Long may they reign, thanks to the powers behind the throne.

(MovieLine) Colin Firth won an Oscar playing Britain’s King George VI in the 2010 historical drama The King’s Speech. And Dame Helen Mirren won her Academy Award playing the current U.K. monarch Queen Elizabeth II back in 2006 for her role in The Queen. Now both are set to wear their crowns again in two separate projects.

The Press Association U.K. said that Firth’s new film is in the “very early stages,” but Bonham Carter and fellow King’s Speech co-star Geoffrey Rush are also likely to return. In this follow-up, Firth will return as George VI during the dark days of the Blitz, in which Buckingham Palace along with much of London during frequent night raids. Along with a Best Actor win for Firth, The King’s Speech won Best Picture, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay.

Mirren, meanwhile, will take on the role of George VI’s heir, Queen Elizabeth II in a new stage play written by The Queen author Peter Morgan, according to The Guardian. Stephen Daldry will direct The Audience, which will explore her confidential meetings with her long line of British Prime Ministers from her first as a young Queen, Winston Churchill, to the current office holder, David Cameron. In The Queen, she meets with ’90s-era P.M. Tony Blair (played by Michael Sheen) around the time of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales capturing a period of great tumult for the British royal family.

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  • I wonder how long it’ll be until The Audience is brought to the screen. Seems inevitable.

  • Ryan Adams

    Any other actors or actresses who have filmed a reprise of their Oscar-winning roles?

    Michael Douglas Gordon Gekko springs first to mind. Help me out. Headache. Can’t think.

  • Filipe

    Cate Blanchett reprised her role as Elizabeth and she was nominated both times.

  • david

    WOW a reference to Ths King’s Speech without the usually tirade about the Social Network being robbed of the Oscar.. Yahoo

  • smoothcriminal

    Insert Social Netowrk comment here.

    But seriously, I wouldn’t mind seeing two more of these, I loved the Queen and there is definitely tons more material to work with in her lifetime. I’m less excited for TKS round two, but if anything you know the acting will be great.

  • phantom

    Shirley MacLaine reprised her Oscar-winning role in ‘The Evening Star’, Jodie Foster came close, but in the end turned down ‘Hannibal’ and Cate Blanchett did an ‘Elizabeth’ sequel, but she didn’t win the first time around…although she might be the only actress who scored TWO Best Actress nominations for the same role.

    I don’t think a ‘The King’s Speech’ sequel is a good idea, in my opinion, the film isn’t aging well, I watched it a few weeks ago, and it felt like an expertly executed Masterpiece Theater film. Nothing wrong with that, still a brilliant, definitely Oscar-worthy turn from Colin Firth, but the film as a whole just simply isn’t a memorable one, certainly not ‘Best Picture’ kind of ‘memorable’. They should be happy with the insane Box Office (400M+ for a British arthouse fare with a 15M pricetag) and the semi-unexpected/arguably-not-deserved Oscar-love (Actor, Picture, but ORIGINAL screenplay and DIRECTOR?) and just leave it at that, while people still remember it as a SUCCESS, and not just ‘you know the undeserving bp winner with the failed sequel’.

  • steve50

    Any other actors or actresses who have filmed a reprise of their Oscar-winning roles?

    John Wayne (Rooster Cogburn), Hopkins (Hannibal Lector).

    Peter O’Toole (Henry II) didn’t win, but was nominated twice (Beckett and Lion in Winter) and should have won at least one of those.

    Just off the top on my head.

    Would add another “insert Social Network comment here”, but saving myself for later in the season.

  • JFK

    Ryan, I noticed the phrase “stage play” used in referring to The Queen prequel, can you confirm whether or not this will be for the stage or screen? It sounds like the former.

  • Dave L

    Play news – cool. Sounds interesting.
    Film news – so sad. Why can’t we just leave the good films alone? It has an excellent ending and a sequel seems totally unnecessary.

  • I am always forever weary of sequels, but the firth project sounds interesting. And I didn’t care for kings speech.

    Of course, would love to see mirren take the stage on anything. So classy.

  • Jack ppalance city slickers curley’s gold marathon push ups!

  • Tommy lee jones US Marshall’s.

  • SFMIke

    and of course Pacino was twice-nominated for playing Michael Corleone; once supporting and once lead (and should’ve been a third time IMHO).

  • Roger

    There is Greer Garson who won for Mrs. Miniver and also did The Miniver Story. Bing Crosby is Father Flanagan in Going My Way (Oscar winner) and The Bells of St. MAry; Barbara Streisand for Funny Girl and then did Funny Lady; George C. Scott actually did a TV movie, the Last DAys of Patton once again playing the title character that won him an Oscar; Gene Hackman won for French Connection, played the role again in The French Connection 2; Don Ameche, Cocoon and Cocoon: The REturn; That’s all I can think of other than the ones already listed.

