Hitchcock’s original 6-minute trailer for Psycho, after the cut.

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  • Adam Lewis

    The voice is a little bit better, though I’m still not buying him as Hitchcock.

  • Raygo

    Agreed. Better voice, but the what is the point of a PSA with the Hitchcock anachronism? It’s a cute gimmick I guess.

  • DiscoNap

    The voice is still wrong. Way too much Richard Burton. Should have gone with Michael Gambon, though then the movie probably doesn’t get made.

  • steve50

    When you compare the two, Hitch had very specific vowels that Hopkins doesn’t even attempt, making his impersonation flat. He sounds more like Judi Dench dipped in gin, then played at 33rpm.

  • Akumax

    I find Hopkins very convincing in the trailer and in this, he is not imitating but impersonating.

  • ChrisFlick

    I was at the movies last week and this was shown. It went over pretty well but I bet there were more than a few people wondered ‘What is Anthony Hopkins doing something like this for?’ Awareness of the film quite a ways off for the uninitiated.

  • Rich

    @DiscoNap I agree that Michael Gambon would be better for sure, Hopkins as good as he is just can’t do it for me. I love the Psycho trailer though, one of the best ever to hook the audience.

  • Mel

    Hopkins is doing a great job, IMO. For shit’s sake, he is not Alfred Hitchcock, but all footage I have seen he perfectly captures his essence and spirit. You can’t expect him to be a carbon copy.

    Very much looking forward to this film.

  • steve50

    “You can’t expect him to be a carbon copy.”

    Wasn’t expecting a carbon copy, but a little more effort on the voice would have been great. Maybe he’ll be fine, but in the clip, it sounds lazy, imo.

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