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Homeland, Game Change, and Louis C.K. win big at the 64th Annual Emmy Awards

Outstanding Drama Series: Homeland
Outstanding Director for a Drama Series: Tim Van Patten, Boardwalk Empire
Outstanding Writer for a Drama Series: Alex Ganza, Howard Gordon, Gideon Raff, Homeland
Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series: Damian Lewis, Homeland
Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series: Clair Danes, Homeland
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series: Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series: Maggie Smith, Downton Abbey

Outstanding Comedy Series: Modern Family
Outstanding Director for a Comedy Series: Steve Levitan, Modern Family
Outstanding Writer for a Comedy Series: Louis C.K. for Louis
Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series: Jon Cryer
Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series: Eric Stonestreet, Modern Family
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series: Julie Bowen, Modern Family

Outstanding Movie/Miniseries: Game Change
Outstanding Director for a Movie/Miniseries: Jay Roach, Game Change
Outstanding Writer for a Movie/Miniseries: Danny Strong, Game Change
Outstanding Actor in a Movie/Miniseries: Kevin Costner, Hatfields & McCoys
Outstanding Actress in a Movie/Miniseries: Julianna Moore, Game Change
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Movie/Miniseries: Tom Berenger, Hatfields & McCoys
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Movie/Miniseries: Jessica Lange, American Horror Story

  1. Friedl says

    Ryan, you have listed all the male winners ahead of their female counterparts.

    That’s quite paternalistic of you. Just an observation. It is a hard convention to buck, but the female actors do work just as hard. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Tero Heikkinen says

    I have seen quite a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory and I find it very funny.

    Personally, I like the bit where Sheldon speaks Finnish in near perfect accent.

    It’s here:

  3. JP says

    @ Tero

    I’m not the biggest fan of Seinfeld in the world although I like it very much… I’m not one of those who think it’s the best comedy ever… but it’s clear it has a very huge fanbase… there are people totally crazy about Seinfeld. And it is, along with Friends, probably the TV show with the biggest fanbase. I think Charlie Harper and Sheldon Cooper will rank among the most beloved TV characters of all time, but will (as much as I liked TAM with Charlie Sheen and love TBBT) their shows be cultural references in 15, 20 years? 30 Rock is an amazing show… but it never had a huge fanbase or will be a cultural reference like those I listed. And will Modern Family last enough time to become a cultural reference in the level of the NBC shows? I don’t think season 1 level has been matched… but still it wins by default. And in terms of Emmy, which show can take its crown? The Big Bang Theory, from the nominees, is the only one with the remote power of doing so… When there is a tv show that’s so dominant at the Emmys, it’s more likely to be defeated by a new show. Homeland beating Mad Men, Ally McBeal beating Frasier, Modern Family beating 30 Rock

  4. Tero Heikkinen says

    Well, we have our own comedy shows. Some of which are witty as hell.

    Friends is something that always works (universal humour and not just American) – even when you’ve seen the episode. I think Modern Family in 20 years will be the same.

  5. Mel says

    Seinfeld is still a huge part of the pop cultural zeitgeist over here nearly 20 years later, Tero. I was not a huge fan, but it was huge and will not be forgotten either. People still drop lines from that show everyday, everywhere.

  6. Tero Heikkinen says

    Mad About You
    The Larry Sanders Show

    Out of these, only Friends will be talked about in 20+ years (like in 2038). Mad About You already died 15 years ago and I’ve never heard of Larry Sanders. The rest are reruns – but only Friends is LOVED.

  7. JP says

    I was kind of disappointed about Veep and I’m definitely not a fan of CYE. Girls i haven’t watched yet. 30 Rock is a show for history but it’s in clear decline. Modern Family wins by default as much as I’m a fan of The Big Bang Theory (MF and TBBT are the 2 shows that will be rewatched and talked for a very long time). Modern Family’s last season was far from great and won by default and I’m really not sure if Modern Family will be capable of lasting for so long as Friends or Seinfeld.

    What category do you prefer? 2012 or, let’s say, 1996?

