This is pretty great, this video. The truth is that three weeks before the election is probably not the time anyone is going to cool off – but after the election, if Obama wins, I will happy to stop getting angry at the other side. In the meantime, enjoy!

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  • brandz


    Never thought Kidd Rock was very talented to begin with. I rest my case.

  • Determined

    So…let me get this straight, Sasha. IF Obama wins, and that’s looking like a big if right now, your anger will subside. Well, what if Romney wins? Our we going to change the site to Politics Daily?

    Its a waste to get angry if your prefered outcome doesn’t come to fruition. Its not the end of the world. Relax and enjoy the decline (if Obama is reelected).

  • John G.

    I appreciate the idea behind this video, but they chose two pretty unappealing personalities on either side. I’m trying to imagine a version of this with George Clooney and Bill Murray.

  • Kid Rock goes to a gay wedding and drives a Prius, and all Sean Penn has to do is drink a beer?

  • Maxim

    @John G, I find Sean Penn pretty appealing. And how could you not like the guy who routinely puts his money, time and effort where his mouth is?

    And Zach, I really don’t want to think that anyone truly believe that driving a Prius is on the same level as, say, going to shooting range.

  • That was fun. Somehow they both look like my uncle Anthony, just not brown.

    It’s always a good time to cool off. I’m glad these two did this because people are really too crazy dogmatic. I was starting to worry for whoever becomes President with all the anger flying around.

    Hugs, not drugs, kids. 😀 *hug*

  • Giacinto

    Hey, just a question out of topic!
    Why don’t you have Amy Adams in your 2012 Contenders so far?
    did you think she wasnt good enough?
    havent seen the movie yet, just wondering!

  • Sasha Stone

    @Determined. Angry? Honey, I’m nowhere near how angry I’m going to get. Will I change it to Politics Daily? Why do you care? Read the site, don’t read the site but please don’t condescend to tell me how to run it.

  • Just the other day I was wearing my Kurt Cobain t-shirt at the grocery store, someone came up to me and asked why I was a fan of Kid Rock.

    I don’t care about his politics, his music is terrible.

  • Rich

    Kid Rock’s still alive? I kinda want to have a beer with Sean Penn now, and overall, I did think this was kinda cool.

  • arjecc

    Obama 2012!

    Sasha: I’ll whine with you if Obama loses and I’ll celebrate with you if he is re-elected (which is more likely)!..In movie terms, this is a Social Network v King’s Speech-like issue except, unlike the Oscars, in our great country, the best man (Obama) shall prevail! LOL…. I’ll always be a fan of your writing and site…..My only disagreement with you in over 5 years, following your site, is your want for Viola Davis to win last year, but besides that, you remain my favorite Oscar blogger!….I almost never comment but I wanted to give you this shout out..keep doing your thing and disregard all the naysayers 😉

  • Matt

    Oh my gosh that’s so wonderful.

  • Matt

    That is so great… ‘oil guzzlin’, chick-fil-a eating’… See this is just about perfect. Two guys who you would think couldn’t not take themselves too seriously, and sure, I mean Sean penn is way more talented, but that’s not the point. They both embody something, and they’re taking the embodiment of it and putting it in people’s face and saying, hay, just laugh at yourself every now and then… ‘Occupy Malibu’… That is hilarious.

  • JimmyQ / Caple / Mandingo / Jacob T / Handsen,

    Last week you were a student at Georgetown U and this week you’re enrolled at Stanford? Before that, Harvard. (You couldn’t get into Oxford or the La Sorbonne?)

    You’ve been a Norwegian stockbroker and Colorado lawyer? Dude, can you utter a sentence that’s not a twisted lie? How are you not a GOP presidential candidate?!

    You could be using all this creative energy to write a harlequin romance or naughty fan-fiction. Go do that instead. You’re wasting your time here. When you start throwing personal insults you’ve crossed the line.

    Unless you can reign yourself in, none of those wacky comments is ever going to see the light of day.

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