Several readers have written in wondering why I have been ignoring the potential for Barbra Streisand Best Actress action from The Guilt Trip. The only reason is that it’s a goofy comedy, not the type that usually gets Oscar attention. BUT who knows, right? Beloved icon, great role -anything could happen. What draws my attention to the project, though, is that it was directed by Anne Fletcher. And god knows women directors need all of the publicity they can get in this day and age.

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  • Erik Anderson

    This is pure Golden Globe material. There is NO WAY she’s going anywhere near Oscar with this.

  • Why is “Stories We Tell” in the Contender Tracker? Isn’t that a 2013 film?

  • I disagree with Erik.

    Yes, Chances are VERY SLIM.

    However, this is a year for slim pickins’ in the Best Actress race. Anything could go.

    She’s not on my short-list and I don’t see it happening, but I won’t go on the record yet that it’s no happening.

    God I love Babs. Is Gypsy happening or not?

  • Diego

    She acts the same in every movie.

    Fockers…and now this.

  • JJ

    Do you really like 27 Dresses and The Proposal? It’s nice and all that Anne Fletcher has XX chromosomes but as a director she’s crap.

  • jms67

    Very respectfully: There is no way this is going to happen. NONE.

  • LoyalT

    I actually enjoyed both 27 Dresses and The Proposal. Not Oscar movies. Just unpretentious decent and entertaining movies.

  • Mel

    What about this new movie coming out with Viola Davis and Maggie Gyllenhaal? The title is something I would have titled a 5th Grade essay, but it looks like the kinda poo Oscar people love and Davis and Gyllenhaal are both past nominees.

  • Hmm… She looks funny. Maybe she can get one back from the mirror.

    This is the first I’ve heard of this movie. It doesn’t look Oscar-y.

  • What were people saying about Something’s Gotta Give nine years ago around this time?

    (Granted, the AMPAS would likelier nominate Diane Keaton for acting before Babs)

  • Jason

    Hope it’s funny. She’s playing his grandmother, right? The fingernails are ridiculous with the kitchen.

  • Pierre de Plume

    Actually, it looks like it might be a lot of fun. Streisand doesn’t seem to be playing the same character from Meet the Fockers.

  • Glenn UK

    I think Barbra has a good chance of breaking into Best Actress. Things are going to be really high profile for Barbra from now on and AMPAS will see that. Concert tour October/November, 50th anniversary celebrations (which includes a 12 DVD box set of never before seen stuff), Gypsy (which is still going ahead), directing Skinny & Cat – Barbra is pulling out all the stops after what seemed like many years of being semi-retired and building houses. I could see AMPAS wanting to acknowledge Guilt Trip and 50 years in the business.

  • therealmike

    Remember, when Cher, Liza Minnelli and Barbra Streisand were all nominated for a Razzie in the same year? A lot of Drag Queens died that day.

  • She acts the same in every movie.
    Fockers…and now this.

    Yeah, I suppose that’s every movie right there. I looked up Barbra on IMDb – she only has 20 acting credits to her name, including this, but you’ve succeeded in naming two of them, so well done.

    At age 41, she played a woman who convinces a community of Jewish men that she was a teenage Jewish boy. I wasn’t buying it, but many did, and it’s at least proof that she’s capable of at least attempting different characters.

  • mark

    well it looks like she is having fun and hopefully left the diva type antics in the past as they ruined potentilly great films like the prince of tides

    b/actress gg m or c


  • Manuel

    Oh God! The gay mafia really cant get enough of Babs. I have never and will never like this woman. She is not a good actress, but a great singer. Enough said

  • caleb roth

    Gender issues are not gonne make me anticipate an Anne Fletcher movie. I hate that awful directors like her, Nancy Meyers, the late Nora Ephron, etc, get this kind of goodwill only because they are women. Let’s talk about Andrea Arnold, Sofia Coppola, Jane Campion, Kelly Reichardt, Lynne Ramsay, Asia Argento, Catherine Breillat – they need goodwill, because they are as fantastic as a lot of male directors and don’t always get the same recongnition.

    But Anne Fletcher? All her movies aim is money, there is zero artistic ambition. If she were a man, she would direct Jean Claude Van Damme (Sandra Bullock is a male Van Damme, clearly, since her kicks are her smile and the movies still have zero brains) movies and would never get this pass.

  • caleb roth

    when I mention Bullock, I mean specifically the The Proposal mode

  • Five Easy Pieces

    I saw this at a test screening nine months ago when it was called “My Mother’s Curse” and I thought it was really cute and fun. It’s not an Oscar movie but it’s light and enjoyable and Streisand could get nominated for a Golden Globe.

  • rufussondheim

    As a child, I really like What’ Up, Doc. She’s a good comedienne. But Oscar Material, unlikely.

