I’ll confess, was not expecting to see such a light touch — but it works. Excited to see that’s the approach. This was an exuberant time in Hitchcock’s career — for one thing, it’s the year he became a millionaire — and it’s gratifying to see Alma getting due credit as his lifelong adviser.

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  • mecid

    Mirren looks strong. Is she going BA or BSA?

  • mecid

    And sexy Scarlett!!! So sad she has little screen time in trailer. Golden Globe comedy has now strong contender.

  • Jon

    Hopkins looks fantastic, but my question is – and I don’t know the answer to it – is the making of PSYCHO an interesting enough story to warrant a film about it? I haven’t read much up about the history of its production. Even though I am not a fan of standard “bio” films (this film does what Tarantino suggested all bio films should do, which is focus only on a brief story in the individual’s life and not tell the entire life story from birth to death) I just wonder if this is the Hitchcock story that should be told? I also could have no idea what I am talking about. 🙂

  • Adam Lewis

    Must admit – not loving the trailer.

    Can’t wait for the film though. Hopkins isn’t Hitchcock enough for me .

    Looking forward to ‘The Girl’ more than this.

    Hopefully this might inspire some people that have never seen Psycho (and I know loads) to watch it.

  • KT

    I think there’s plenty of backstory for a film. Check the wikipedia page for Psycho, you can get some sense of what went on and a link to the book Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho.

    This could be the sleeper hit of the year. Very excited for this.

  • They’ll probably push Helen Mirren for lead, I should say. The way the trailer has been edited, she’s co-lead, and I expect that’s not just selective editing – it looks like that’s the case for the film as a whole too. And it’s Helen Mirren. She made Leo Tolstoy supporting in his own film.

  • Jon, Stephen Rebello’s book is OOP in dead-tree editions but you can get it on Kindle.

    I can’t recommend it highly enough. I sent a copy of ‘Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho’ to Sasha a couple of years ago and at the time we talked about how it reads like a novel.

  • One of the best trailers I’ve seen this year. Danny Elfman yes. Jeff Cronenweth yes. Helen Mirren yes.

    Scarlett Johansson maybe.

    Anthony Hopkins not entirely a no, as much as I want to say no, no, no.

    I predicted this movie would be crap, and, of course, will have to wait until it comes out to know for sure. But, this trailer is very encouraging. I’m still going to hold my ground with Oscar predictions (not likely, but, maybe three nods tops with Cronenweth the likeliest of the lot).

  • I love the book so much, but after noticing how the film project had seemed to languish for years on IMDb ‘in development’ I was almost resigned to feeling they couldn’t find the right handle to give the story a form on film. Looks like they’ve pulled it off. The big push it’s been getting indicates Searchlight is confident they’ve got something good.

  • Porter

    Helen Mirren is officially in the race! Film looks great!

  • Russen

    Brilliant Trailer! Could be a BP contender also.

  • steve50

    Unexpected fun – this looks great. Hopkins seems to be speaking a bit fast for Hitch, but Mirren looks like she’s enjoying herself.

    He was 60 when he did Psycho? Jeez, 60 was a lot older then than it is now.

  • Rlk

    Why don’t I see Hitchcock in Hopkins, but Hopkins with gout? Mirren easily looks like the movie’s MVP. I have a feeling this will do well at the Globes but lose out at Oscar nominations (like “The Boxer” in 1997).

  • De-lightful! Dee=licioius! Deee-lovely! And it’s Dame Helen Mirren as a fiery, no-bull shit Mrs. H that steals the trailer and maybe the film, too. She totally dominates this footage! SHE is why Fox Searchlight pused it into the Oscar Race.

    Don’t see from the trailer any other obvious noms. Hitchcock via Sir Anthony seems a bit light-weight, a hen-pecked hubby next to Mirren’s dynamo.

    And the Best Actress race has room….

  • VVS

    Hopkins looks amazing, such detailed physicality, and such ease and grace with it, despite the size of the figure

  • Terometer

    Mirren is supporting. Period. Remember Kinsey? It’s just another supporting wife performance.

  • Mel

    I believe Alma Reville was way more than a “supporting wife” and I think that is the point of this movie, to let you know that. At least I hope so. Looks great.

  • harry

    Everything but Mirren looks pretty bland to me.

  • Mel

    Oh and hello Cronenweth photography, the sets, the costumes…several nomination possibilities here outside of the acting and picture.

  • Terometer

    mirren in The Madness of King George: King George’s wife
    Mirren in the Last Station: Leo Tolstoy’s wife
    Mirren in Hitchcock: Hitchcock’s wife
    That’s why I think it’s another supporting wife performance.
    If you wanna know what a deserving “leading” female performance is supposed to be. go see The Queen.

