The One Ring just released several new stills from the Hobbit app.

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  • lucky38

    Beard Porn!

  • Mikhail

    It’s funny that Bombur (pic 11) looks like Gérard Depardieu’s Obélix)

  • Bob Burns

    Tolkien observed that as he aged his writing became “drenched”, if I remember the word correctly, with the regret and remorse of an older man. The primary attraction of The Hobbit is its fresh language and imagery. It was, in origin, a bedtime story, spoken directly out of a young father’s imagination to his four children, with no thought of publication.

    The images we’ve seen are clean and fresh. At the very least it seems we will see depicted the color and light of a world before air and light pollution – or as he would have said, or written, before the shadow.

  • Dave L

    I’m finding it hard to get excited about this film – I mean, I was pretty excited in 2003 for the last LotR film, but that was 9 years ago. Anyone with me on this?

  • tipsy

    Yes, Dave. I really don`t like the book of those prostehtics- heavu dwarves. Very fake and ridiculous. The book is lovely but I really din`t expect them to look like bafoons. remind me of POTC:AWE`s Pirate Lord court. They were also bafoonish and cartoonish though these dwarves are that 100000000 times over. Save Armitage and the guy from Being Human.

    I don`t see what this brings new to the table. Looks like a total rehash of FOTR but with much sillier characters. Freeman looks great, though, should be fantastic in the role. Armitage too.

  • tipsy

    Oh, shoot, my typos are as embarrassing as those comic relief characters. I meant I don`t like the look of those prosthetics-heavy dwarves.

    They look fake on these pictures so I cna imagine how bad it must be in 48 fps. Like bunch of cosplayers. WB made a good call on kiboshing that failed experiment.

  • Is it just me or were the fellowship of the ring a wee bit more attractive than this bunch?

  • tipsy

    Not just you. The cast does skew older – no teenage actors (Wood) or characters who appear to be in their teens like Frodo, Pipin, Merry and maybe even Sam. Even the youngest 20something actor in the Hobbit is 29 years old Adrian Turner while LOTR had teen Wood and Bloom, Tyler and Monaghan were 25-26 when first movie came out.

    And with almost confirmed rumour that ending has changed due to earlier cut, sexy Elves Legolas, Thranduil (Lee Pace) and Tauriel (Evangeline Lilly) are moved to the second movie where we are also to meet hottie Bard (Luke Evans). But damn if Thorin Oakenshield (Richard Armitage) isn`t the manliest and sexiest guy in all 6 movies.

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