Ugh. In case you need a reminder what a government tangled up with religious fundamentalists would be like.

(Jakarta Globe) Iran said on Monday it would boycott the 2013 Oscars to protest against the making of a crude anti-Islam video in the United States that has caused outrage throughout the Muslim world.

Despite tough censorship and the repression of leading film makers, Iranian art cinema has earned international acclaim over the past 20 years.

Asghar Farhadi’s “A Separation” won the Oscar for best foreign language film in February, the first Iranian film to do so.

Culture and Islamic Guidance Minister Mohammad Hosseini said Iran would boycott the next Academy Awards “to protest against the making of a film insulting the Prophet and because of the organizers’ failure to take an official position (against the film),” the Iranian Students’ News Agency reported.

He also urged other Islamic countries to boycott the Oscars.

Who’s being punished? What filmmakers pay the price for the sustained idiocy? Iran’s submission for Best Foreign Language Film was to have been Reza Mirkarimi’s dramatic comedy “A Cube of Sugar.”

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  • unlikely hood

    One silver lining, never mentioned in the press, of this ongoing tragic episode is that despite many, many, many – and I mean many – post-mortems, Film is Not Quite Dead, is it? Or at least, narrative on a screen filmed in a standardized method (say, LS-MS-CU, 3-point lighting, invisible editing) has not lost ALL of its power to compel reactions. Sometimes it seems that we at AwardsDaily are merely partying on a glacier that is slowly melting away. Not in this case.

    By the way, that “trailer” is reprehensible and gives torture porn a good name. But hey, just saying.

  • I can’t really think to do anything but shrug. Last year was a fluke for Iran and I imagine they will pull out of all future contests anyway.

    With any luck people like Asghar Farhadi will flee that country.

  • In case you need a reminder what a government tangled up with religious fundamentalists would be like.

    NICE! 😉

  • Cyrus

    Sad day for Iranian filmmakers in Iran. As an Iranian myself, it saddens me to see how this regime continues to starve its people and artists of any opportunity.

    On a happier note that brilliant Iranian filmmakers like Abbas Kiarostami, Bahman Ghobadi, Asghar Farhadi are making films outside of the country.

    As many of you know A Separation was the last film to be made prior to the increased sanctions and restrictions on filmmakers in Iran. And truly its ending really speaks truths to the future of Iran, it is truly in the hands of the youth who make up the majority of Iran.

    Asghar Farhadi’s next project is being filmed in France with Berenice Bejo (sadly Marion Cotillard pulled out I think due to scheduling conflicts)

    I still hope one day freedom will be a reality in my country

  • Mattoc

    It’s not about Country’s, it’s about films.

    AMPAS should issue a sub clause/rule to eligibility conditions protecting filmmakers fom their governments in such a situation.

    Submit the trailer we’ve just seen. I’d vote for it, and forsake Amour.

  • Jerry

    This is just an excuse by the government in Iran to sideline the filmmaking community. It’s a damn shame.

  • if muslims decide to do a film by making fun of holocaust.. i would dare to say israel (or in fact some jews in the US) to boycott oscars..

  • glebe

    AMPAS should just accept A Cube of Sugar anyway. I know they have rules to follow but this seems like a case in need of an exception.

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