Welcome to the first episode of Oscar Podcast.  Craig Kennedy of Living in Cinema, Ryan Adams and I discuss what films we think are doing well in the Best Picture race. Craig reviews Frankenweenie and we discuss the glories of Looper.

Have a listen!

The itunes link will be live soon.


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  • arjay

    Sorry about Oscar Poker. But I had always kind of hoped 3-way moviegasm had become “the podcast” – you guys have a good dynamic and plenty of knowledge. I hope you stick with it this time. All the best.

  • What rock do you have to be living under not to know by now that Les Miserables is the long awaited (25+ years) film version of the broadway musical? Really? Didn’t any of you see the show in the last couple of decades? Really?

  • Christophe

    Nominations are supposed to narrow down the field to those few contenders that actually have a shot at winning an Oscar. There’s little to no chance that a movie that can’t make it into the TOP 5 will win BP. I’m pretty sure most BP winners (if not all) were among the TOP 3 movies during the nomination process, so why go beyond 5 BP nominees?

    Of course, the move was designed to include more crowd-pleasing movies into the field, but since that didn’t even work, I’m looking forward to the day they get back to only 5 nominees, as it should be. But even more so I’m looking forward to the day the studios will at least try to make good movies again, so they can be nominated again.

  • Jamie, you’re asking the guy who forgot Brave came out this year.

  • You guys mentioned that Pixar has never lost when they had an original film nominated, but cars lost to happy feet

  • Christophe, I’m fine with 5 nominees. But my point was that Oscar needs to make up its mind and either go for inclusiveness with 10 or just forget it and stay snobby with 5. Pick one or the other because the middle ground isn’t satisfying for anyone.

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