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  • Duke

    OMG this trailer is even better than the other one! This movie looks fantastic!!

  • Jon

    WHOO HOO!!! Get the popcorn ready!!!!

  • Jesse Crall

    @Duke: No lean feat. They took the stunning image of blood on white flowers and emphasized it perfectly. Even the punchlines in this trailer are better than an Apatow comedy.

    And Leo’s gonna kill in this.

  • Duke

    @JesseCrall I know, right?! Leo looks so damn good. I’ve read the screenplay and his character is a very interesting one. So is Waltz and L. Jackson’s. also, this trailer showcases the cinematography better! Can’t wait! Is it Christmas already?

  • Jerm

    Forget about Tommy Lee Jones, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Dwight Henry, Russell Crowe, Allen Arkin, Robert Deniro, and whoever else that Supporting Actor Oscar belongs to Leo!!!

  • steve50

    Leo unleashed! He looks relaxed, for a change.

    “Nobody brought an extra bag” is kind of Treasure of Sierra Madre (badges?) meets Blazing Saddles.

    This will be a good time (also liking the blood on the cotton).

  • PaulH

    Way too over the top. Will appeal to the QT cultist fans, but not much beyond.

  • Jesse Crall

    “Way too over the top. Will appeal to the QT cultist fans, but not much beyond.”

    Yeah, just like Basterds, which limped to 320 million dollars.

    @Duke: Yup. I don’t think Tarantino gets enough credit for the visual composition of his movies. He’s like his hero Leone with an injection of MTV.

  • Tero Heikkinen

    Much better trailer than the previous one. Leo looks great and should be on people’s BSA predictions. He should get nominated, so we might see the Tommy Lee Jones / Leo DiCaprio 1994 Redux.

    “The D is silent” -bit finally makes sense. It looked ridiculous before when the name was not spelled letter by letter.

  • rufussondheim

    Yes, this looks like it could be a huge success. The trailer makes it appear there are several different tones here that might not mix, but I worry not since QT managed that gloriously in his last effort.

    My main concern is the Leo character (unless he’s saying it ironically) saying that he doesn’t understand why the slaves don’t rebel. Of course they did, and this was a constant worry by the slaveowners who took great measures to prevent such an occurrance. But I trust QT would know this (he ain’t dumb.) But, well, I worry.

  • Woohoo! QT came to play. This Oscar season is going to be like a Destroy All Monsters throwdown. I can’t wait.

    You guys are right. Leo does look great. And Don Johnson really does look exactly like Colonel Sanders. XD But I gotta admit when they first announced this movie I was hoping for someone like Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Django. I just thought Jamie Foxx was too goofy. But I can totally see it now. Of course we should trust Tarantino but it took this trailer for me to really see it. He was right. Jamie Foxx is Jamie Foxx for a reason.

    This year is insane. So many good movies coming. I hope I don’t get hit by a bus or anything.

  • Justin

    I wonder if this wasn’t a QT movie if people would still be saying how great it looks. This looks way too over the top for best picture material.

  • MovieFan

    Forget about Tommy Lee Jones, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Dwight Henry, Russell Crowe, Allen Arkin, Robert Deniro, and whoever else that Supporting Actor Oscar belongs to Leo!!!

    Right so youve seen all the contenders have you?

  • Carl

    Leo owns the Best Supporting Actor Oscar this year! PSH will be the greatest threat.

  • Pete

    Still don’t trust QT to be more filmmaker than homage-maker. Given the rumored production issues, I wonder if people aren’t being set up for a Prometheus level of disappointment here.

  • Jeremy09

    @Pete: The script for this movie is about TEN times as good as Prometheus, so if it sticks close to that, we should be in good shape.

    This won’t win any awards, but will probably be the year’s best film anyway.

  • Jerry

    Leo is the clear standout from the trailer. Nice to see him doing a role that he can have fun with.

  • I wonder what Tarantino will be like with his new collaborators. New producers (his only project other than Death Proof on which he hasn’t worked with Lawrence Bender) and a new editor – this may have a rather different feel than his previous films. Of course, there were his early screenplays with Roger Avary, and there have been plentiful changes since their collaboration ended.