  • Linus

    George C. Scott in the tv movie The Last Days of Patton. And Gene Hackman in French Connection II

  • Aaron B


    Bing Crosby reprised his Oscar winning turn in “The Bells of St Marys.” I actually greatly prefer that film to “Going My Way.”

    Warner Baxter played the Cisco Kid a few times (“In Old Arizona” is pretty bad, though)

    Streisand in “Funny Lady.” I didn’t even know this existed.

    John Wayne in “Rooster Cogburn.”

    Gene Hackman in “French Connection 2.”

    Anthony Hopkins in “Hannibal” and “Red Dragon.”

    That’s all I got.

  • Aaron B

    Damn you, Roger!

  • Off with their heads, I say!

  • keifer

    Spencer Tracy was nominated for Best Actor in 1950 for “Father of the Bride” and reprised his role as Elizabeth Taylor’s father in a follow-up film, “Father’s Little Dividend”.

  • Mattoc

    Cloris Leachman is Last Picture Show and Texasville.

  • nwh2787


  • nwh2787

    Wow seriously was not expecting that to happen. I don’t think the Academy will nominate and give Colin Firth an oscar for this next film. We get it the point Hollywood.

  • Mattoc

    Ooh, and Paul Newman in The Hustler and The Color of Money.

  • keifer


    Oh my god. What an oversight . . . Paul Newman! Of course!

  • Aaron B

    Although, technically he didn’t win until the second time playing the character. Right?

  • Aaron B

    Although, technically he didn’t win until the second time playing the character. Right?

  • So many male reprisals. Why didn’t Muriel Pritchett get her own movie? Or Mona Lisa vita? Marge gunderson! Annie Wilkes!

  • Whoops never mind on that last one.

  • steve50

    Great idea! I want more Marge Gunderson. She’d make a great series – Miss Marple of the High Plains.

  • Ryan Adams

    not sure if you heard, steve50, but Cinesnatch isn’t kidding around.

  • Rich

    If it said “Stephen Frears (director of The Queen, The Deal, Dirty Pretty Things) will direct ‘The Audience’, I would have been excited, but honestly I have no love for Stephen Daldry doing it.

  • rufussondheim

    Mira Sorvino won an Oscar for playing a whore with a heart of gold in that Woody Allen movie. And times have gotten so tough for her since then that she revised the role the other night on Hollywood and Vine, although that wasn’t filmed for a movie.

  • Jerry

    I loved the King’s Speech but thumbs down on a sequel. The Queen prequel on the other hand…yes please. On the big screen please. 😀

  • steve50

    “….Cinesnatch isn’t kidding around.”

    HOLY SHIT! You made my day! I love that character – smart, very funny, and a real streak of plain decency. And on cable, to boot.

  • RE: Fargo

    *Slaps forehead* that’s crazy, right?


    RE: Mira Sorvino

    She has four children and gets to come home to this hot piece every night who is 14 years her junior (and has been married to for 9 years): http://tiny.cc/cqy7kw

    She campaigns against human trafficking, works with Amnesty International, and is a Goodwill ambassador. She’s got six projects in the can and she continues as a producer. She often plays characters now who are child advocates, not hookers.

    And she’s had a beetle excretion named after her.

    Is she a ‘film actress proper’ seeking out another Oscar. No.

    But, she could be doing much worse right now.

  • Do. Not. Want.

    However, Seth MacFarlane just said on Leno that he’d like to do a sequel to TED. So that should bring balance to the universe.

  • Mattoc

    Aaron B, yes you’re right. But I’m not sure there are rules to the game Ryan created. I can draw a very long bow with these things. I took the reprise bit and made it fit into my logic (i did see The Color of Money first)

    One more crack and I’ll start with nominees and mention Stallone.

  • when I watched the Julien Temple documentary ‘London – Modern Babylon’ at Tiff, there was a great segment that covered the London Blitz era and a reference to King George VI, and now hearing about this sequel to the King’s Speech, it’s brilliant because there is a real story behind the plot. As someone who loved the King’s Speech, I know I’m going to enjoy this second film.

  • Jim

    Ah, Phantom had to get in there and take the digs at King’s Speech. Obviously still can’t let go that it beat Social Network. So, who else has said the film isn’t aging well? What are DVD and blurry sales doing, might want to look at that Phantom. Oh well……

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