    But many younger people forget how major of a star she was in the 70’s and even the 80’s. There’s really no one comparable in today’s culture.

    As for that, one thing that contemporary viewers of Yentl always forget is that we have gender issues and women dressing more like men and men adopting some traditionally female fashion practices. But back around 1900 when this story took place, that just wasn’t the case. It was completely unknown to people, swapping genders. If someone said they were a man, they were believed. (Not to mention, certian issues such as facial hair were addressed in the film) I think it’s a non-issue people like to make an issue for an easy way to dismiss the film.

  • Tom Dewey

    This is NOT Fockers material. It may not be top drawer Oscar comedy material (whatever that is), but it is NOT Fockers material. Having said that, Oscar voters will prob. pass on this one to see if “Gypsy” happens. But for those naysayers- I can only say: Helen Hunt, Diane Keaton, Sandra Bullock etc. Not that Barbra is equal to or better/worse than them- just don’t underestimate her and her appeal. Golden Globe Nom for comedy, however, is a given.

    And by the way- to the snarkass who asked if Barbra is playing Seth Rogen’s grandmother— she was 68 when this was filmed but looks like sixty- and he is around 30- so what’s the problem? So little respect for mature women out there- very sad.

  • d2


    With your logic, Cameron Diaz would be a possible Best Actress contender for “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”

  • Yvetteava

    I agree with Erick…maybe GG but that’s it. One of the most important things on the GG agenda is to get the biggest stars in attendance which is obvious after they nominated Angelina Jolie after The Tourist. That was insane.

  • Nik Grape

    In the words of Johnny Mac….you cannot be serious.

    GG nomination, if that. If she gets an Oscar nomination for this, the awards will officially be branded a joke.

  • Rachel

    Really? So you haven’t seen shit and all that’s available is a clip but you can for certain say that the awards will be branded a joke if she’s nominated. They must still be waiting for that branding after Madeline Khan, Kevin Kline, Melissa McCarthy and a ton of others have been nominated.

  • tim

    not for this but definitely for GYPSY, where she sings —
    never has an actress been better suited for a role, and it’s one of the greatest roles ever written for an actress. But GUILT TRIP looks like fun

  • Glenn UK

    Quite funny how so many can dismiss Streisand’s comedic work and yet they think nothing about saying Queen Meryl has earned an 18th nomination for her latest comedic offering. The Guilt Trip is not an out and out comedy ….. its a dramedy. It’s not slap stick. When some of you know what you are talking about ….. then comment!

  • Nik Grape

    @Rachel: yes. I know how it sounds but I’m going by gut-feeling when I say that. This doesn’t look like a Bridesmaids or A Fish Called Wanda (one of the best comedies from the past 40 years), so please. I’m not saying that the Oscars will be a joke because this movie is light and comedic, but because that one clip shows exactly the type of character Streisand is going to play i.e. the stereotypical Jewish mother, the jokes will circle around her throwing all kinds of guilt at her son in … The Guilt Trip… get it?! They are taking a trip…and she is guilt tripping him!! That’s so witty, it screams Oscar.

    I’ll be the first to eat my words if this comes out and becomes a classic like Wanda, or makes me laugh hysterically like Bridesmaids, but I seriously doubt it.

    And Glenn, no offence but, when you compare Barbara Streisand to Meryl Streep, you can’t expect many people to think you know what you’re talking about. No one said anything about slapstick or this being just a comedy and not a dramedy, why are you bringing it up?

    We’ll see when this comes out, but I’m standing by what I said. This isn’t coming near the Oscars.

  • Glenn UK

    Nik the post was not strictly directed at you – others posted negatively! I actually prefer Streisand to Streep – its a personal opinion and one that I am entitled to.

    By the way Nik – its Barbra – drop one of the A’s as she did!!!



  • Heshi

    Haven’t seen the film, but read the script. It’s a great role for Streisand. Filled with humor and wonderful emotional moments. She’ll knock it out of the park. And all of you assholes clearly don’t remember that this Streisand is an astonishing, accomplished actress — crappy Focker movies aside. So shove it, dickwads, and wait and see what a huge hit this movie will be.

  • SAG Actor

    If they push her for supporting, she may have a shot. But as Best Actress, I have three words for you: Debbie Reynolds – Mother.