    Mad About You
    The Larry Sanders Show

  8. Filipe says

    If someone other than Cranston should get an Emmy, it’s Jon Hamm. The guy was born to play Don Draper!

  9. Nik Grape says

    Yeah, but at present you gotta scratch your head a little at the idea that Cranston didn’t win an Emmy for the performance he put in for Season 4 (probably his best for BrBa yet), whereas Damian Lewis will have plenty more opportunities to get an Emmy since Homeland is just getting into the second season this year and BrBa is in its last.

    Anyways, not really a big deal since Cranston did win those 3 previous ones (I thought it was two?). No matter who gets the award, we all of us will still feel like we know what the best TV show is in our opinions.

  10. Nik Grape says

    So the best show on TV gets snubbed (Breaking Bad) but I’m happy for Aaron Paul at least, he deserves it as much as Cranston and Esposito.

    Homeland is a great show though. And I need to watch that Jessica Lange miniseries, she’s swept everything possible.

    1. Ryan Adams says

      Sure we all love Brian Cranston and maybe his performance this year surpassed Damian Lewis.

      But we also love Jason Alexander and wonder why he never won an Emmy for Seinfeld, right? Here’s the reason: Because during the years when Jason Alexander was nominated, Michael Richards and David Hyde Pierce kept winning multiple Emmys. (3 apiece)

      Brian Cranston already has 3 Emmys for Breaking Bad . Does he need another one? Because Mr Cranston sacrificed a 4th Emmy last night, 10 years from now people won’t watch Homeland and wonder why Damian Lewis never won an Emmy.

  11. PaulH says

    I’m just saying that the Emmys need to cut it the eff out with snubbing series that committee cardinal sin of drawing almost 20 million viewers per week because its – gasp! – a ….a…procedural. Ick, the Good Wife gets a free pass thanks to Juliana “never met a Botox treatment I didn’t like” Marguiles. It draws half of NCIS’ audience and guess which show is relegated to,spectator status. That’s just whacked.

  12. steve50 says

    What an amatuerish telecast. Time to take the celebration of the best in television away from the networks and give producing duties to those who actually make the best TV – cable.

    Regarding comments that the ratings are lower for cable shows than network and therefore they should not reap the awards for excellence: more people can probably recognize Kate Middleton’s tits than identify a photo of the recently slain Am. ambassador from Libya. Is that because of superior journalism? One has nothing to do with the other.

  13. rufussondheim says

    Tero, that usually does happen in the miniseries/movie categories, Tero, but not in the series categories (unless you count Maggie Smith) – Glenn Close lost, Don Cheadle lost and each was the highest profile movie star in their categories.

  14. Casey says

    So happy Jessica Lange finished her awards season sweep with an Emmy last night! Hers was my favorite tv performance of the year

  15. Asif Khan says

    Homeland won ๐Ÿ˜€ yaaay

  16. Tero Heikkinen says

    One thing seemed obvious. When there’s a more or less current high profile film actor among the nominees, he/she wins. Same thing happens at the Globes. Or are they just always better? I don’t think so.

  17. The Dude says

    “Itโ€™s a gimmick show and nothing more.”

    Bullshit. One can like or dislike it, but to say it’s a gimmick show is pathetic and indicates you don’t even bother to watch it. There’s NO COMEDY EVER that is as experimental and taking more chances than Louie (and, yeah, I’m including Seinfeld, still the best comedy of all time), in an age where the most popular and award winning shows rely all on the same schtick over and over again and in repetitive jokes (Two and a Half Men and the Big Bang Theory come to mind)

  18. Rebecca says

    Congratulations to Kevin Costner and Julianne Moore! Well deserved!

  19. therealmike says

    Iยดm actually surprised. Didnยดt see the Aaron Paul win coming, at all. Iยดm glad for Claire Danes and Damien Lewis. They were truly breathtaking, but I had huge issues with the writing of Homeland. And I donยดt think it deserved the win for best drama. Breaking Bad, Mad Men and even Game of Thrones were much more satisfying.

  20. Cinesnatch says

    What Lars just said.

