Yes, it’s 2012.   But believe it or not, “conservatism” has overtaken the Grand Old Party. They give lip service to freedom and all of that but what they really want to do is control women by controlling their reproductive rights. These are our rights. We fought for them. Now Meryl Streep, Tea Leoni, Amy Poehler and others are taking it to the streets.  We’re not fucking around, people.

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  • Diego

    This is why we need term limits in Congress.

    These lawmakers have too much time that they end up thinking they are gods.

  • red_wine

    queen Meryl??

  • represent DLV

    Do you really believe that “what they really want to do is control women by controlling their reproductive rights”. C’mon. Conservatives don’t just want “control women” anymore than liberals want to force people to have abortions or turn the United States into a communist utopia run by atheist homosexuals. Hyperbole doesn’t help anyone. You realize that conservatives are not just men, right? Plenty of women believe in the GOP’s agenda. It’s one thing to disagree with the policies of Republicans. It’s another thing to demonize and demagogue. Don’t play in the gutter. You know you hate it when conservatives make ridiculous claims about Obama, his polices and motives. Why do the same thing? It’s counter productive and hypocritical.

  • Pierre de Plume

    In case you haven’t noticed, represent DLV, controlling reproductive rights and women’s healthcare decisions is exactly what is happening in various states throughout the USA.

  • lily

    wow, that comment is how i suspect a lot of conservatives around this country think. they just don’t believe that republicans are as bad as liberals say they are- they simply refuse to believe it. that’s pretty sad, because it IS the gop position to take away reproductive rights and always has been. this willful blindness is just ridiculous. on the other hand i guess republicans have successfully managed to fool people into thinking they really don’t believe anything they say. why are people in this country so stupid? it’s utterly depressing

  • Bryan

    It amazes me to see a post like Represent DLV here on this site, f**king unbelievable.

  • I know, represent DLV. I feel it too. Just the other day, I was forced to have an abortion by an atheist homosexual. I tried telling him that I can’t possibly have an abortion because I’m a man! But he wouldn’t listen…I think it’s because he’s an atheist homosexual.

  • Dexter

    lol, typical Hollywood lemmings. I guess Big Bird was busy. Hello President Mitt Romney.

  • rufussondheim

    As an atheist homosexual I resent the insinuation that I want to turn the country into a communist utopia. What conservatives don’t understand is that we have the same goals, we want to subjugate women to be nothing more than breeding factories. Women have no other purpose. How else will we get more babies to indoctrinate into our atheist homosexual agenda.

    The only difference, of course, is that conservatives want women to cook their dinner. Atheist homosexuals only want to style their hair.

  • Gez

    Agghh – what is this nonsense doing on this film awards site!!?? Unlike.

  • murtaza

    first trailer for THE CANYONS is out, looks good, kind of sleazy though.

  • Let’s be fair. Republican lawmakers across the country are working to safeguard full reproductive rights for rapists and incestuous fathers.

  • represent DLV

    I am not a conservative. Hard core conservatives love to use hyperbole to scare people that their side is right (hence the atheist homosexual comment). But liberals do the same thing. To think that conservatives are somehow “worse” than liberals is ignorant to reality. Both sides are equally bad. There is nothing wrong with opposing the conservative’s position on abortion rights. I personally don’t agree with it either. But to try to paint them as ruthless, misogynist, men intent on simply “controlling women” is just not what’s really going on. Short sided demonizations like that just ruin the chances of an actual debate on substance.

  • rufussondheim

    But that is what’s going on.

    How would you feel if your 16 year old daughter was raped and got pregnant and was forced to carry it to term? I think it’s fair to say, at that point, that the government was controlling the life of your child.

  • But to try to paint them as ruthless, misogynist, men intent on simply “controlling women” is just not what’s really going on.

    You added the “ruthless” and “misogynist” part yourself. Nobody here the past two days said anything about “ruthless and misogynist” until you brought those demonizing words into the conversation.