  • Sue Ann

    That haters will hate, the likers will like…and the world goes round. Now, considering the probable: A Golden Globe nomination is almost assured. I saw an early preview screening, and the movie is far better than I had expected. It was funny and sweet. I thought both leads were good and entertaining. The role, even when considered a “comedy-drama,” just doesn’t have the weight to be an Oscar contender. (And yes, I remember Keaton, Roberts, and Hunt’s nominations, but I really can’t compare the Joyce Brewster part in TGT as having the same appeal, showiness or impact as those “showcase” roles had. The category of Best Actress for this year’s awards is already heavy with worthy (IMO)performances. Like many others have voiced (those who have seen any of the early previews), I just don’t think it’s a part in which the sum of the parts will equal the what’s necessary for an Oscar recognition. At the Oscars, fair or not, the dramatic roles tend to rule. I do predict a GG nom, as they look for comedic excellence, but no Oscar recognition. Side Note: If her name’s over the title, a supporting nomination is condescending and unfair to the real “supporting” players. It’s pandering and insulting. (“Listen Barbra, there’s no chance for a Best Actress nod, so let’s do this and you’ll surely get a nom and beat those other 2nd tier nominees. You’re Barbra Streisand. Like Shelley, Maggie, Ingrid, Jessica, even Nicholson, they love to give this in to the BIG stars. It’s a third Oscar…come on. What do you say?”) The problem is, she’s in nearly every scene and most definitely the co-star of the film. So if anyone’s thinking along those lines, I hope they scratch that idea.

  • Gerard

    I am still trying to figure out how any of you can make even an educated guess one way or the other? No one has seen this film yet!!!!!
    Streisand is already a two time acting nominee for the Oscar (and should have had nominations for at least three others)….I am so sick of Streep who ended getting her Oscar last year for a less than deserving performance…(She should have won for any of at least a dozen of her other performances, this last one, ah, no!)….

  • Glenn UK

    Gerard some people have seen the movie and most if not all have praised the film and Barbra. I think the movie has had 5 test screenings in LA which is why there is some talk about award prospects. Paramount moved this movie from Mother’s Day this year, then to Thanksgiving and now they have pushed it to Christmas Day because they feel they have a winner and they consider Barbra’s performance to be something special. And if you want to read where that information came from then check out the Streisand forums and those in close contact with “Barbra’s people”!! Time will tell but unfortunately Oscar isn’t very comedy friendly in the main categories.

  • Joe Naughton

    Hepburn won for “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”, Glenda Jackson won for “A Touch of Class”, Cher won for “Moonstruck”, Loretta Young for “The Farmer’s Daughter”…why not Barbra Streisand for “The Guilt Trip”? It has the makings of a big hit, and wouldn’t it be “funny” if the Academy, who hasn’t responded to her serious performances or direction, award her for a comedy? No one thought Patricia Neal had any Oscar moments in “Hud” so we won’t know until they open the envelope.

  • SJ Perkins

    I just read all of the comments. Apparently, some posters here have never seen “The Way We Were”, “Funny Girl” or “Nuts”: three of Barbra’s best acting roles ever. Fockers? Please. That was child’s play. Try watching “What’s Up Doc?” (70s) to see Streisand’s true comedic ability. She and Ryan O’Neil were hysterical in that film. It was one of the best slapstick comedies ever…and I’m a film buff of the last five decades or so. Also, for those of you who don’t know..I just looked it up…Barbra already won a Best Actress Oscar, for Funny Girl back in the 60s. At the time, she was the youngest actress to ever win a Best Actress Oscar. She CAN ACT. And trust me, I’m no Streisand lover. But I give credit where credit is due.

    In any case, it looks like she’ll certainly be nominated for “Gypsy” next year. I look forward to this (The Guilt Trip) as a light, fun comedy that certainly has Oscar potential for Barbra and Seth both, as well as for direction. Anne Fletcher’s films aren’t anywhere near my favorites, but they’re damn successful. Anne is a great director and that has nothing to do with gender. She’s great at what she does. Period. If she wasn’t so good at what she does, her films wouldn’t be doing as well as they are. So, to all of you “haters”….keep on complaining if that’s what floats your boat, but Fletcher has more flippin’ money than you’ll probably ever see in your lives, because she’s damn good at what she does. She’s using her talents. Maybe if you all try figuring out your own gifts and talents and find what YOU do best, you won’t have the need to attack those who are more successful than you. Jealously is a mighty ugly animal. And frankly, it’s annoying for those of us who are actually adults. Grow up.

  • Matt

    I don’t think this is a goofy comedy from people who’ve read the script. Very concerned with how it’s being sold! Guess they know what they’re doing.

  • Devin Larue

    I was at an early screening of The Guilt Trip and I can tell you that it is classic Barbra Streisand and Academy Award Best Actress worthy! Her acting is amazing in this. You’ll see.

    Barbra’s back!

  • samka

    Just saw The Guilt Trip yesterday. Streisand should be in contention. She gives a subtle, extremely touching performance. Very surprised she is not getting more attention. The acting she did with here eyes was amazing.

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