Allen and Kate Hepburn, who have both 4 Oscars but never showed up at the ceremony to accept them.

    If Leo once get an Oscar…. we’ll see, but ironically the older an ACTOR get, the chances to win are getting better than when you’re young.
    For an actrees, especially in lead, it’s the other way round that works the best. The younger, the better (although not TOO young).
    Not always, thankfully, but mostly imo.

  • tipsy

    @zmartypants, I assume you are sarkastic but lets pretend you aren`t, just for fun.

    “Want proof that Leo is desperate for an Oscar? Where’s his rom-com? Where’s his superhero movie? Where’s his sequel?”

    OK, so his determination to avoid obvious crap or star in a movie just because it`s going to make money regardless of quality makes him desperate for the Oscar? More power to him.

    “DiCaprio should be following in the footsteps of past Oscar-winners like Nicolas Cage and Tom Hanks.”

    You mean star in a Ghost Rider and other poop that Cage is associated with these days? Or relaly schmaltzy Oscar bait like ELAIC? No.

    “Then he would get more respect as an actor.”

    What, Leo isn`t respected as an actor? All those top-tier directors vying to work with him, all the critical praise, awards nominations and boxoffice are sign of lack of respect? I`m sure that every actor and actress in Hollywood would gladly give up respect they get from random Internet posters for respect that Leo gets from industry, critics and true fans. Yep.

    Now, if you guys want a really desperate-for-oscar perosn, look no further from Keira Knightley. When her action star career tanked (I ndon`t even know why she pursued that, being a skeleton and all), she turned to oscar baits. And if one-two punch of shcizophrenic real life character and Anna Karenina isn`t Oscar desperation, I don`t know what it.

  • steve50

    “I’ve not seen La Vie en Rose… She seems pretty standard.”

    Her best work is in A Very Long Engagement, The Last Flight and, of course, La Vie en Rose, all in French. I still find her more engaging in English than most anglo actors her age, however.

    Poor Leo – perfectly fine actor who made the mistake of a) having an early massive success with Titanic and b) having been a heartthrob. The former curses you with your colleagues and the latter jinxes you with the public.

    Maybe he should do some indie work for awhile and re-establish himself instead of choosing projects like Gatsby which make him a sitting duck for naysayers.

  • tipsy

    Once again, how`s Leo cursed in any way and who he needs to be re-established for? Seriously, some people here talk about him like he`s Renee Zellwegger or some other no-career actor.

  • Jerry

    Thanks for the synopsis. Never heard of Jordan Belfort but do like movies based on a true story. Sounds interesting.

  • VVS

    the problem with Leo is that he has developed some trademarks (or cliches) which he cannot let go now. He does quite a bit of work to separate his characters from each other. He’s not on the level of Daniel Day Lewis or Gary Oldman by means with his physicality, but even with the choices he makes it’s hard to not immediately recognize him because 2 of his trademarks rely on easily identifiable features …the VOICE and the FACE….his over-enunciated style of speech is present in every role, and so is his squinty eyed manner range of expression…..if he were to let those 2 go ( which I’m sure is very difficult for him at this stage of his development) then the audiences would be more accepting of his various role choices and see the separation between them.

  • d

    I would say he’s sometimes convincing. Catch Me if You Can, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, even The Departed. I don’t think he’s bad in Gangs of New York, even though I’ve heard people say that. He was also very good in Celebrity, I would say. On the other hand, I think he’s often miscast in roles that call for “Great Acting” or impersonation: The Aviator (not that he’s horrible), J. Edgar, Revolutionary Road. He was pretty good in Shutter Island, but I really wonder: was there no one else who would have been a better fit? Even among A-listers?

    He does look good in Django Unchained, even though most people who read the script seem to think he’s miscast. I’m guessing Tarantino adjusted the role for him.

    But talented though he may be, I just don’t think he’s as great as De Niro or Daniel Day-Lewis, both of whom I find pretty much consistently convincing and, in several cases, fucking mind-blowing. I’ve never reacted that way to a DiCaprio performance.

