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  • The Great Dane

    It’s so weird that Hedrrn has finally opened up about “the true Hitchcock”, because if you see her long and deep interviews in The Making Of featurettes on The Bird and Marnie DVD’s she talkes about him like he was a God and her best friend. I have no doubt he did what he did, but why wouldn’t she just refuse being interviewed about him again and again and again over the years, putting on a face and tell how much she loved him? Oh well, maybe she just wanted to please the fans, but still…

    Everyone should watch those Making Of featurettes as companion pieces to The Girl. It will be interesting to see how they play alongside each other as “the true” and then “the sugarcoated” versions.

  • AdamA

    I’ll wait to see it (and do more Hitch research) to cast complete judgment of course, but it’s starting to look like Sienna Miller sure has a nose for screenplays that make great artists out to be heartless pod people. http://www.slate.com/articles/arts/culturebox/2007/02/a_very_nasty_portrait_of_the_artist.html

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