    Are you trying to calm things down or stir shit up?

    All anyone on this page has said is that Republican lawmakers (nearly all of whom are male) want to control women by controlling their reproductive rights. That’s just a fact.

    Have you ever heard any pro-choice spokesperson ever call a congressman “ruthless”? Not to my knowledge. Link please.

  • GL

    Let me put this on terms Represent DLV can understand. When a woman gets an abortion, the government is not making her get one. It’s a decision that she decided upon. It’s a hard decision, and something that the GOP wont sell, it’s a decision that damages the body and mind. Getting an abortion is not like getting a cheap liposuction, a woman with multiple abortions may never get pregnant again or/and probably will have health problems for the rest of her life. All the other side is asking is the same thing the homosexual community, the atheist community, and every single minority is asking. Let us have a choice. Give us a chance. What is strange, and I think makes the Republican party lose every argument they enter is how can you try to sell a small government platform when your party alone wants to turn this country into evangelical radicals? Yes the Democrats may come off as Communist, Socialists, but trust me if you think that that’s Socialism or Communism you’ve definitively never been to France, and moreover at least we have the people’s best interest in mind such as gay rights and healthcare reform. You are correct on one thing, no political party is perfect, so maybe instead of winning about how black Obama is, maybe you could try posting on your Fox Nation websites ideas that make sense and could help not only the current and most likely future president but also your dying community. THANKS.

  • steve50

    “Short sided demonizations like that just ruin the chances of an actual debate on substance.”

    Glad I saw this before I posted a remark referring to the American Taliban. (whew)

  • I thought you didn’t like Meryl Streep.

    Anyway, this is what happens when people start giving up their rights in the first place. If you’re a democrat and you think that mandatory health insurance is a good idea, it’s not. Here’s why. You’ve set a precedent for the government telling you what to do with your person. That opens up all the cans of all the worms. Every stupid decision the dems make will be used by the republicans to control and keep us in a sorry state. Everyone, democrat and republican should want less government for exactly that reason. But these parties keep the ideological war between their constituents raging so that they’re blinding supporting two sides that don’t care about either of them. Don’t believe the hype. From either side.

  • I thought you didn’t like Meryl Streep.

    Great way to let everyone know your thinking is all screwed up before we waste time trying to figure out the rest of your comment. Thanks for the quick tip-off.

    (Antoinette, I thought you did like Meryl Streep. Now you’re saying she’s delusional, gullible or a liar?)

  • Linda

    Women’s rights, down the drain! I agree with everything you’re saying. Romney is wanting to turn all women into little puppets like his wife. Does she look happy? NO. We, as women should be able to choose. Choose whether we can afford a baby, if Romney gets in how are we going to feed that child, afford to send that child to college. Especially, if you are a single parent. Are you willing to walk behind your man? Not me. And I have a good man.

  • steve50

    Wow – I never would have guessed that our own antoinette = Emma Goldman. Go, girl!

  • represent DLV

    I know no one on this thread has said ruthless or misogynist. Those are just words that are commonly used to describe the GOP. Sorry I can’t provide a link. My point is that both sides think the other side is crazy and evil, but the reality is that both sides just look at the same issues differently. That doesn’t make either side evil. I personally am pro choice. I think abortion should be legal. But I know plenty of good people that are staunchly pro life and it has nothing to do with “control” or “reproductive rights”. They just look at it fundamentally differently than I do. I think they are wrong. I don’t agree with the conclusions they have made. But I don’t think they are bad people for the position they have taken on this issue.

  • represent DLV

    I know no one on this thread has said ruthless or misogynist. Those are just words that are commonly used to describe the GOP.

    Don’t forget ‘Evil’. Oh, I see now. You didn’t forget.

    Again, who’s saying the GOP is evil? Good grief, what news channels do you watch where Democrats say Republicans are evil?

  • John

    The federal government shouldn’t be involved in this issue in the first place. The Founding Fathers wanted States to handle such issues. That’s why this PSA is so laughable.

