This exclusive just posted over at In Contention – Denzel Washington in Flight – word on the street is that it’s a stunning, career-best performance by the two-time Oscar winner.

Bigger pic after the jump.

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  • therealmike

    Well, it´s simple.

  • Glenn UK

    It says that this film is about Denzel and not the story! Altho the trailer looks good ……. its also something which has been done many a time on the Hallmark channel.

  • helios

    I’m getting a ‘please nominate me’ vibe from this poster.

  • kjbacon

    Movie star. Says it all.

  • Pourter77

    Denzel Washington back in drama = Gold.

  • Jon

    Really, really starting to look forward to this one.

  • Denzel’s the shit. He made Safe House watchable so if Flight’s script is even decent then it’ll be money.

    And Training Day rules. Totally deserved the win for that.

  • Career best? Really? I’d love to know who was in this street. Because there are a large number of younger folk out there who like to call everything the best ever and really according to them “ever” really means “since Wednesday”. I want to know that whoever is saying ‘career best’ has seen most of his movies.

    IMO, Denzel’s really going to have to do something to get another award. He’s not my type of actor in that he doesn’t transform character to character. But for the kind of work he does, it’s going to have to be a lot more than the trailers let on.

    btw, why is it raining in different directions? We should put this poster on the same wall as the TDKR weather channel ones. lol

  • This is what a movie poster looks like that’s designed for a superstar with Box Office mojo and awards potential.

  • Habsburg


    one of the Sounds

  • LilyB45

    God, he’s handsome. And he’s aging like a fine wine. If he’s had work done, it’s really great work.

    Hope this is a great role.

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