  • Pete

    Jeremy, was talking about the disappointment people will feel if the film doesn’t live up to hype. Hell, they were announcing casting changes to film less than three months ago. QT is very skilled at mimicking the conceits of 70’s exploitation films, but it seems that he has less and less to actually say anymore in his films. He has the skills of a five star chef, but seems distressingly content to be a line cook at Applebee’s

  • Nic V

    I’m still looking forward to seeing this but with a lot of reservations after seeing that trailer. I’m sure it will have an audience. No question. But here’s the issues if Leo is as over the top as Brad Pitt was in Bastards he could easily get looked over and passed by. Tarantino’s trademarks are all over the trailer so there’s no way you can’t recognise this as his work. I’m really concerned about the script. I’m still hoping. But I see a lot of offensive issues that could really derail this piece. But, and I keep saying but; I really am not willing to can it or shred it until I’ve seen it completely. Blazing Saddles was a comedy. Tarantino is not noted for making comedies and in fact laces his work with commentary that sometimes can push people in the opposite direction he really wants them to lean. Did Bastards gross 320 million in the US? I don’t think so that might be a worldwide gross I’ll have to go look. And if it is a worldwide gross it’s certainly respectable but we’ve seen other films, recently actually do a helluva lot better than that.

  • tipsy

    If Leo gets overlooked than AMPAS have something against him. The role is exactly what gets people nominated – very risky, way out of his supposed comfort zone, show stealer, big star taking a supporting turn that stretches his acting muscles like we`ve never seen him before. And if trailer is any indication, he knocks it out of the park. He`s playing Tarantino villain, of course he`s going to be OTT.

    Moreover, many movie fans want him to finally win and feel this is the right role. Plus, actors who are expected to get in this year (PSH, TLJ, DeNiro,Crowe) are all past winners. Leo is not only overdue but there`s clamoring for his win.

  • Tero Heikkinen

    If I was a voter, I might think that “OK he’s a Hollywood Golden Boy with no Oscar” and someone else will always be beating him in Lead category. I’ll vote for him here and see what happens.”

    Supporting Actor can also mean: We get you, but you are not the best.

    Even when Leo is certainly a Lead actor in general.

  • Matt H


    “QT is very skilled at mimicking the conceits of 70′s exploitation films, but it seems that he has less and less to actually say anymore in his films.” Unless you’re speaking specifically about Death Proof and nothing else, this statement is very far from the truth. Inglourious Basterds in particular has a rich and multi-layered subtext that has a great deal in deed “to say” about the double edged power of cinema, and about the alarming moral cleanliness of our fantasies regarding World War II.

  • This is going to be so good, front-runner for my favorite film of the year. I really think that Leo has a good shot at getting nominated. He’s been looked over in so many good films in recent years. Also, I have the same question that Paddy has regarding having an editor that isn’t Sally Menke for the first time ever. She even edited his segment of Four Rooms

  • Tero Heikkinen

    CommentFUCK YOU!

    When nothing works, you must be proud.

    I wrote quite a bit – for nothing.

    QT should DIE for this alone!

  • Nic V

    I don’t know that I’d be so proud to win my well deserved Oscar in a hammy over the top type of comic book caricature. I think Brad Pitt is deserving of an Oscar as much as Di Caprio and the Academy certainly overlooked his comic book performance in Bastards so why couldn’t that happen to Di Caprio? I remember quite well people talking about Pitt’s performance before Bastards was released and were saying the same thing about him that’s being said about Di Caprio now. If he deserves it he should win and like I said before I’m keeping an open mind but the trailer didn’t help much.

  • julian the emperor

    This looks to me like an exact pastiche of what I would picture QT-doing-a-western would look like. He has to come up with something more than a pastiche (or a homage) to become an Oscar player.

    As for Leo: Yeah, he looks kind of relaxed here. Like he is having fun. Which is a good thing. I don’t think that will automatically land him an Oscar win, far from it. He still has to beat PSH and TLJ, who star in major Oscar players.

  • John G.

    Leo is the only actor I can think of who’s never done a comedy; it’s definitely nice to see him having fun with a role.

  • Tero Heikkinen

    Catch Me If You Can was very much a comedy.

  • Maggie Smith

    Brad Pitt in Inglourious Basterds was not just over the top, he was bad. I don´t think DiCaprio could be that one dimensional and unfunny unless he was heavily medicated. But no doubt he will have to be ten times as good as Pitt to get even close to a nomination. That is how it seems to work, for some reason.

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