  • The Founding Fathers wanted States to handle such issues.

    Just like slavery and interracial marriage, right?

    (busybody Feds. “all those cans of all those worms!”)

  • rufussondheim

    When a pro-lifer says “I think the fetus is a person and his or her life should be protected” that automatically turns the woman into nothing more than a breeding factory. You take away her ability to decide what happens inside her own body. I don’t see how anyone can see that as anything other than control.

    I want a pro-life to tell me how I am wrong here. I really do.

  • lily

    i’m sorry, but wanting abortion to be illegal has everything to do with control and reproductive rights. that IS the issue. do you even see what you’re saying?

  • John

    Yes Ryan – that’s why we have amendments to our constitution. They thought of that too.

  • Matt

    Oh how this has stirred my inner mind and heart to great pain and sadness today. I am in utter despair over the plight of the unborn, the most defenseless and vulnerable human beings on the planet. I appeal to you Sasha, please please please. I am in despair as any pro-life views have utterly lost for decades. These ads seem like proud victory laps since nothing has been done to aid and defend the unborn, the only hope is to appeal to individual women, voters, lawmakers and the most opposed activists and politically left. Please please please put this issue to greater mind. This issue is purely a matter of great concern and passion. When you consider what pregnancy is, a time and moment in the life of a human being when they are utterly defenseless, utterly out of control to maintain any level of self protection. There are many vulnerable in our world, the poor in third world countries, children, babies, yet the most vulnerable and open to harm is the unborn human. How can I prove it is a human? You are correct, it is not possible. Different theories and philosophies have been crafted to provide definitions. I admit that you cannot give an adequate defintion or logical definition, though in my deepest of intuition I know that these are indeed humans. Surely from several months out when they would survive in ICU, and might either be in a hosptial or in the womb, there can be no difference. Yet, mere ability to survive on one’s own is no definition of human life. Our humanity can even include not being self sufficient! What a beautiful idea! I understand the difficulty many have and the jokes laid at the feet of “conception”, yet where to define it then? A heartbeat, independent motion, the ability to feel pain (The ability to feel pain!)? These are all fuzzy in logic to define humanity. Simply put I lay the charge and the burden of proof on those who advocate unnaturally robbing this, well what would you like to call it? Yet, the burden of proof is on proving, absolutely without the shadow of a doubt that this is no human life, because our constituion PRIMARILY protects the right to life. Also because what if we don’t know, and beyond our ability to understand (as Obama said, it is beyond his pay grade to say, right?) and this is a human life. Then take a moment, all I ask is to take a brief moment to consider what we are doing? Is there any way for you, for any pro-choice proponents to understand the depth of emotion this provides. Yes, I am a conservative and it seems this is always a position that only conservatives hold, but I must say how separate it is from most of my political opinions. I love to hear all sides of issues and to concede and admit stronger arguments on other sides, but this is an issue I lay as entirely separate, entirely more important than any other issue. I voted for Obama last time and consider my decision as one of the worst of my life in being able to overlook this issue. Your side has won the day. I think even from a Conservative/Republican side they are typically happy to use this as a way to hook base votes, yet is entirely under emphasized. You have won because nothing has every been done truly defend the lives of these beautiful, defenseless human lives from their life being taken. I am for their protection. I certainly admit the horribly vulnerable position a woman with an unwanted pregnancy is in. They are indeed vulnerable. Yet, we must always consider that there are two lives vulnerable here and the solution is not to take one of those lives for the sake of the other. I applaud organizations who are indeed ready and willing to help mothers in these situations. Men are guilty of great crimes when leaving two lives vulnerable in these situations…

    But yet again, I implore you. It is my passion here to convince many sides of the debate to change their minds. I long for absurdly audacious changes of minds. I long for the most convinced Pro-choice and feminist thinkers to change their minds. I plead to reconsider this issue. It is a visceral thing. There are conservative who are balanced, who are no seekers of stealing rights and personal liberty, yet who are simply passionate about the plight of the defenseless and vulnerable. Please all reconsider your position on defending these children.

