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  • steve50

    Aren’t you supposed to stand and face each other when you play rock/paper/scissors?

  • Alfredo

    “I’ve worked with Rosseane like 10 years, I know what to do”

  • m1

    “You know what, Ben? I know what I’m doing.”

  • Tory Smith

    I found this film solid, but not deserving of all the intense praise it’s receiving. The praise reminds me a bit of Ides of March and its praise. Argo is a superior film of the two by far, however there were character explorations that were missed, and though I highly favor Ben Affleck and his talent, his concentration should have been solely director. Him as the star hurt the chances for his character to be fully realized. That part should have gone to an actor, not the director so that he had a better concentration. And the man Affleck is portraying, Tony Mendez, is of Latin descent. Why couldn’t a Latin actor have played him? That’s so frustrating. Same went for Jennifer Connely in A Beautiful Mind, where her character was going to be originally played by Selma Hayek. As an ethnic and gay actor, things like that will continue to bother me…

  • Ruth

    I agree that the Affleck lead felt a little weak in terms of characterisation. However, I think Sasha described Argo best as just a ‘great f*cking movie’.

    No one is raving to the hills about it necessarily, I wouldnt call it ‘intense praise’, but its a decent well-made film that everyone will enjoy, and if it ends up the default best picture winner because others fail, well good on it. It’s just a popular winner of a film, a bit like The Kings Speech, although I much preferred Argo.

  • Robin

    Ben Affleck has nice arms. That is all.

  • Lars

    Saw it yesterday and found the film solid, just like Tory and Ruth. Hollywood will definitely like it a lot, especially when it’s the hero of the movie. I understand Affleck is trying to underplay his character, but he just comes off as blank emotionally in the earlier scenes. He was much better at the end, especially his little gestures (like when he was on the bus and it won’t start. He tried to move his body hoping it’ll move the bus). I keep thinking how Cranston would play this character much more successful the whole time haha, and just as Tory says, maybe Demian Bichir would be a great choice to play this role. I thought the ending is great, especially the tension it generates even though we know what’ll happen at the end.

    I find the Hollywood part very well done, but the choices that Affleck made in the Iran part a bit obvious. I also think the portrayal of the Iranians as mostly violent people are a bit uninspired. I’m saying mostly because there is a nice touch of the housekeeper. The irony of her going from Iran to Iraq is very well played. I get that Affleck wants to use documentary footages to add to the authenticity of the film, but I think there are too many of them and shows the weakness of the film when compared to them. I was very excited in the opening credits with the storyboards. It is definitely hard to balance serious hostage drama with light-hearted comedy, but I think the comedy sticks with me more. It is probably the best film technically Affleck has made, but I still prefer the Town because the characters are more finely shaded and well acted.

    I’m interested in Affleck’s directorial career and it’s a funny thing that I find his movie doesn’t sentimentalize his subjects and seem to always keep the audience at a distance. Maybe he should direct a film noir type movie next time, sometime very classical Hollywood:)

  • None can doubt the vetaricy of this article.

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