  21. Lars says

    Well, yes, we’ll be talking about how Modern Family was extremely good in its first season (one of the most hilarious first season I’ve seen in a long time) and how the decline has been quick (the writing) since the show relied on a lot of repetitive gags and storylines. I lost interest in the 2nd season and basically stopped watching 3rd season. Granted, there’s practically no challenge from other comedies, maybe except Parks and Recreation (too positive or uneven) or Curb Your Enthusiasm (too raw) or Louie (too depressing).

  22. Mikhail says

    Homeland is good but not that good. The rest nominees are better. But ok let’s get award to newcomer. Glad for the actors, though.

    Cryer wtf!

  23. Tero Heikkinen says

    Modern Family is the only TV show I follow really. Outside some miniseries/television movies.

  24. rufussondheim says

    Anyone who claims that we won’t be talking about (or watching) Modern Family 20 years from now really shouldn’t be considered a thoughtful person.

  25. Matty Negs says

    Very disappointed with what should have been the finest hour for Breaking Bad.All they had to do was give awards to Cranston and Esposito and they couldn’t even do that! No disrespect to Aaron Paul

  26. PaulH says

    The Dude: “Louie is…already on the running for best comedy ever, IMO.”

    As Kevin Ryder of LA’s Kevin and Bean show would say, “OH! COME! ON!!” Louie the best comedy ever? A few dozen different comedies say hi before you even GET to MASH. It’s a gimmick show and nothing more.

  27. The Dude says

    JP- Sex and City was awful, and looks very dated these days, even worse than at the time of release. Friends had some very good seasons, but it was never great.

    Louie is better than both of them and is already on the running for best comedy ever, IMO. The 3 seasons of Community are also as good as any other series, although I’m not sure how well if will fare without Dan Harmon.

  28. GoOnNow says

    Maggie Smith is steadily building up Oscar steam!

    Maggie Smith and 2012:

    – Spring and Summer -> Best Exotic Marigold Hotel glory
    – September -> 1. Acclaim for Quartet 2. Another Emmy Win
    – September, October, November, December -> Downton Abbey season 3 works the European turf + more steam for Quartet
    – December -> Quartet is released with Harvey behind it
    – January -> Downton Abbey season 3 hits the USA (the time when Oscar voters are most active they will have her at home on TV)

    Imagine how far things would go if she campaigned ๐Ÿ™‚ I mean she is not even there to pick up her awards!

  29. Gez says

    JP – completely agree its a golden age for Drama but not for comedy.

    I havent seen Homeland but look forward to doing so. It beat out Mad Men season 5 which was IMO its best season and Boardwalk Empire season 2 which was amazing in itself. (I havent seen Breaking Bad either so wont comment).

    A shame Mad Men had to lose this season when it was leagues above Season 4 which it won for but I do welcome Homeland winning. Look forward to watching it.

  30. JP says

    Although Mad Men will probably go to those lists as the TV’s Citizen Kane (The Sopranos… is The Godfather), I was happy it finally lost. Changing a little bit is good. Homeland is a great show. And I think what it’s done is unprecedented. Actor-Actress-Series.

    I heard a lot of people saying it’s TV’s golden age. I think it is… for drama. For comedy, it really is not for me. I can’t see this how this Comedy category is better than the category we had 10, 15 years ago… with Friends, Frasier, Sex and the City…. I think although there are some great show virtually none of them will be talked within 20, 30 years (unlike the dramas). And Friends and Sex and the City will keep being rewatched for decades to come.

  31. PaulH says

    I would have preferred to have NCIS compete in drama instead of the costume epic Boardwalk Empire. Network TV drama isn’t on life support if a show pulls in almost 20m viewers/week.

  32. Lars says

    Maybe I’m just getting older and don’t care about awards shows that much anymore, but this year’s show is one of the worst that I’ve watched. Terrible writing, technical glitches, embarrassingly unfunny sketches, mediocre host, and more Modern Family wins (thought Girls might’ve won something, and Louie should’ve nominated for best comedy). It’s time to skip next year…maybe…

  33. Lars says

    I know Breaking Bad is amazing, especially the last few episodes of season 4, but Emmy has the tendency to award new quality shows, and I wasn’t upset that Homeland won because it is a tense and exciting show right from the start with great acting from Lewis, Danes, and Patinkin.