  • John

    Matt – as I said before, these are state’s issues. These ads are misguided, but let’s keep the federal government out of this issue, please! It’s these wedge issues that divide our country. Women are going around saying that contraception is being taken away. No it isn’t! The issue has to do simply with whether the federal government should be paying for it. Planned Parenthood – I mean I can’t believe people think that the government should pay for their abortions. Are you kidding me! Pay for your own damn abortion! And Matt, Roe v Wade decided this a long time ago. Get over it. Abortion is legal in this country and it always will be. Let’s move on, people.

  • keifer

    I may disagree with your opinion, but I will always defend your right to it.

    The same theory applies to this issue. Personally (and IF I were a woman of child-bearing age) I don’t think that I would opt to have an abortion. But I think it is highly patronizing for anyone to tell or prevent a woman from making that decision.

    It’s personal folks. And it should be kept private.

    What irks me the most are conservative Republicans who come out with the same “less government in our lives” blah-blah-blah, but are exactly the same people who support laws which are INFILTRATING and CONTROLLING our lives with their stance on abortion. It makes me crazy.

  • I mean I can’t believe people think that the government should pay for their abortions. Are you kidding me!

    Are you kidding me? I can’t believe people think the government pays for abortions. They must be Fox News viewers.

    Question: Does Planned Parenthood use federal funds to pay for abortions?
    Answer: No. No, no, no, no. No.

    Since 1976. The Hyde Amendment. Bars spending federal funds to provide abortions.

  • Mel

    Matt, I’m gonna go get knocked up tomorrow, be swayed by your argument for
    “protecting the most vulnerable” then I’m gonna squeeze that puppy out and drop it at your door ok? You raise it since you are so interested.

  • Trucker2012

    Women have every right to make reproductive choices – whether to have sex or whether to get pregnant. They can even choose what they wish to do with their own body. The choice stops when it comes to the life of another. I am not my mother’s body. We do not share the same soul. When pregnant, the choices change to the welfare of the unborn. Should I raise this child or is someone else more suited to provide? Ladies, put on your big-girl pants and make your reproductive choices before you give it up.

  • rufussondheim

    I understand where you are coming from, but not all people share your intensity nor do they share your philosophy, your definitions or your logic. That is precisely why the option should not be decided by anyone other than the woman whose life is most affected. Her opinion should matter more than yours or some goverment official.

    If you care so much about abortion and the life of the fetus you should become more involved in proven ways unwanted pregnancies can be prevented.

  • John


    Whether the government funding they receive is officially “allocated” to abortions or not, they still receive federal funding.

  • rufussondheim

    So, Trucker, if a woman gets pregnant via rape or some alternate form of conception you would support her right to get an abortion. I woudl have to assume this since in the case of rape she didn’t choose to have sex or get pregnant.

    But wait, when you say a woman gets pregnant, you say the choice goes to the fetus rather than the person gestating it. So this makes me think you don’t think a woman who is raped and gets pregnant should have the abortion to artificially end the pregnancy?

    So what is it Trucker? What do you believe?

  • rufussondheim

    If you took two seconds to look at how Planned Parenthood is organized, John, you would see that Planned Parenthood is two separate legal entities, one for abortions and one for everything else. They don’t mix.

    Do your research.

  • represent DLV


    “Again, who’s saying the GOP is evil? Good grief, what news channels do you watch where Democrats say Republicans are evil?

    Are you serious? Watch MSNBC for 10 minutes and you will see their anchors call republicans lying,racist,corrupt,idiots. Then go to message boards much like this one and read the comments. Evil gets thrown around all the time. Republicans have been compared to Nazis on the house floor by congressmen.

    I’m not saying that Republicans don’t do the same thing, because they absolutely do. But to ignore the contempt both ides have for each other is very strange.

