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  • Adam Lewis

    I’m looking forward to Toni Collette most of all in this. There are quite a few interviews with Peggy Robertson around though I don’t think I’ve ever seen Alma Reville speak.

    The makeup for Hopkins is amazing but I don’t think he really looks like Hitchcock at all. Am looking forward to recreations of various scenes however.

    Wonder if Pat Hitchcock was a consultant at all.

  • Tero Heikkinen

    If the film is great, I think I’ll put both of these posters side by side on my wall.

  • Yogsss

    “Director of Photography: Jeff Cronenweth ASC”

    Hey! Now I’m seriously interested.

  • ChrisFlick

    Jessica Biel as Vera Miles wins the resemblance contest, hands down.

  • Mel

    This is my most anticipated film of the season, believe it or not. And finding Jeff Cronenweth is the DP? Oh maaaan. I had no idea he was working on this!

    Could this one be the sleeper??

  • Casey

    This just jumped to my #1 most excited list! Wow

  • d2

    Caption This –

    Alfred Hitchcock (Hopkins) – Who farted?
    Anthony Perkins (James D’Arcey) – *Insert Jaws theme song, followed by him jumping out and failing to scare Vera Miles*
    Peggy Robertson (Collette) – Seriously…Alma’s boobies are so….*yawn* (tired) … uninteresting
    Vera Miles (Biel) – Look at that hair!!! Alma’s is so…Aghhh!
    Whitfield Cook (Huston) – Boobies!! Must look at Scarlett’s boobies.
    Janet Leigh (Johansson) – I wonder if she knows my boobies are THIS close to her head?!
    Alma Reville (Mirren) – Oh! I know….teee heee hee

  • Mattoc

    There’s enough deliciousness in these posters to suggest I’m going to like this film. If it plays out like I think/hope it will – it’s only going to enhance Psycho… a required companion piece if you will.

    Critics/Actors love these types of films and this particular story/play has been much discussed (not to name drop, but I will. I had dinner with the lead actor in Gallipoli a few weeks ago and he mentioned the story and I told him a film was in the works. He was pretty excited about it)

  • phantom

    We should watch out for James D’Arcy…playing the double role of Anthony Perkins/Norman Bates might just be the most difficult acting challenge in the whole film. Hitchcock and Alma don’t have iconic film alteregos, so Hopkins and Mirren ‘only’ have to pull off one role at the time, and even though Scarlett Johansson DOES have Janet Leigh AND Marion Crane, the role was supporting in ‘Psycho’, so she will have probably less screentime than D’Arcy whose character is playing the iconic lead of the film ‘Hitchcock’ is all about.

    Also, considering her less-than-stellar filmography (two decent films (Ulee’s Gold, The Illusionist), a bunch of crappy ones)), Jessica Biel could be a minor relevation in this AND the always great Toni Colette should be never underestimated, either, I could see her stealing the show…easily.

    Having said that, for now Oscar-winners Hopkins and Mirren, and Avengers-superstar Johansson seem to have the best shot at mainstream recognition. BUT it is worth mentioning, that IF the film isn’t a complete disaster AND D’Arcy nails Perkins/Norman, the movie could have a decent shot at landing acting nominations in all four categories…and no film has pulled that off since Reds (1981).

    What is kind of great, that this year there are TWO films that could have decent shots at this : Silver Linings Playbook and Hitchcock. I guess ‘Quartet’ could have been a player in all four, but it didn’t get THOSE kind of raves and Harvey’s hands are already full with his stronger players this year. ‘On the Road’ definitely features baity characters in all four, but reviews are mixed, and the film as a whole is as far from being an ‘Oscar film’ as possible. Then there is Zero Dark Thirty which could have a tiny shot mainly because we have no idea how many compelling, expertly executed performances it will feature. My one problem that there IS a film that delivered remarkable performances, maybe even in all four categories, but it won’t even come close to an acting nomination. And that film is ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.

  • I like Dame Helen Mirren’s striking red wig.

    On all fronts, this film is looking grrreat!

  • steve50

    “I had dinner with the lead actor in Gallipoli…”

    Tell. Tell. (Mark Lee?) I love that movie – seen it dozens of times.

    Phantom – totally agree on D’Arcy. Just waiting for him to get the “big” role.

  • Mel

    I’m going to guess the Anthony Perkins role is very small. Unlikley to get a nomination. He should not figure that prominently at all to even be considered in supporting.

  • Mattoc

    Steve50 – yeah Mark Lee. We have a mutual friend. I didn’t know he was coming to dinner until he walked through the door. Looks the same, which is a bit odd…

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