  • tipsy

    “the problem with Leo is that he has developed some trademarks (or cliches) which he cannot let go now.’s hard to not immediately recognize him because 2 of his trademarks rely on easily identifiable features …the VOICE and the FACE….his over-enunciated style of speech is present in every role, and so is his squinty eyed manner range of expression….”

    And yet for completely unknown reason, Keira Knightley, one of the most same-old tick-mannerism-cliche-whatever driven actresses is worshiped around here as the second coming of Streep or something. All actors have some tick or cliche that one can recognize in every performence. Something that they keep repeating consciously or not. Absolutely no one is immune to it. That some actors disappear into character so much so they seem like a different person is an urban legend. They may create one character and then you`ll see that particular character seeping into other roles. Whatever. This is a Leo-bashing thread by the look of it which means he must be doing something right since he has haters. When there are no haters, one must be so worse than anyone else they have no reason to hate.

    “He does look good in Django Unchained, even though most people who read the script seem to think he’s miscast.”

    That`s a news to me that anyone thinks he`s miscast. If anything, they are disappointed that Waltz looks like Landa Lite in this whereas he was supposed to blow everyone away.

  • VVS

    Yes, tipsy.. Knightley suffers from her trademarks in a similar fashion. James Franco too.

  • d

    Knightley doesn’t bother me as much, and she’s at least well-cast in most of her roles, but I for one don’t think she’s the second coming of Meryl Streep.

  • d

    @tipsy: I think Waltz looks absolutely great in Django. DiCaprio looks pretty good too! But that’s what I heard. Still, if that’s the case, I’m sure Tarantino changed the character to suit him.

  • Nobody’s got more ticks than Denzel Washington and he’s got all kinds of Oscars.

    Leo should have won for The Departed. That’s his fault for pushing for Blood Diamond. But I don’t think he’s Oscar hungry. If he were then he would have made some of the moves you guys have suggested, like RomComs and indie movies. And for chrissakes, he’s not fat.

    Keira is awesomesauce. I don’t know what ticks she has that aren’t just her face. But she deserved something last year for A Dangerous Method. She was also very groovy in The Duchess.

    Most importantly bees wish they had knees as amazeballs as Marion Cotillard in La Vie en Rose. Only Charlize in Monster could put up a challenge for that performance.

  • Mattoc

    I read some of the more thoughtful negative posts of Leo, and I understand your reasoning. I don’t share that sentiment but I do understand it. His choice in projects, and I do mean choice, have not been an ideal fit. I don’t think he has even come close to the role he was ‘born to play’. Having said that, the performances in each film have been well above average.
    He is ambititious, you can see that from his interviews and choice in projects, but I’m not sure his end goal is a best actor statuette. I think his ambitions lay in producing or directing.

    As for the comments on his appearance…wtf.

    If you had never seen the man before, and you saw him in the street, would you say he looks fat or ” is not aging well”?

  • tipsy

    “Keira is awesomesauce. I don’t know what ticks she has that aren’t just her face.”

    Pouting, jaw clenching and jaw sticking are freakin more than enough and her voice getting shrill as is her voice getting screechy when she emotes over the top. Extremly annoying. Pouting makes her look vapid, like posing for Playboy in scenes where she`s supposed to emote and jaw tick is irritating and unflattering to her face. Her jaw really grew bigger from doing that. It wasn`t as big in Bend It Like Beckham but by the time A Dangerous Method came out, it grew to Arnie size. And I`m not talking about her overacting in that movie but photos and vids from the red carpet. Anyway, because that facial anomally and screechy voice just won`t go away she appears to me as if playing the same character over and over – herself. It doesn`t help that she is like Julia Roberts sans charisma off the screen – me,me,me,me, I`m the best, I do this better than stunt doubles, me,me,me,me. Stuck up and full of s***. Also, she gave the worst battle speech in history of cinema. Complete abomination that Piracy = Freedom Braveheart rip-off. Chick is so very limited, and is a terrible action actress. I don`t even know why she`s constantly trying to break into action genre since Domino and King Arthur bombed miserably thanks to her and she`s got horrid reviews for her work in POTC3 whose boxoffice nose-dived in comparison to previous movie that didn`t have her as the action star front and center. I`ve heard she tried for Selina Kyle in TDKR and Lisbeth Salander in GWTDT. I honestly was tempted to send Domino to Fincher with a note “You really want to turn GWTDT into THIS???????????????” to prevent him from making a mistake of his life.