  • I rarely watch anything except MSNBC. I’ve never heard anyone on MSNBC say Republicans are evil. Never.

    represent, DLV — it just strikes me odd, you come around asking everybody to please tone down the hateful rhetoric. But nobody but you is using words like ruthless, misogynist, and evil. You brought those words here today. You alone.

    I don’t have time to monitor the entire internet looking for assholes. Sounds like you do. All I ask is please don’t drag that crap around here and then try to scold us about it. Dude, can’t you see — on this page today you’re the only person ramping up the hateful words to the level of Ruthless Evil Misogynists.

  • Mitt Romney is a shameless liar.

    That’s a fact. That’s not the same as evil.

    We don’t need to stop saying that. We need more reporters to tell people Romney is a liar.

  • John


    Hire a creative accountant. You think funds in one area doesn’t free up funds in another? Give me a break.

  • You think funds in one area doesn’t free up funds in another? Give me a break.

    whoa. Good point. In that case, we need to prohibit pregnant women from getting food stamps or unemployment benefits. They’ll just use all the extra money they save to pay for a bunch of abortions.

    Pregnant? Then you’re cut off. You get ZERO federal help of any kind whatsoever until you give birth. The GOP doesn’t trust you, pregnant ladies. They don’t trust you at all.

  • John

    Hahaha. That’s funny Ryan. We’ve gone from 32 million on food stamps to 47 million on food stamps since Obama took office. There’s a real shortage of funding there!

  • Meanwhile, how many pro-lifers demanded that their $2,000,000,000,000 in tax dollars not be spent on bombs and bullets that killed 90,000 Iraqis?

  • represent DLV

    Romney is no more a liar than Obama. They are both politicians that spin the numbers and stats to suit their agendas. To think that Romney is somehow special in this category is beyond ridiculous and totally ignorant of reality.

    I watch MSNBC all the time too and all those hateful terms have been used there. Unfortunately I do not record all those episodes.

    My point was that saying that all the republicans want to do is “control women” and “take away their rights”, is just not the case. It’s hyperbole and an exaggerated generalization meant to scare people into action. It is counter productive and just makes the right fight harder.

  • “Romney is no more a liar than Obama.”

    Yes he is. Romney can’t speak for 2 minutes without lying.

    If you don’t see that, you’re beyond reason. I feel sorry for you, and sorrier still for the way people who fall for his lies are allowed to jeopardize our country.

  • John

    900K? where did you get that number? It’s senseless – I grant you that.

  • Tero Heikkinen

    Pro-lifers (=what a stupid word) too often seem to be also pro-Death Penalty and pro-War. Why is that?

  • typo, I mean 90K.
    That’s low-ball. Another reliable estimate ranges from 100,000 – 110,000.

    Sorry, I know that’s a lot less bang for the buck.

  • represent DLV


    You are so entrenched in your blind partisan bias that you can’t see that your side is just as guilty of doing what you think the other side is so guilty of. You are so convinced that your team is right that you stop at nothing to prove that the other side is wrong. You live in a fantasy world where liberals are right and honest about everything and conservatives are wrong and lie about everything. You can’t see how hypocritical and absurd you are because you are too busy trying to prove why the right is so hypocritical and absurd. It’s people like you that jeopardize our country. It’s your ignorant, blind devotion to your tribe that poisons our system of government. Left or right, it’s people like you that have hijacked our democracy and turned it into a blood sport bent on “winning” rather than fixing. You are the one I feel sorry for. The fact you can’t see that is what’s sad. And the fact that there are millions of people just like you is what’s terribly unfortunate.

  • rufussondheim

    It’s time for me to check out of this discussion. Have fun guys!

  • You live in a fantasy world where liberals are right and honest about everything and conservatives are wrong and lie about everything.

    No. But hey, you’ve been putting words in our mouths all day long, so why stop now.

    First you accuse us of saying conservatives are “Ruthless Evil Misogynists!”
    Now you falsely claim that I think “Liberals Are Right And Honest About Everything!”