  • rufussondheim

    I think it looks just great. Can’t wait to see it.

    Considering that much of the Academy grew up watching Hitchcock at his prime, waiting for each film to be released, it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see this get Academy Love – This isn’t just a bio-pic, for many in the Academy, this is a trip down memory lane.

    For the record I don’t care that Hokins doesn’t look like Hitchcock, nor do I care that he speaks faster. I think people get too caught up in the details and miss the bigger picture.

  • Matt

    Helen Mirren looks terrific. She steals every scene she appears in the trailer.

  • Nina

    Anthony Hopkins looks good, but Helen Mirren looks SUPERB. She is in the race for best actress for sure.

  • AD

    Great trailer! Mirren looks great even though the role seems more supporting. I am pretty sure that Fox Searchlight will campaign her as lead though because of who she is . Looking forward to see the movie:)

  • AD

    I meant Mirren. Darn autocorrect 🙂

  • ^
    But ‘Helen Mitten’ sounds adorablz.

  • Dave L

    Mostly ‘meh’ from me. Mirren looks good, though.

  • Tna

    Helen Mirren for Best actress category. By far the best in the list.

  • Dan Ashcroft

    This film looks seriously good and both Hopkins and Mirren look strong contenders come the awards season. This really might be Hopkins best performance since Stevens in REMAINS OF THE DAY and CS Lewis in SHADOWLANDS 19 years ago. It’s certainly going to be a lot more fun to sit through than LINCOLN.
    That’s Michael Nyman’s music for THE COOK, THE THIEF, HIS WIFE AND HER LOVER on the trailer, by the way.

  • Five Easy Pieces

    This looks really fun. I’m in.

  • Casey

    Count me in!!! My most anticipated of the year now easily! They all look great: Anthony, Helen, and Scarlet. I hope they are all in. And I’m gonna say now that Helen is getting another Oscar!!!!

  • Jake

    Man these directors nowadays really dont know how to make a biopic. Capote was done just right. This looks like My Week With Marilyn mixed with The Iron Lady. Although the acting looks great(like MWWM). Im glad Spielberg is making a biopic to show em how its done.

  • Pierre de Plume

    As an avid Hitchcock fan, I’ll be in my seat opening week regardless of the buzz. The cast will help at the box office, and it’s possible Mirren could go lead — remember Hepburn in On Golden Pond and Witherspoon in Walk the Line? Hitchcock the man was unique so it would be impossible to recreate him – but Hopkins did well with Nixon, so we’ll see.

  • As mentioned above ^, I think the revisionist point of this movie is that Alma Reville Hitchcock did EVERYTHING and was never given any credit in her lifetime, though she was a belowed industtry figure.

    And now Dame Helen, puts ths fire in fiery redhead, and the Alfred Hitchcock story will never be the same! It wasn’t the butler that did it, it was, “Alma did it”!

  • Jerry

    Most fun trailer I have seen all year! Hopkins and Mirren look fabulous in their roles. My excitement for this film is through the roof now.

  • Jacob

    Helen Mirren will go lead. If Reese Witherspoon could earn a best actress lead nomination (and win) for also performing “the important wife of” the male lead character, I dont’ see why Helen Mirren can’t. Kate Winslet wasn’t also a real “lead lead” in The Reader and also went for lead. Louise Fletcher in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest another example: she had very little screen time, few dialogues and still went lead. Why? it’s not the screen time, it’s not the nature of the character; it’s the relevance in the plot.

  • MKing

    I LOVE Helen Mirren……thats all I came here to say.

  • Before we start assigning seats on the front row of the Kodak, let’s hold off and see the amount of screen time Mirren has in the film.

    It’s a fantastic trailer. But it’s a mistake to think the trailer can represent the proportion of character emphasis we’ll see in the film. (If it does, then why isn’t anybody miffed to discover Anthony Perkins is only in the movie for 1 minute and won’t get to speak any lines?)

  • GoOnNow

    uh… how can Helen Mirren be “By far the best in the list.” if you haven’t seen the film yet…

    God, it’s comments like that, I swear…
    Just, WTF!!! Seriously

  • ChrisFlick

    Maybe the HITCHCOCK referred to in the title is Alma? It’d be nice if this movie sheds some light on her extremely close collaborative relationship with her husband, and scenes in the trailer suggest this is the case. Other than that I found the tone odd, or not what I thought I was expecting. Not the Alma I’ve read about but then it is not a documentary. Looks as though it can end up in a box set with My Week With Marilyn, Introducing Dorothy Dandridge, RKO 281, and I expect The Girl. Highly entertaining, glossy, Hollywood backstagers with fun performances.

  • This movie looks way better than I originally thought it would. I think it could definitely be an Oscar contender, especially in the acting categories.

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