  34. Lars says

    I know this is ages ago, but did Julie Bowen thank her sister wives???
    Big Love deja vu!!

  35. Pete says

    What a joke. Breaking Bad was THE show.

  36. WillB says

    Huge night for Homeland. Wow.

  37. PaulH says

    ‘Buffy’ nation representin’. congrats, Danny Strong.

  38. Lars says

    Finally a “major” award for Julianne Moore, Well-deserved indeed!

  39. m1 says

    Well-deserved win for Julianne Moore there.

  40. Magically Delicious says

    Why does it look like Ron Howard has been smacked really hard on both sides of his head repeatedly? His temples have become concave.

  41. m1 says

    I admit I’ve only seen the first episode of Homeland, but Danes was fantastic on it and Lewis was impressive as well. Can’t wait to watch the rest of the season (if Netflix decides to send it). ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. PaulH says


    *sits back down and resumes lurking* ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. phantom says

    WOW, YAY, Damian Lewis ! I didn’t even consider anyone else than Cranston, but this victory is ridiculously deserved ! Claire Danes will probably win, too, and if Homeland could pull off Best Drama, I would be ecstatic.

  44. Lars says

    Although I’m rooting for Cranston, VERY happy than Lewis wins for the amazing first season of “Homeland”

  45. WillB says


  46. PaulH says

    Cheadle was robbed. Cryer’s award was subtitled “Best Actor for Putting Up With Charlie Sheen’s Non-Stop Horseshit for 9 Years”.

  47. Lars says

    At least the talented and sweet Aaron Paul got his second Emmy, but was rooting for Esposito in the iconic Gus Fring.

  48. Tero Heikkinen says

    Many of the nominees to me are like: “who?”

    At least they can use film music on TV clips. Like Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

  49. Matt says

    Still can’t get over Cryer. Sweet Jesus.

  50. m1 says

    Ooh, Amazing Race won. Shocker.

  51. Tero Heikkinen says

    This is my first time watching the Emmys. It’s all your fault ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Ryan Adams says

      so sorry, Tero.
      see how it feels to be American?
      not as fun as it looks from a distance, is it?

  52. Walt Gamble says

    Jon Cryer!?!? Jon fucking Cryer!?!?
    I actually like the guy, but the love the Emmys give him is beyond ridiculous

  53. m1 says

    Nice to see wins for Louie and Jimmy Fallon.

  54. Lars says

    TRAVESTY! Jon Cryer just won the Emmy for best actor in a comedy

  55. menyc says

    Anyone that compares LCK to Ullman has never seen LCK.

  56. Lars says

    Wow, the network who’s showing the Emmy is doing a TERRIBLE job with the sound. TERRIBLE.
    Glad Louis C.K. wins the writing (even though I want Amy Poehler to win for the Debate). So bored that Modern Family keeps winning, I would’ve give the Emmy to Merritt Wever in “Nurse Jackie”.
    So far the show is pretty flat, especially the jokes. Even the snark of Kimmel is falling flat…

  57. jorge says

    when the fuck is my sofia vergara going to win his overdue emmy , she is the best thing of modern family!!!

  58. PaulH says

    Aw frak, Emmys; Louis CK? SERIOUSLY? The Tracey Ullman wannabe?

  59. Leocdc says

    Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€ After 5 minutes of horrible publicity I could see the show ๐Ÿ™‚

  60. menyc says

    Louie CK is NO cockroach. Shame.

  61. Leocdc says

    Any livestream please?

  62. PaulH says

    WAR DON CHEADLE! Squash the insurgent Louie CK like the cockroach hs is.

  63. Konrad says

    i’m sure they won’t.
    here you go.

  64. Yasser says

    Thanks alot. Konrad. hope that ABC still lives the awards too.

  65. Konrad says
  66. Yasser says

    Please any live stream? supply us. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Ryan Adams says

      we’ll keep an eye out, Yasser.

  67. Konrad says

    any livestream?

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