    I don’t think that. I don’t believe that. Trust me, pal. I know my own heart better than you think you know it.

    Hilarious (and pathetic) to see you talk about a “fantasy world” when everything you’ve said today proves that you’re only hearing voices you’ve invented in your own head.

  • Trucker2012

    Rufussondheim, imagine what any amazingly advanced country we would live in if women who where raped valued human life so much they would choose adoption over abortion. Most would assume the 9 months to be an inconvenience; therefore, it’s not going to happen. This is what freedom has given Americans: Childish decision-making centered on entitlement. Human life is garbage here.

  • Tero Heikkinen

    “Most would assume the 9 months to be an inconvenience.”

    For a very fucking good reason. “Inconvenience” is way too mild a word to be used here. If this was sarcasm, I missed it.

  • steve50

    “Pro-lifers (=what a stupid word) too often seem to be also pro-Death Penalty and pro-War. Why is that?”

    BIG high five, Tero!

  • rufussondheim

    At least, Tero, he responded. Most people who present that illogical arguement choose not to respond or just repeat themselves.

    Inconveniently, I need to go take a dump and then hit the grocery store or I would probably respond in full.

  • rufussondheim

    Steve, I finally saw Shame and tossed out some initial thoughts on the dead Bret Easton Ellis thread. If you want to discuss Shame and Shame-related topics, join me over there. And anyone else too!

  • Tero Heikkinen

    Rufus, time is money:

    Oh, I am so so sorry.

  • “Most would assume the 9 months to be an inconvenience.”

    Minor psychological inconvenience, knowing that a grotesque excuse for man is able to force his semen into you so that you’re required by law to carry his criminal spawn around inside you for 9 months, so that the seed of his violent felony is kicking around your womb, combining his DNA with yours, against your will. and yeah, then just — *plop* — ok, done. take it away! whew, that was inconvenient! Just shrug off all that mental anguish that’s now been amplified infinitely for the rest of your life.

    Sorry, but anyone who would try to force a woman into such a horrific situation is a sick fuck. In my view: Arrest and prosecute anybody who advocates forcible rape babies with a charge of Accessory to Rape.

  • imagine what any amazingly advanced country we would live in if women who where raped valued human life so much they would choose adoption over abortion

    Imagine! Imagine an amazingly advanced utopia known as Nicaragua.

  • steve50

    Now, Ryan…If I was Nicaraguan, I’d be pissed off.

  • Matt

    I guess it can be dangerous to try and make the situation easier and steer the conversation off course. It is a nearly insolvable dilemma, as many issues in life are simply insolvable. I think it is damaging to the pro life cause to say that there is ‘legitimate rape’ that makes me shudder both for its own sake and for what it does to those who are trying to protect both lives. I simply take the very difficult position laid with many challenges in the real world that the life of the mother and the life of the child must be protected. I am compelled though not convinced by well articulate thoughts from those who are passionately pro-choice. I do not wish to seem naive to the vulnerability an unwanted pregnancy brings. I simply cannot accept that it is okay to take the life of what may or may not be (for the sake of argument) a human most vulnerable. I’m not trying to be naive. I’m really not. I just don’t think those unborn children have a voice and are overlooked in this discussion.

  • rufussondheim

    Thanks for the tip, Tero. Next time I’ll do that!

    Matt, let’s just hope your daughter never gets raped and pregnant.

