According to Steve Pond over at The Wrap, David O. Russell would like his movie to be thought of as an underdog. But that’s not going to happen. According to Anne Thompson, Dave Karger has now joined the list of those calling it a major contender and Steve Pond opens his column this way:

David O. Russell may not want to have this announced publicly, but Saturday’s Toronto International Film Festival brought us a new heavyweight in the Oscar race.

“The Silver Linings Playbook,” Russell’s first movie since the Oscar-nominated “The Fighter” two years ago, came to Toronto without much buzz but debuted on Saturday night in Roy Thomson Hall to a roaring ovation.

Featuring a career-changing performance from Bradley Cooper (Ieft with David O. Russell and producer Jonathan Gordon) and another brilliant one from Jennifer Lawrence, “Silver Linings” is a perfectly calibrated comedy that is also deeply moving; it’s another major step in Russell’s comeback from movie limbo, and a mainstream film with enough heart and clout to immediately figure into a number of Oscar races, definitely including Best Picture.

But Pond does caution:

That much, at least, seems unlikely, though the Academy’s bias against comedy may prevent “Silver Linings” from becoming a frontrunner.

Meanwhile, the Huffpo got in on the Oscar talk too.

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  • The Pope

    Haven’t seen Silver Linings Playbook, but being a comedy didn’t hurt American Beauty. Or is SLP more on comedy than drama?

  • steve50

    These comments are unusually high praise, almost unbeliveable. Considering there was very little advanced buzz – at least in comparison to most so-called favorites – I would dare say we have our first 100% certain pack leader for pic and, combined with her previous success this year, a sure bet for Lawrence, who has so much momentum right now I don’t think there’s anyone scheduled who can catch her. Remember, this explosion came BEFORE Harvey started his magic.

    Moving comedy, eh? I sense the Annie Hall or Terms of Endearment path.

  • A.J

    Jennifer Lawrence will surely get this movie some Hunger Games love

  • Mel

    I’m uncomfortable with the age difference between Lawrence and Cooper and the director’s penchant for fondling his 19 year old niece’s boobs.

  • enotS ahsaS

    Too bad this doesn’t have the quirky indie quality that sometimes does well with the oscars (like Ghost World, Sideways, Eternal Sunshine…, Little Miss Sunshine, Juno). This seems like a mainstream crowd pleaser, an intelligent one at that.

  • I hesitate to question the validity of anyone who uses “Harvey Weinstein” and “magic” in the same sentence. It’s bad enough the SEC has won college football’s national championship for the last 6 years. Do we really need to have a similar distressing prospect from this megalomaniac?

  • Craig Z

    Ugh. You are the worst. You don’t care about the quality of any of these films. All you care about is how money they made, who distributed them or what studio they are for. You are more full of shit than any academy member. You don’t care about quality of film AT ALL. if you do I’ve never seen you talk about it.

    Also Harvey doesn’t do anything that all the other execs dont do. He just does it better. Not his fault he is great at his job. You know nothing about the Oscar and less about movies.

  • JJ

    I saw Anna Karenina and I doubt Keira Knightley will win for best actress. Very average performance and she’s not getting any buzz either. Jennifer Lawrence on the other hand has been getting a lot of rave reviews and praise for her role as Tracy. Critics on twitter are already calling out the shots saying she might win for best actress. However, if she’s nominated for best supporting actress, she doesn’t stand a chance against Hathaway. Will the Academy even give her the Oscar at age 22 and the star of a mainstream franchise? Hope you guys update your Oscar predictions.

  • Mattoc

    I agree the reviews have been unbelieveably positive, and especially so considering the overall positive reviews of the other ‘ award ready ‘ films.

    You would think they’d be complacent or at least feeling festival overload.

  • steve50

    Yes, Mattoc- that’s what I thought. You seldom – no, never – see such ecstacy towards the end of a festival. Many of these critics have seen film after film and even though judgement isn’t impeded, enthusiasm certainly is. Maybe they pumped oxygen into the theatre?

    “‘Harvey Weinstein” and “magic” in the same sentence.”

    Yeah, paulh, “magic” like when the tribemates caught the first guy cooking with fire. He does it better and everyone thinks he’s evil for it.

  • Jon

    I am sure Lawrence will be a lock for a nomination. She is just on fire right now. Depending on the competition, she could be a favorite to win it though I would like to think that if Amy Adams knocks it out of the park for THE MASTER we can finally give her some Oscar gold.

  • Evelyn Garver

    Glad to see raves for lovely Jennifer Lawrence. What’s wrong with the SEC? Gorgeous students, exciting sports, and the best food in America.

  • therealmike

    Don´t forget “Serena” next year. This girl is amazing.

  • Casey

    I hope to see jacki weavers name on the Oscar short list again as well


    ^ One critic described Jackie Weaver’s performance as “warm and daffy”, which is the opposite of Animal Kingdom and a combo Oscar loves from character actors.

    If it hasn’t been posted before, here’s the poster:

    The eyes have it!

  • brian

    David O. won’t win an oscar until he starts making films about old British dudes who stutter

  • JToronto

    I saw the Silver Linings Playbook Saturday in Toronto and the critics are spot on with their reviews. This is a very well developed movie that takes time to develop characters and if you aren’t rooting for them by the last half hour of the movie you need to see a doctor.

    The movie received a two minute standing ovation at the end and might be the audience favourite at the festival.

    Some other thoughts
    Robert DeNiro is excellent, best thing I recall him doing in about 10 years
    Lawrence is a knockout, especially in one scene about 3/4 through that involved a beer
    Cooper gives a great performance, though his good looks can be distracting

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