    So, yeah, I don`t get the hype and love she gets exclusively on Oscar-debating sites. In real life, I don`t know anyone who likes her.

  • himynameiscole

    that promo shot of him with coffee is right in front of my office building, from the looks of it. i’ll need to keep an eye out for the cast these next few weeks.

  • Don’t be shy, tipsy. Tell us what you really think. 🙂 j/k Well I like Keira so I guess I never really paid attention to those things. But we all have those people we don’t like. I probably shouldn’t tell you, if you don’t already know, that she also plays her teeth.

    I will have to disagree about Julia Roberts having no charisma. She’s a dingbat and I don’t like her, however, seeing her on talk shows over the years she did seem to have a fair amount of charm.

  • julian the emperor

    The second coming of Streep? That sounds scary.

  • tipsy

    “I will have to disagree about Julia Roberts having no charisma.”

    No, no, sorry, I didn`t make it clear. I meant that KK was like Julia-sans-charisma, if Julia didn`t have charisma, because KK is stuck-up and all about KK in every interview and Julia is like that too only Julia is charisma powerhouse. KK has no charisma, hence why Johnny Depp highjacked the whole movie series from her (POTC) and everyone thinks those movies are about Jack Sparrow although writers claim they are actually about KK character. But everyone thinks of him as the lead and her and what`s-his-face Elf as sidekicks and supporting cast.

    And you are right about teeth. That shark smile with squinted eyes. Spot on. That`s where her voice tends to screech too.

  • d

    @tipsy: I don’t see why you need to put another actor down in order to prop DiCaprio up. And that is what you’re doing, because you’re the one who brought up Knightley.

    And I wish we could all stop calling people we don’t know “stuck up” or “full of s***.” I know it’s never going to stop, but it’s just NOT how you criticize an actor. Let’s leave that to the gossip sites.

  • tipsy

    I agree with you that putting one actor down to prop another up sucks. I really just wanted to point out that all the stuff Leo is accused of ( chasing Oscars, having ticks), other actors have as well and I singled out KK because she is a glaringly guilty of all these things yet unexplicably gets a pass around here and AD forums treat her like a Goddess of Acting which is dubious unless it`s a major sarcasm on “worshipper`s” part. That I would understand.

  • Tony

    I think Leonardo DiCaprio never got over being snubbed for an Oscar nomination in TITANIC. The film won, James Cameron won, Kate Winslet and Gloria Stuart were nomimated. Yet DiCaprio, as the main character, wasn’t nominated, didn’t show up for the Oscar ceremony, hasn’t joined Cameron and Winslet in doing any DVD work for the film, and stayed away from TITANIC’s re-release last year. It’s obvious Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t like TITANIC and tries to distance himself from it.

    DiCaprio does give me and many others both on this board and elsewhere the impression that he is overly ambitious and yes, desperate to win an Oscar. He really needs to stop being like that and lighten the hell up and make a frigging comedy already. I also think the Academy Award panel does not like him. Everyone thought he would get a nomination for J. Hoover or Django Unchained but he didn’t. Also, at the Oscar Ceremony, Quentin Tarantino and Christopher Waltz both won Oscars for Django Unchained, and were seated in the audience with the film’s star Jamie Foxx. DiCaprio was nowhere to be found. I think if he got nominated for the film, he would have shown up at the ceremony. DiCaprio’s only truly Oscar-winning role was The Aviator.

  • Tony

    Leonardo DiCaprio needs to remember not to bite the hand that feeds him. He was not the first choice for the lead role in TITANIC. From what I understand, Matthew McConaughey was. TITANIC made both Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet international superstars. I don’t think Winslet is bitter and disliking of the film and it’s success, as DiCaprio is. Although, for James Cameron’s sake, DiCaprio will never publicly admit to his dislike of the film that made him such a phenomenon in the film industry.

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