  • Matt

    How my mind stirs with the thoughts and feelings of an argument. My emotions become strong, my logic holds firm. It is a compelling and exhilarating sensation to hold to a conviction, to plant it in this hard solid of reality and phenomenon. Yes, do any of us feel the pain and weight of this world, of horrible and terrible actions and crimes against one another? The real reality of the situation with no commendable solution? Are we brave enough? Are the pains of those unborn felt by us? I can’t say for certain. Thoughts indeed swirl, yes, your thoughts they do have an impact, an impact felt through the basis of unwavering conviction. We are not allowed to have ideals in this world, but we still must. An ideal, a honoring and protecting the life of two human beings, tied together in an incomprehensible and undefinable way for an undefinable amount of time. What a mystery, what a glorious mystery. Yes, I cannot fathom that mystery or know its depths. This child is such a mystery. A fascinating mystery. Two bodies, two lives. Your thoughts they penetrate, that reality itself it does too. What about this mystery? Might we all spontaneously become exhilarated by this mystery?! Yes, I pray we might. God that we would all become spontaneously transfixed by this mystery.

  • Sasha Stone

    My point was that saying that all the republicans want to do is “control women” and “take away their rights”, is just not the case. It’s hyperbole and an exaggerated generalization meant to scare people into action. It is counter productive and just makes the right fight harder.

    That would be true if it didn’t directly contradict the facts.

  • Sasha Stone

    Mitt Romney is a shameless liar.

    Shameless is the right word. He feels no shame for it. Doesn’t even try to pretend he isn’t lying. He says whatever the hell he feels like saying to win the moment. And that is all he does. No one on the right holds him accountable because they can’t see through their ignorant rage.

  • Sasha Stone

    I thought you didn’t like Meryl Streep.

    Really? Really? After 13 fucking years?

  • Matt, you’ve made it clear you want to protect both lives. Can we take from this you support contraceptive, which a recent study proved reduces the instances of abortion by as much as 75%, as proven by a comprehensive 3 year study recently released? And that you support Planned Parenthood which, along with providing abortions, also provides comprehensive prenatal care to reduce the need for women to consider abortion by reducing the possibility of complications during pregnancy? And who also provide free and low cost pediatric care to reduce the burden impoverished mothers might have to bear if they choose to carry to term? Should we also assume that, in your fervor to support a pro life agenda you oppose personhood amendments which define life as beginning at conception and therefore criminalize the 64,000 abortions performed last year due to the common complication known as ectopic pregnancy? That after all is a condition that ends in the death of the mother if an abortion is not performed.
    The choice to have an abortion is not a light one. It’s deeply emotional and should be made by the woman in conversation with her doctor, as they are the two who both know best the risks and complications involved. That’s all Pro-Choice advocates want. They want women to have the privacy to discuss this issue with who they choose, and the laws floated to criminalize abortion are not designed to consider any of the complex parts of this issue. If republicans were interested in funding prenatal care, comprehensive sex Ed and birth control options, and adoption programs open to gay couples and single patents with the means to raise kids, perhaps there’d be a greater ring of truth to their claim of Pro Life. Until then, I find it hard to see their actions as anything more than craven opportunists preying on your faith to cement their own power, with no concern for who they hurt in the process.

  • Matt

    I do have answers to all of those, but my mind bores…. the mystery… the mystery!

  • Matt

    on the birth control thing. I do have some very particular, very robust insights onto that, but yeah. wow, can’t get into that, but yeahh…. whew… ummmm, yeah just volumes, but just can’t go there…. definitely have some real authority there… yeah… whew.

    but to be entirely frank, on many of the other avenues of thought, I have retorts as any INFP would, but honestly believe they will simply not be very convincing. But I am so very wrapped in the mystery and glory of the central issue here, that shining and brilliant vision of beautiful mystery! thank you all of you, and seriously thank you. You are all such interesting, fascinating, remarkable people. See the mystery in something. I hope all of you have such a splendid and joyful end of the night and such a morning that shines with unspeakable magnificence.

  • Determined

    The right to abortion basically allows women to opt out of being personally responsible for having sex; obviously this doesn’t include women who are raped (they make up a very small percentage of all abortions performed). The majority of abortions are done out of convenience. Roe v. Wade gave female citizens an additional right which men don’t have. I find it tyrannical and yes, an evil action but its probably never going to be overturned. Not in my lifetime. It may be uncommon, but if a woman gets pregnant and her boyfriend wants to have the child, and the woman decides to terminate, the is nothing the potential father can do about it. Wrong on so many levels.
    With that being said, people on the Right have to realize that abortions won’t go away simply by overturning Roe v. Wade. It will always be apart of our fallen nature. On a side not, it does make me chuckle listening to the Left take about abortion rights where no such right exists in the constitution.

