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America – Forgetting the Past is STILL Hard

I’ve been catching up with Louis CK on Netflix and I came upon this riff on Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer. I think it’s relevant subject matter because when Lincoln comes out this whole megillah is going to be brought back up again — white roles vs. black roles, how people thought then vs. how they think now, history vs. progress. One thing I like about Louis CK is that he dives right in, Seinfeld and Larry David style, past political correctness.  At any rate, here he is on Huck Finn and the N word:

As a side note: Louis CK got a lot of heat for over-using the “F word” (not F as in FUCK) in his act. But on his TV show he confronts the use of the word by having a gay comic explain to him and his audience why it’s so offensive. I haven’t heard him say it since then on his show.