It’s hard to believe a whole year has gone by since the last time we played this game. Last year it was all too predictable and agonizingly so. But maybe things might change up a little this year with wild cards in the mix like Beasts of the Southern Wild or The Dark Knight Rises or Sarah Polley’s odd but moving Stories We Tell. Or maybe none of those movies will be in play. We just don’t know. Meanwhile, Movie City News has launched their Gurus of Gold. We were asked for twenty titles for Best Picture, without ranking them. And here’s how it came out. But you want to click over to see the full list. I was surprised that the Toronto Star’s Pete Howell had the good sense to put down Stories We Tell. He was the only one who had seen it but he knew it was something special.

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  • Craig Z

    Having each person pick 20 just defeats the purpose of the whole thing.

  • The Pope

    Craig Z,
    I don’t think it defeats the whole purpose, as much as currently undermines it. 9 of the 15 of the films on the list have yet to be seen.

  • I think it’s way too early for this this year. I mean these charts have a way of excluding films. And once something is out of the discussion it may stay out. And for most people the discussion hasn’t started yet. So I’m not a fan of this happening right now.

    What I’m saying is there are movies that have been seen that are very good that aren’t on the chart. And there are movies on the chart that aren’t even done yet. This is where predicting is dangerous. It can become a self-fulfilling prophecy and then you end up with a shitty Best Picture while a good movie was over looked because it came out early and didn’t have the usual Oscar-y tell-tale characteristics.

  • “It can become a self-fulfilling prophecy and then you end up with a shitty Best Picture while a good movie was overlooked…”

    — said every smart Oscar watcher since 1927

  • The Pope

    @Ryan and Antoinette
    I think everyone can agree that Around the World in 80 Days was THE best picture of 1956. I mean, I can’t think of any film that even comes close to its majesty. I’ve searched and searched and searched…

  • Bailey

    Wow. Breznican and Olsen must both be having an off day. Bless their hearts.

  • I’m surprised to see Moonrise Kingdom still so high. I think a Screenplay nom is possible, but that might be all. It’s too soon to tell of course, just surprised to see it on the same level as Lincoln, Argo, Les Mis, etc. Would have expected closer to a 7 or an 8.

  • Mel

    It does feel a bit early doesn’t it? So many “oscar movies” we have yet to see…..I feel like it’s either gonna be surprising and BotSW will be Best Pic or what we all figured and Les Miz wins. I really don’t see something like Argo winning best pic or anything middle of the road really. Either an epic or a little engine that could….that’s how they seem to like it.


    Two months from now Skyfall will be on this list.

  • K. Bowen

    Are there going to be five good American-ish films this year? 🙂 It’s not looking like a good year.

  • Jake G!!!

    I know I said this yesterday, but The Dark Knight Rises is the one to beat as of now! Its the best batman film(its my favorite film ever made), just passed TDK at the box office, and it will get in because TDK missed out! I have a feeling there will be a lot of voters voting for it to show Nolan and Batman some respect, and because they wont want to feel societies wrath if they dont nominate it! I dont know what the gurus of gold are thinking, and i definitely dont think its a wild card, its a nominee forsure!

  • Craig Z

    Jake, I’m sorry buddy but wanting something to happen bad enough won’t make it happen.

  • steve50

    1956? La Strada, Giant, The Searchers, Umberto D, maybe? ATWI80D? nah.

  • alan of montreal

    I just saw that Zoe Saldana is slated to play Nina Simone in a biopic. Possible nod when that film comes out? Seems like pretty great casting to me!

  • tipsy

    Down with Anna Karenina. May combined forces of the last Twilight, expended Lincoln and holdover Skyfall steal all audience from it. Reviews aren`t hot and boxoffice disaster would take it off the contender list,right?

  • How is the Hobbit not a lock by now?


    and that was back when there were only 5 NOMineees!

    Great list though.

  • I like how everyone is saying “it’s too early to predict” but they are all at a website about predicting the oscars.

    I say it’s never early to predict the oscars. What does “too early” mean anyway?!

    Here’s to hoping that the Hobbit wins in 2014.

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