  • On a side not, it does make me chuckle listening to the Left take about abortion rights where no such right exists in the constitution.

    There’s nothing about a citizen’s Right to Vote in the constitution either. Bet that makes you giggle too.

    While we’re at it, there’s nothing in the Constitution about a heterosexual’s Right to Marry. Still chuckling?

    Guess what else. If Florida decided to ban procreation altogether, prohibiting all babies would not violate the US Constitution. hee-hee, Laugh it up!

  • Tero Heikkinen

    In my country, having an abortion is like going to your yearly dental check. That’s how I like it.

  • Roe vs. Wade primarily addresses a condition that, frankly, doesn’t apply to men, unless I’m mistaken and men can have abortions? If the father wants to have the baby and be a father (and having the baby wouldn’t effect the mother’s health), then he’s free to make a compelling case for having the baby. But before you run too far down the whole “it’s just convenience” argument, keep in mind pregnancy related deaths have been rising in the US, and women dying during pregnancy and childbirth is a not insignificant problem. Also, to the “obvious” exception for women who are raped, recent amendments proposed by republicans to ban all abortions have no such exemption. Also, under personhood amendments which seek to define life as beginning at conception, necessary medical treatment for women addressing medical emergencies or taking prescribed birth control could be considered criminal acts. As someone who has a couple of friends who took prescription birth control for the treatment of endometriosis I’d say that bothers me quite a bit.
    This whole debate has been dragged down by people who’ve publicly shown they have no understanding of how the human body works, much less empathy for how difficult this issue is.

  • Determined

    Ah, Ryan Adams. All snark and no substance. Typical. Its diappointing how much you have to lie to back up your positions.

  • Sonja

    It’s not an easy topic. And not always fair to both potential parents.
    Men don’t get pregnant, a pregnancy is just not two or three weeks, it’s nine months. In case of an unwanted pregnancy, you have something growing inside you, something you don’t want.
    Even though he mind want this child, he “forces” the mother to at least carry and give bith to it, against her will after all.
    There are also enough sad cases in which women only had children to “save” a relationship…
    I do think the number of abortion in very well working relationships, where both deecided to have children, is much lower than in relationships in where at least one of them don’t want to have children.

  • Its diappointing how much you have to lie to back up your positions.

    Lies? What lies?
    Sorry, but all I’m doing is filling in a few more factual details related to your half-truth.

    The US Constitution was never intended to be an all-encompassing bible of American regulations.

  • Determined

    Then what was its intent, Mr. constitutional scholar?

  • The Constitution is a guide to outline the scope and limitations of government authority.

    It’s not a guidebook meant to outline the scope and limitations of individual behavior.

    If you need to a bible to tell you how to think and how to behave, you’ve got a Bible for that.

    You’re free to follow your beliefs. You’re not allowed to impose your beliefs on everybody else.

  • rufussondheim

    Actually, the right to an abortion is found in the Constitution. The reasoning is outlined in the Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade. That’s how the system works. Do your research please.

  • David

    “You’re free to follow your beliefs. You’re not allowed to impose your beliefs on everybody else.”

    Thats where organised religion totally loses me. Who do some of these people think they are? Seriously?

  • moviewatcher

    Go Women!!!

  • Diego

    The pedestrian political commentary on here (replete with repeated allusions to MSNBC) is somewhat hysterical. The lemmings will buy anything Hollywood, the liberal intelligentsia (the oxymoron that it is), and Czar Barry are selling. On the plus side, it has been an entire thread without the “system” being castigated for failing to bestow the Oscar on Viola Davis. So there’s that… Cheers!

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